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  1. Have you a link for 5his and I will give it a try
  2. Hi is there such a thing as a soft perlon type strap and if so what would I search for, really looking for a blue on3 for my Pepsi turtle ? Thanks
  3. Alignment help

    Thanks everyone for the helpful replies,now the easy bit, to find a strap to put it on lol
  4. Alignment help

    I would have loved one but the white day/date window puts me off at the moment,although that will probably change in time, but would have loved it to come with an off white window
  5. Alignment help

    Thanks all will unwrap it now that you have put my mind at rest
  6. Alignment help

    Thanks the alignment goes out very slightly at 3 and 9
  7. Alignment help

    Am I being ocd with the alignment on this new purchase
  8. HEADS UP ,,,, Jura Sale

    I’m afraid I had to, I brought up in another post how much I don’t like pepsi’s Although I have never seen one in the flesh, so for the price and I wanted to try a turtle against my sumo and samurai I went for it
  9. HEADS UP ,,,, Jura Sale

    Sorry if needed “200photo50off” got my turtle down to a smudge over 200 so happy with that if they honour it
  10. HEADS UP ,,,, Jura Sale

    Also a code for 50 off 200 floating about. Must resist that padi turtle
  11. Amazon( again) and delivery.

    What irks me is a company this size and they can’t give a time slot, only an all day time
  12. Oooh, what's this?

    Now that is nice and I love the sapphire upgrade, lose the Pepsi for something else and I would get one, sorry I just don’t like pepsi’s Although being honest I have never seen one in the flesh only online, enjoy your new watch
  13. I know but only decided on a whim to try it after trying on a Milanese mesh, so don’t mind the wait lol
  14. Thanks ordered earlier Thanks but just went with the first reply
  15. Hi I have a Milanese mesh and would like a more chunky version, so was told it was shark mesh that I was looking for so any help on where to buy a cheap one to try out and see if I like it ?

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