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  1. Kmot

    New to me Spaceview

    A fine looking example. Congratulations!
  2. Kmot

    Accutron Service

    Looks great with the red second hand.
  3. I got another one, this time a Caravelle ELECTROTIME Set-O-Matic.:)
  4. It's kinda slow in this Forum, Electric and Electronic Watches. Not that many people collecting them I suppose. Well here are some more of my collection to liven things up a bit. Zodiac Spacetronic Matthey-Doret Electronic Transistorized Thanks for lookin'
  5. Kmot

    Bulova Chronograph C reissue 2017

    Some more info: http://wornandwound.com/bulova-taps-archives-moon-watch-2-0-chronograph-c-stars-stripes/
  6. One more added to the collection. A Belforte.
  7. I got another one. A Stellaris Electronic Transistorized. Judging by the case back, it has the ubiquitous ETA 9154 inside. PS: My deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the Manchester slaughter...
  8. Kmot


    That's a good looking watch!
  9. Thank you Thimo for the kind words! Robin S, if your Helbros runs, it's better than mine. Because I put a new battery in it, and it will not start.
  10. Kmot

    What lube to use?

    Found the answer. http://www.esslinger.com/search.php?search_query=oil&Search=GO
  11. What kind of oil should I use on the balance pivot pin on an ESA 9154? And, would that particular oil be suitable for other movements as well? Thank you.
  12. Hi Robin, well it looks good in grey as well! I suppose it could be faded if the watch had been left where the sun beat on it every day.
  13. Further, I got an allegedly NOS Helbros recently. It had a mercury battery in it that no longer had any voltage in it. It had leaked ever so slightly, but there was no corrosion spilled. Perhaps there was some corrosive gases released? The crown allegedly had never been pushed in. I just installed a fresh 344 battery and it does not run. I rapped the watch firmly on a padded table and the second hand moved a couple or three seconds and then stopped again. I did this three or four times.and it will not continue to run. What do you think is the reason for this one? Thank you again for your advice!

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