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  1. Watch for my son

    I support the Orient suggestion, I have a Mako II and very pleased with it.
  2. Well.....I say.....

    The Invicta isn't that bad, but I probably wouldn't wear it . I'm glad to see you back .
  3. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    Another humble offering, Orient Mako II.
  4. Incoming Quartz Diver

  5. It's Friday again!

    Up and out of bed now and the rest of the day off, so I've settled on this for the rest of the day.
  6. It's Friday again!

    Old Timex for the night shift.
  7. Questions about Eco-Drive?

    I've got two eco-drives and really pleased with them. I have a usb led light that I got on eBay for about a £1 that I sit them in front of whenever I feel the need to charge them up. I wouldn't think twice about buying another.
  8. 20 year old Timex

    Great looking watch you have there.
  9. February 1st Predictions.

    I don't see any changes happening this month, I don't sell anyway mine are all keepers.
  10. Another 'Wobbler' just arrived!

    Very nice, I do like Hamilton's.
  11. Back from restoration

    Fantastic job, well worth it.
  12. £500,000 pocket watch !?

    It's a good job they got rid of that clock tax, a few on here would be having to dig rather deep for their collections. Rog would never be able to get one of those 7750's he's on about.
  13. Is it worth a giveaway?

    Once again, a very generous offer from Rog. We'l done that man.
  14. Home Made Straps

    Hat's off to you for making your own.
  15. Oh dear, not my cup of tea.

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