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  1. Incoming prize

    To pay something back to this great forum I have started my own giveaway, so if you need a Sekonda Classique in your life pop over to the giveaway section and throw your hat into the ring.
  2. Incoming prize

    Well a big thank you to @Roy for my lovely Bercherer watch that I won on his freebie. Had a life but haven't we all but wears it's scares well.
  3. View this Giveaway Sekonda Classique post 200 giveaway Having been the lucky winner of two giveaways recently and having cruised past my 200 posts for your delectation is this lovely Rose Gold plated Quartz Chronograph Watch. Reasonable size at 43mm diameter and 50mm lug to lug. Good luck Pete Submitter Ptgrav Expiration Date 6 days and 8 hours Submitted 16/09/17 Category Giveaways  
  4. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 14/09/2017

    Wow. That is lovely.
  5. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 14/09/2017

    Seiko pogue again for me today.
  6. Wednesday watches.

    Been wearing my newly acquired seiko pogue today. Big thanks to spaceslug for selling me it. May not be all original but it's all lovely
  7. Advice please on a Seiko Pogue

    Well a purist may turn there nose up but I think it's a cracking looking watch and would be more than happy to have it in my collection.
  8. Help finding a watch

    There is a very nice Tissot in the for sale section.
  9. Advice please on a Seiko Pogue

    That is lovely. If you have it back and still want to move it on I would be interested. As far as after market I'm not sure but wouldn't be surprised if the bezel was a replacement due to its pristine condition but the watch face can easily survive that time in near perfect condition.
  10. Most wrist time.

    Strangely the seagull always seems to make it back onto my wrist. So comfortable.
  11. Only have one watch with screw down Crown, a Vostok and not a fan. Watch doesn't need a screw down Crown so why put one on it? Apart from that lovely watch though.
  12. Mod 101 :)

    Very nice.
  13. Repair cost limits.

    Value of watch doesn't worry me. If I like the watch I will spend whatever to get it fixed. Bought this in a bag of watches for about £20 but then spent £85 getting a new glass and a service. Love this watch.
  14. Which watches should I sell

    Option 5. Spare Kidney That's why God gave us two kidneys so we could sell one

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