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  1. Coming to the UK for a couple weeks on Tuesday

    Try and go and see something at the Royal Albert Hall. Its an amazing place.
  2. Most Complications

    How about this one. I think this beats them all. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patek_Philippe_Henry_Graves_Supercomplication Pete
  3. Thursday Autos.

    Wearing the Seiko 5 today. Nice watch and very accurate.
  4. I seem to be sensitive to scratches on the glass but elsewhere I am not bothered.
  5. Vulgar Watch photos...

    Loving the Pogue.
  6. Sayonara

    Wow! Just Wow! Nothing else to say.
  7. Wearing my vintage Smith's today.

    Plus two for Simon 2. A true expert.
  9. Auto Thursday.

    King Seiko for me.
  10. Pay up or Dicker

    I haggled for an engagement ring. She is now my wife of 26 years so it didn't turn out bad although I did haggle for our wedding rings as well.
  11. My pleasure. A bit of payback to a great forum.
  12. Giveaway Winners Daz. Member Points 1 Content count 217 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
  13. Winner, winner, just inner.

    Congratulations that's a Lovely watch.
  14. Any hands but white !

    Vintage smiths with blued steel hands.
  15. Incoming prize

    To pay something back to this great forum I have started my own giveaway, so if you need a Sekonda Classique in your life pop over to the giveaway section and throw your hat into the ring.

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