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  1. Hi all thought I would ask in here just in case, I am looking for a set of speaker stands hopefully under £150 ish and looking for any recommendations that you might have, ones that I was looking at were Atacama Nexus 6i and Moseco 6 but open to any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hope to see a pic of you wearing it lol
  3. No now Davey plenty more lined up for you I’m sure
  4. And why not I must win sometime. And a big thanks for both the op and Roy for this
  5. Seiko Raffle

    Oh seikos what’s not to love, many thanks Roy will have to have a try for these
  6. Thanks once again Roy for the chance
  7. RLT 20 Year Anniversary Watch

    2’6 here for it
  8. What Are You Listening To

    This tonight
  9. Happy birthday and I’ll pitch in with 21 watches
  10. The Return Of The Seiko Samurai

    This or a sumo ?
  11. And to think I just praised him in another thread and he picks this up argh, finding this hard to say but well done. seriously only kidding well done
  12. None suits me but I felt the need to say a big thanks to you for doing this
  13. I didn’t believe all the talk about davey p when I first joined re competitions but wow was I wrong with that opinion. congrats for the win and thanks to Roy for 5he chance
  14. Queen's ferry crossing completed.

    Hi I know it’s open but is it finished, we had the same here with the M74 at the raith junction a big hoo ha on it opening early and now months later it’s still not finished

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