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  1. Thanks for this but I just bought the same one a few weeks back but will be interested following this
  2. OT speaker stand recommendations

    I used to be into all the hype many years ago but grew wise with it all before I spent too much
  3. Congrats for reaching this milestone and long may you go on for and as others have said anything to lessen davey p’s odds of winning, although he says it’s random I don’t believe him
  4. swatch GB754

    Wow orange and black what’s not to like nice and bright too, and if Davey P doesn’t win it I would be happy to win it
  5. a couple from my collection,

    Ah I am in the opposite camp maybe it’s my age but I find 5he top one too busy and really like the bottom one
  6. Well done on reaching this level of posts and onward and up to the next level
  7. Wow 3000 posts I can only hope that I can reach that milestone someday
  8. iPhone 8 plus Or Panasonic Tz3

    Thanks for the reply, will give my tz to my mother to use
  9. OT speaker stand recommendations

    Thanks a bit far for me I am just south of Glasgow, but thanks for thinking of me
  10. Hi I have had a tz3 since they came out usually sits in the car just for taking snaps, now I have just got an 8 plus and wondered if that was good enough to ditch the tz3 ? Thanks
  11. Thanks for 5he chance mtysox
  12. Wow that flew by, many 5hanks to Davey P and hope the new owner enjoys it
  13. Simon2 Watchmaker

    All the best Simon and just to mirror what everyone else has said and get better soon
  14. OT speaker stand recommendations

    Sorry went from that to concentrating on ceiling atmos speakers then onto a Seiko monster and sumo, so at the moment I have one speaker sitting on top of my sub and the other on top of the av unit, but thanks for the reminder
  15. Yes please it would be rude not to for such a nice watch and owner

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