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  1. Making a Profit.

    You're not the first to ask! It's the blue dial on rubber. I've been looking for the bracelet but as yet not found one. Seriously though I can't decide if I should let it go or not, I'm really torn on this one. It's still in its box from the day it arrived.
  2. Would you

    I would wear mine to swim etc after all if a watch is rated to 200/300m and is a diver I'm sure it can manage the few metres I would go in it.
  3. Classic car - someone stop me

    It can make sense. I've had an Audi 80 Coupe in the past, loved the car, classic car insurance was cheap and it was reliable, I used it every day. It didn't cost me any more to run than any other car I've had and only cost £600 to buy, average that out and it's not much per year. I don't do many miles at all now because my shop is 2 minutes from my house and I walk to work so I'm averaging 2k-2.5k a year for the last 3 years. Not a classic I know but I have a 2004 Volvo S40 1.9 Sport, it's not great condition bodywork wise but it's only on 80k and it's reliable. I see no point in paying for a new car to sit and depreciate outside my house, it costs me about £65 a month to run, that's everything! A few friends of mine have seen sense and got older cars as well now and don't have the expensive monthly payments for a car they will never own and is just sat there. I'm not sure I'll ever get a brand new car again, been there a few times and all it does is cost money. I could be buying watches instead.
  4. Nice looking watch and done properly without the huge overpricing that some new starters seem to do. I like both colours and the simple style.
  5. Making a Profit.

    Maybe I should hold onto the Citizen Orca then for a few more months/year!
  6. Wednesday 20th Sept quartz parade

    Bulova for me today (old pic), I consider this my beater as it's the one with the most scratches/dents now. The Vostok Komandirskie was supposed to be my beater but there isn't a mark on it! It's a tough little bu**er.
  7. Take your pick.

    Number 1 for me, nice dial and love the hands.
  8. Affordable Divers.

    Hamilton Frogman 300m auto, similar price to the Longines HC and with the blue dial. I can't decide which I like better.
  9. Longines Hydroconquest advice

    I think they are a stunning watch, the blue dial auto is a favourite for me. I was comparing the Longines with the Hamilton Frogman and couldn't decide which one I wanted more. Still haven't!! I know I could get one today as the usual big jewellers are all 0% for 3 or 4 years but that still hasn't made it easier to choose. Good luck.
  10. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    I currently have five watches, four worn on rotation. I'm not usually one for buying loads or buying for the sake of it. Takes me ages to research, ponder and finally buy. The exception was the Citizen Orca, I jumped on that even though it was going to use money set aside for a watch I really want. Now I regret the purchase, I still haven't worn the Orca and it's being sold (just need to put the ad on SC when I get time) so I could get the one I originally wanted. I'm sure I'll stop buying before I reach 10 watches, or if i do buy a new one I will let another go. I don't want hundreds, just a few I really like.
  11. I Like My Steinharts

    Just took a look on their website and came across the Apollon, what a lovely watch! This might make my list.
  12. Vostok bezel fitting

    The long part of the strap threads though the rings in and out then back if that makes sense so they do seem long. There will no doubt be a video on YouTube if you get stuck.
  13. Steinhart 39mm

    Not keen on the Snowflake, what would sword hands look like?
  14. I Like My Steinharts

    Really liking the white dial one in the last pic.
  15. Most in one week......

    I bought 2 together when watchshop were having a half price sale, Bulova and a Rotary Aquaspeed. I also bought 2 Vostok together on a deal. I haven't exceeded 2 in one week yet but there is time.

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