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  1. Hussle

    The Watch Forum Whisky Club

    Give the Hibiki Japanese Harmony a go if you get a chance. You can get samples but I think it's worth saying buy a bottle. Go on you're worth it.
  2. Hussle

    Introducing my MONTBLANC Timewalker

    Good news! It means you can carry on guilt free! They look cool, she's done well to get to that status.
  3. Hussle

    The Watch Forum Whisky Club

    I haven't treated myself to many in the last 12 months, a Chivas Regal I think was the last. The Hibiki Suntory Japanese whisky is still my favourite and lovely decanter bottle, whisky is long gone, bottle is still used. Yamazaki single malt reserve may be the next, problem is when I look on Master's of Malt I'm spoilt for choice.
  4. Hussle

    Introducing my MONTBLANC Timewalker

    Great story, great wife, great watch! Enjoy it and maybe it's time to get her something special to say thank you. Don't go mad though, you need to keep some money back for the next watch
  5. Hussle

    New arrival - and it took me 45 years to save up for it

    Congratulations, lovely watch and a nice story to start the day off! I hope you enjoy the watch for many years to come.
  6. Hussle

    Fresh in today

    Lovely watch and liking the hands a lot. Enjoy!
  7. The Apollon was on my list for a while, IMO a lovely watch and a little different from the norm especially with the extra bezels.
  8. Hussle

    Leica (yes Leica!) Watches

    I saw those last week in an article, very nice but not at €10k
  9. It's just gas polishing.
  10. Classic Jonnyoldboy, he's certainly a character
  11. Hussle

    Monday wrist attire

    I won't bother with a photo, you all know what it will be anyway.
  12. I sometimes wonder if it's worth commenting or providing information at all on this forum. There are people on here who either know everything there is to know, even more than the qualified/experts, or try to oppress others because they don't like their opinion, even when it's nothing to do with them.
  13. Thanks @Lampocthat's the material i was talking about in my first post. It's titanium treated with heat and gases so I don't see that as an alloy (or a mix of titanium and any other metal). The OP did not state he wanted a 100% titanium scratch proof watch so I found the nearest thing. It's not an alloy containing titanium.
  14. Maybe that's why they called it Ticonite
  15. This for me on Father's Day in Oldham.

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