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  1. 18mm Nato Straps x 2

    Woo how many thanks Dave and thanks for this Robert
  2. Which central heating boiler?

    Asked the same question on another forum last week for a friend and they all seem to be recommending these at the moment http://www.intergasheating.co.uk
  3. Longines Owners Club.

    https://flic.kr/p/ViYAfGHi I have a conquest on brown leather, has anyone tried different straps on their conquests and pics would help ? Thanks
  4. Sorry only clock I have is a kitchen wall clock, so if I need the time it’s a watch or lift the remote control and when it wakes up it displays the time in large fonts
  5. Loved mine but had to send it back, as in my eyes it was missing the second markers half way round then hitting them on the other half https://flic.kr/p/245W7jC https://flic.kr/p/H2Zp4q
  6. Thanks all, off for a look about
  7. 2000 posts giveaway

    Congrats for reaching this milestone hopefully in years to come I reach the same
  8. Same here humax freeview box Just be aware channel 4 hd has left Freesat
  9. Have you a link for 5his and I will give it a try
  10. Hi is there such a thing as a soft perlon type strap and if so what would I search for, really looking for a blue on3 for my Pepsi turtle ? Thanks
  11. Alignment help

    Thanks everyone for the helpful replies,now the easy bit, to find a strap to put it on lol
  12. Alignment help

    I would have loved one but the white day/date window puts me off at the moment,although that will probably change in time, but would have loved it to come with an off white window
  13. Alignment help

    Thanks all will unwrap it now that you have put my mind at rest

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