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  1. Filling my nappy at the tender age of 6 months
  2. Spandy

    Rone Watches: Nothing to do with Rolex

    Great article, I came looking for info on a charity shop find and as usual you did not disappoint. I think this is a gents watch and I thought id add the image to your article if that's ok.... its running to time and I love the Hands and dial, They have a nice quality to them imho.. I'm Guessing 1940s...
  3. Just seen the price of polywatch volume wise it would cost over 50 quid for the same amount as the autosol
  4. Never used Polywatch Gimli... Autosol is a chrome and metal polish which is a bit more abrasive than brasso I think.. costs a lot less than polywatch 4 quid for a big toothpaste sized tube.. on a well known auction site. as the crystal was quite proud I didn't bother masking it.. heres a piccy
  5. Yes I often use it as a final step as it is finer grit than the Autosol, also cerium oxide powder. I'm a non smoker but cigarette ash is also great, when I was in the R.A.F. we used to dip a wet cloth in an ashtray to clean the flight planning board when someone had used a permanent marker by mistake.
  6. I'm In, That's a fine looking watch, Thanks, very Kind
  7. Sat watching strictly, thought id do a watch... literally 20 minutes start to finish. started with 1500 grit then 3200 then 6000 finishing off with autosol... Here's the piccies.. Ive been meaning to post some up but keep forgetting until I've done one. Just thought I would post to encourage anyone who is worried about the process of taking sandpaper to an acrylic crystal could see the results.
  8. Got this a while ago. running perfectly and all I had to do was polish the crystal a little. Rare dial I believe, here's a picky of the movement, there is a thread on my posts about this one....
  9. Surprising what you can find
  10. Hi, its nothing special I don't think, just an old tin watch box for a pocket watch. I go to a few auctions and if there are boxes like this I take a punt on them. itll keep me going for a while, I quite enjoy cleaning them up and polishing the crystals out if I can. I have no real talent just enjoy messing with them. I like the thought they may have a life when others have discarded them.
  11. thanks, needs work. I am intrigued by the orbit also a non runner. the movement looks like it belongs in a cuckoo clock
  12. Bought this lot at auction yesterday, 2 lots both went for 12 quid so after fees just under 28. the best. Services runs to time after an 8 second session on the demagnetiser. Rorary needs work or new quartz movement but its sterling silver so ill have a go at it. the orbit doesn't run but I am intrigued by it as I've never heard of it. Love this Sekonda runs to time and I think looks great. polished out the scratched crystal in about half an hour to reveal this these all have damaged crystal glass I think I got my moneys worth
  13. Spandy

    Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    wearing this quite regularly, just like it I guess
  14. Spandy

    Up at 5am...for a Rotary???

    2 quid, what's not to like. I think Rotary have some nice watches, I think they wear well and you must be pleased with that, Id be chuffed
  15. Spandy

    Quartz Sekonda for 2 quid

    Thanks for that, I thought about the made in USSR not being there but felt the watch was earlier than the 90s. The writing on the movement is poor but I believe it is a Remex movement Hong Kong.

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