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  1. One more added to the collection. A Belforte.
  2. I got another one. A Stellaris Electronic Transistorized. Judging by the case back, it has the ubiquitous ETA 9154 inside. PS: My deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the Manchester slaughter...
  3. That's a good looking watch!
  4. Thank you Thimo for the kind words! Robin S, if your Helbros runs, it's better than mine. Because I put a new battery in it, and it will not start.
  5. Found the answer.
  6. What kind of oil should I use on the balance pivot pin on an ESA 9154? And, would that particular oil be suitable for other movements as well? Thank you.
  7. Hi Robin, well it looks good in grey as well! I suppose it could be faded if the watch had been left where the sun beat on it every day.
  8. Further, I got an allegedly NOS Helbros recently. It had a mercury battery in it that no longer had any voltage in it. It had leaked ever so slightly, but there was no corrosion spilled. Perhaps there was some corrosive gases released? The crown allegedly had never been pushed in. I just installed a fresh 344 battery and it does not run. I rapped the watch firmly on a padded table and the second hand moved a couple or three seconds and then stopped again. I did this three or four times.and it will not continue to run. What do you think is the reason for this one? Thank you again for your advice!
  9. Thank you Paul, appreciate it greatly! Well, I am going to disassemble the movement and see what I can see! Note: Posted this a couple of days ago but it did not get onto the board?
  10. This one added today. A Timex with GMT function. "Timex Electric Dynabeat Time Zone" It's in excellent condition and running well.
  11. Another one added to the collection today. Helbros Electronic, new in box.
  12. Very nice indeed! There's nothing better than having a custom made piece of furniture for your treasures.
  13. I have a few electric/electronic watches in a new collection I am starting. I believe all of them have the ESA 9154 except for the Timex brand. One of my watches exhibited a strange behavior. It would not run, while on its back, or in other words, on the wrist. However, it would run and keep good time if placed face down, or on its side. Any of its four sides. Not being educated about how watches work, but being a retired mechanic, I thought maybe it was doing this because of a lack of lubrication on the shaft that the balance wheel is attached to, on the one side when it is facing down. So, I attempted to fix the problem by adding a tiny bit of synthetic oil to the shaft with a toothpick. Now, it does not run at all. It was obviously the wrong thing to do. Is watch oil something special? Perhaps the balance wheel is so delicate that even a very light oil was too thick causing too much friction and drag? In another ESA 9154 movement I have, or two, changing a battery in the movement does not get it to start. Tapping it, or flicking the balance wheel does not help. In these cases, I presume the electronics are defective. Is there a method to troubleshoot these movements? I know how to use a VOM. What is the most common failure of these movements? Thank you for any advice!
  14. It looks very nice! Thank you for the information.