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  1. JDMdenon

    Recommendation for a gift?

  2. Vintage Omega- Smart mans/ womens Omega
  3. JDMdenon

    Friday 6th April watches

    Do you have a C shape conny? @davidcxn
  4. JDMdenon

    TAG Heuer RANT

    Could you not argue to get some money back as you've had to return back to the store to get their faults rectified? £511 seems ALOT for just a routine service. STS (was curious how much a service centre would charge)quoted me £400 for a complete overhaul of an omega....
  5. JDMdenon

    Ryanair aren't so bad - There, I said it!

    I think the bottom line with budget airlines is they are made to run a shoe string to keep costs down. As your paying a cheaper rate, you've kinda gotta make a sacrifice. That's how I look at it with Ryanair. Went to Germany last year with Ryanair, my flight got called to the gate, queued up for 15 mins then got told the plane hadn't even left Germany yet! But I was paying peanuts for the ticket, I didn't have to get there for an exact time so I just went and got a coffee and watched some planes land.
  6. JDMdenon

    What did you pay TOO MUCH for.

    Depending on where you live, you might want to check out 'Cheshire Oaks' near Ellesmere port, they have a discounted Tag Boutique (if you fancy getting another). I just had a "quick" look as the missus was with me. I'd go again, have a browse and check the prices then get a coffee and have a look on the t'interweb and see how much the difference is.
  7. JDMdenon

    What did you pay TOO MUCH for.

    Buyers from Theo and Harris please come forward.....
  8. JDMdenon

    What to look for in a movement

    Thanks @Always"watching", I've actually come across a guy called Desmond who seems to have done extensive research into the Omega Constellation. In one of his articles he states the following Authenticity and reliability Checks • Check the rotor for the ‘Adjusted to five (5) positions and temperatures’ stamping. • Ensure you have a cluster of indicators that prove authenticity: movement, dial and case. • Confirm serial number against Omega serial number dates. • Check serial number date against known release dates of case numbers – allow for a margin of up to two years. • Check calibre 352 or 354. Calibre 352 models should have Rg Regulators. • Check balance assembly for rust • Check crown and ratchet wheels for rust • Check for inner case rust • Check regulation to ensure watch is not advanced or retarded to one extreme or the other • Obtain details of last known service • Look for any colour differences in electroplated copper plate on movement parts Hopefully someone seeking similar advice will stumble across this!
  9. Hi all, As my previous posts would suggest im on the hunt for a vintage watch, preferably dress watch. Was just wondering if anyone had any pointers when looking especially at the movement. Dials I have started to train my eye and managed to notice if something doesn't look right but I'm not sure on the movement. Obviously, if a seller is not prepared to show the movement than its a simple "goodbye", but what do I need to look for in a movement? variations in metal colour?? Thanks, Will look forward to your responses!
  10. JDMdenon

    What will £700 get me

    I'd really like an vintage Omega, but the prices for a your standard cal.6xx seamaster have gone crazy. I'm considering Longines and also Tudor Oysterdates. My issue is finding trusted sellers etc. I did find this Japan based seller for called 'closer0924'(http://stores.ebay.co.uk/closer0924). I had a look at a few watches but wasn't too sure. One reason was various shades within the movement, made me think if the movement was a 'bitzer/franken'. Also, I recall @scottswatches mentioning once about the bloke who restored the car for 100k when it was only worth 20k or something on those lines, obviously with one of these watches, I would pay import, then pay for parts and servicing. Then finding out I've spent more than its worth.
  11. JDMdenon

    What will £700 get me

    A trusted source? I really like the longines
  12. JDMdenon

    What will £700 get me

    Use your imagination @Chromejob. If someone gave you that money what vintage would you buy? Okay, 60's for me maybe 70's!!! Thanks @Karrusel, i was original after an omega constellation however most of what I found turned out to be fake/ franken watches. Basically I'm-original pieces. I own a lovely omega chronostop and I'd like something to sit next to it. Hopefully omega, maybe cal.6xx. But I'm open to a few options. @scottswatches Has a fab site. I do quite like the Tudor, omega (either the 9k date or the stainless cal.601) or the 9k GP.
  13. JDMdenon

    What will £700 get me

    Bit of fun on the vintage side of watches! What will £700 get you from the vintage side of watches?? Will look forward to your responses!!!!
  14. JDMdenon

    Omega Constellation cal.564

    Not bought it, I did run it through the omega database and it does seem to be in order with movement,case and dial. I just think the movements going to be a hassle if it's not all correct. I've messaged the seller, he's pretty honest with his listings but I was after a dressy omega as my chronostop doesn't fit the bill. You do find a lot that are quite clean I've noticed. As @Thomasr states about the "post for the auto weight" being worn out, doesn't necessarily mean it's in fully working condition.
  15. JDMdenon

    Omega Constellation cal.564

    Cheers, I wasn't too sure on it. Think it's abit of a franken!

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