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  1. Chris 37

    Superb service from a watch shop

    Great to hear of great service.
  2. Great looking watch and really good value.
  3. Chris 37

    Back from holiday

    Very nice, congratulations.
  4. Chris 37

    Vertex M100B

    Lovely watch and I think it means so much more with the story behind it. Great stuff
  5. Chris 37

    40 years watch

    Sorry it's taken awhile to get some pictures sorted. For size comparison against an Orient Mako II. It is certainly heavier than the Mako but still feels comfortable on the wrist. They set out to make a tough watch and have moved away from some of the norm. The pushers and crown are triple sealed and can be operated underwater, even with the crown out (it's not screw down) just in case you need to change the date while at the bottom of the ocean. I quite like the knurling on the face of the pushers and there is a positive feel when they are pressed. They also fit a hardened mineral crystal as opposed to sapphire as they believe it is better for taking hard knocks. The case back is bolt down and they have developed their own shock proofing system. The bracelet is nice and weighty, being solid and having screw-in link pins, a nice touch is their logo on the clasp in superluminova. I'm not trying to sound like an advert but I am very impressed and pleased with the watch. Elliot Brown are relatively new and I've not heard them mentioned on here before, if you are interested and would like to know more there are some good videos on youtube. There is one in particular where a guy is hoisted into the air with all his weight hanging off a bracelet. A tough watch for dishwashers like myself, I shan't be afraid of banging it against the cutlery and I may even attempt to time myself in the sink.
  6. Chris 37

    JLC landed

    A real beauty, congratulations.
  7. Chris 37

    Bought myself a present.

    That's a beauty, congratulations, I really like the idea of significant (to oneself) year watches.
  8. Chris 37

    40 years watch

    The picture doesn' do it justice. I will take some better pics once I'm back home. I like the story behind the brand and their testing regime is quite impressive.
  9. Chris 37

    It’s saturday! Watch’ya got

    Well for me a new addition Elliot Brown Bloxworth.
  10. Chris 37

    40 years watch

    Well this year for me marks 40 years of employment. I left school and began an engineering apprenticeship. I worked for the same company for 24 years, at which point I was made redundant, no long service award for me. I found another job straight away and have been there for 16 years. It's highly unlikely that I'll manage 25 years here either. So I've decided that I'll have to reward myself with something to mark my 40 years,it didn' take long to convince myself that I buy a watch. Given my engineering background I found an Elliot Brown was a most fitting choice. I rather liked the look of my choice too, very my thing. So without further ado my choice, Elliot Brown Bloxworth.
  11. Chris 37


    Great looking watch and the clasp is interesting, I've not seen that type before. Oris is a make I've not really considered before, that one could change my thinking.
  12. Chris 37

    Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    That's a great find, and a great looking watch.
  13. Chris 37

    Watch for my son

    I support the Orient suggestion, I have a Mako II and very pleased with it.
  14. Chris 37

    Well.....I say.....

    The Invicta isn't that bad, but I probably wouldn't wear it . I'm glad to see you back .
  15. Chris 37

    TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    Another humble offering, Orient Mako II.

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