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  1. Oris Big Crown https://imgur.com/gallery/TxO0j
  2. https://flic.kr/p/UBT7as
  3. I've been waiting 2 weeks now for my Aqua Terra.....been promised it's going to arrive Monday or Tuesday but not holding my breath. The wait does build up the excitement though
  4. Put the watch in your hand then put the boxing glove on.....you'll knock your opponent of every time :-)
  5. Was looking before Xmas..... Then got my bonus in April and only then I noticed. Should've acted sooner
  6. You can't tell..... Sometimes the cards and box are with more than the watch. I wouldn't like to take a chance. Gumtree seems ok. I've sold on there and chatted to bus and the one watch I did sell, the buyer came round and had a good look at it Worth more
  7. My OCD wouldn't allow me not to set the date :-(
  8. I just sold a Seamaster 300 for £1300 but I did spend £600 on it for a service and new bezel
  9. I've just ordered an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra blue 41.5mm from Montredo.....20% off the high street price. They gave me an additional 1% off.... Free postage and insurance
  10. Rolex have just slapped 10% on their range.... So there goes my Oyster perpetual 39:-(
  11. I had a service and a new bezel on a seamaster recently and it was over £600. This one looks like it needs a new bracelet as well pussy another £300 and if there's any scratches on the glass then you're up to over a grand excluding the auction price..... Can get very expensive Sorry predictive text... Didn't mean to call you a pussy. That was meant to say probably
  12. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 41.5mm. Beautiful watch - I've just ordered one and can't wait till it arrives
  13. Falling over when drunk normally does it
  14. Nice
  15. They're under the swatch group now. They've got a repair centre in Southampton. Just ring them and they'll send you a package to send the watch to them. Once its done they send it back in a nice padded travel case.