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  1. sooo, a friend pops up keen to show me his new purchase. The excitement builds with the opening of a green box and the reflection of shiny metal then - - whoah ! its that ugly baby moment !! This thing is covered in Roman Numerals ! - I've never really considered it because generally I just like what I like, but the clutter of these stick like symbols just killed it for me. I had to dash home and check the current collection for these hideous marks - not one ! In fact most of my watches have very little markings - batons, the occasional number. Being a big boy now I don't need numbers to tell its 15 mins past 6 ! I appreciate better sanitation, medicine, education, roads........ but Roman Numerals - on a watch ! - how very dare you !
  2. OI?

    WRENCH what is that beauty? I’m in love !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I’ll second that. Top if my ‘most wanted’ at the moment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The DHodge 1968 Diver

    Stunning. Now that’s a proper limited edition. Great post and the creation of a new bookmark for me. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Omega Railmaster.

    But isn't that Omega all the way? they only do 'special editions'. they have no room or time for 'normal' stuff. find me a person who hasn't got a 'special edition Omega' ! - I buy them ( i'm not slating them). I love them (sometimes I get the ... you are SO special, with my other specials, and my other specials .... that you might not be so special !!). but they are beautiful timepieces all the same. Its the marketing - the position in the market, the price and the availability
  6. Magnetism

    Hmmm, so (scott will know) are watches generally antimagnetic ?
  7. WOW Rolex content

    It's beyond my realm to shop at that scale, but bubbles have 'burst' locally, regionally, nationally ... globally -always and forever. but just because times get hard does not mean that people stop buying things they love, in fact, quite the opposite has been observed in many mid-lux industries. I'm no expert but I worked for the leisure sector and in hard times people 'blew out' big money, but less often, and were more astute in what they spent either investment or just a good time. I still believe that beautiful quality things will always be sought after... it's not purely my driver with stuff - I couldn't part with cash for a 'banksy' . but a watch that I personally like, ? well, providing it is my money realm (plus maybe a cheeky bit)... I would
  8. Omega Railmaster.

    I had dealers - both independent and AD keeping an eye out for this for me. The AD had 'pre requested' at Basal - but that is no guarantee that you get anything. I've not had a call so either they have not come their way, or , more likely, i'm not 'special enough'.
  9. Omega Railmaster.

    I love a railmaster - this one gets loads of wrist time. It's just ... Simple !
  10. Jim Watch Pics

  11. Watch Share

    I understand that 'the organisation' cannot take responsibility for members shenanigans but for inexpensive watches, I think this is a cool idea that could be fun. It arrives in the post, you play with it for two weeks and when you send it on, you get another arriving. - you break the chain, we cook your dog ? ( or something less harsh possibly!) it must be happening somewhere? there is advertising, review and other opportunities I'm sure as well as the possibility of spreading highly infectious diseases to wipe out watch enthusiasts. (WIS hating minded !) I'm in !
  12. Now thats a funny thing, I spent a lovely weekend in oxford with some friends - day one - ' thats a posh looking rolex copy you got there Jim !' So I offered a swap for the weekend. he gained Milgauss, I gained Casio. 48 hours later (slightly nervous TBH) I'm buying a Casio and he's buying a Rolex. We both agreed we enjoyed each others watches for what they were. He did buy his first 'posh watch' - a vintage rolex cellini (shudder you might, but it is a very nice 'posh' watch), and i'm yet to find my Casio, but when 'she finds me' ! -thing is, it's a conversation ! we both know nothing about watches, but we know what we like and we will share it with each other. - I see friends shaking hands saying ' how do you do' ....
  13. Watch Share

    Top idea, my local dealer will 'lend' a watch out for test drive - providing I leave a nice watch behind - understandable ! I guess with inexpensive watches it's easy to buy, try and goodbye, but its a fab idea.
  14. Watch shop windows

    It annoys me ! what's worse is when you spot something in the back the cabinet and the dealer says 'i'm not sure if i'm seeing that one' ... well, in that case i'm not sure if I'm buying - for goodness sake ! it's tough parting with my cash let alone debating the principles of a transaction !
  15. You Buggers !!

    Davey, you were instrumental with your comments on me emptying my piggy bank on a glass counter !

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