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  1. Customer complaint

    For every negative vote he gives on our videos, everyone on the forum should thumb it up!
  2. Concerning date window

    Hi All, I've found a Longines Conquest that I fancy having a dab at, i'd like to own it for a bit, get it serviced then pass it on to a friend who needs a new watch but I've got a bad feeling about the date window. I've contacted the seller twice and has failed to reply about the date window. Now, i'm not really one to take a hit on ebay but I think I might see how it goes with this one, but so far its not looking good if the seller fails to reply! Thoughts..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENTS-VINTAGE-LONGINES-CONQUEST-MANUAL-WIND-WRIST-WATCH-circa-1970s/311956140165?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131017132637%26meid%3D10b853d7657b45e58bf936a30ddb30ed%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D201753342919&_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042
  3. Now, this I'd buy :)

    Is the patina intentional?
  4. Is buying vintage a gamble?

    I think it all boils down to as said before on this topic, do your homework, think about potential service costs and don't just buy the watch but the seller too. There is this forum at the end of the day to get feedback on a potential purchase, if you don't know, post the link and see what other people think. I did it before and got great feedback! I wouldn't treat a vintage one any different to a modern one, if serviced regularly they will perform the same, just as always treat with respect! Currently typing this at my desk with my chronostop whilst looking into my next vintage purchase! I've sorta lost interest in modern stuff at the moment! @JonnyOldBoy just had a quick glance at megawatchdepot on ebay and i've got the feeling abit of the stuff is abit wangy and too good to be true!
  5. Buy an old seiko 5 and have a go ar rebuilding it /service it. Failing that buy some airfix......
  6. Advice on buying a TAG watch

    If you want to get a TAG get a vintage one! Really, the only way to get a watch for "investment" purposes. When I buy a watch that usually is my answer to anyone who asks why I bought it.... "Investment....."
  7. I've got my two stitch strap on its way for the chronostop.......... from two stitch straps! Read @Alan C post and asked two stitch if they could do some minor modification work and they were more than happy to do so! Should be on my wrist friday!!
  8. New Winder And SOTC

    could you give us a shot with the lid down? I've never bothered with winders as I enjoy my morning routine of setting them and winding them up (sad i know) but I think when collection builds I might look into them. Makes sense if, in your case, the four are part of your weekly routine! Very Nice!
  9. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 10-9-17

    Is there going to be previews of the watches (are they called thumbnails) on each listing?
  10. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 10-9-17

    Ups- My cushions arrived for my watch box that I have nearly finished. Bought a new leather strap for my chronostop with matching orange stitching for the chrono hand. My Tudor fund is growing quite nicely in ze bank. Downs- Just ate some smoked bacon which was in the fridge and my stomach doesnt feel that swell after..... Got work later too
  11. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 10-9-17

    How long is the new site off scott? Looking forward to it
  12. Motorbikes, whiskey, beer, cigars, walking, mountainbiking, music (vinyl records), guitar playing and foolishly.... women.
  13. Whisky Bargains

    I've just finished a bottle of Belleit Bourbon! I've not really been a fan of Bourbon as I prefer single malt but I guess the Belleit was OK for its Price! I think im due for a bottle of Jura soon and maybe something I havn't tried before! If anyone wants a recomendation I really enjoy 'Aberlour' the 10 year single malt is great and if you want to push the boat out I really enjoyed the 12 year old non-chill filtered Aberlour! Its great, its 48% ABV so I usually drop a teaspoon of cold, clean and clear water just to take the edge of so I can enjoy that bit better! I've dipped my toe into Dalmore but I can't enjoy it as I don't really think its worth that much! It was abit disappointing but If I have anything positive to say it was bloomin smooth! I did enjoy it, I just found it was abit too much for my liking! Anyone else had similar experiences with Dalmore! I will never go over £50 for a bottle and the fact I go up to that point is rare! I usually like the £20-£40 range.
  14. Tudor oysterdate or omega 600 series

    1968 with the manual wind cal. 2403 I believe... its on @scottswatches site and ive been pondering over it for a while!
  15. Tudor oysterdate or omega 600 series

    The tudor in question is the one on scotts website! I love the grey dial and roulette date wheel! Isthis the case with vintage oysterdates? Sorry, should of pointed this out!

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