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  1. Dial texture/dimension

    Striped - Teak Concept
  2. JayDeep giveaway

    Very generous Jay. I'm new to this and only have 5 watches. Favorite has to be the Aqua Terra for dress which arrived yesterday and the Oris as an every day wear.
  3. Thursday's Automatics

    Oris Big Crown Day Pointer with NATO strap
  4. £3333 3 watch challenge

    Omega Seamaster Professional 300m 41mm blue - £2425 Hamilton Viewmatic Jazzmaster - £495 Mens Mondaine Swiss Railways Alarm Watch - £359 Total £3279
  5. Scratch Removal

    It's on the glass...hardly noticeable so hopefully should polish out
  6. Scratch Removal

    Hi guys I've just noticed that my Longines Legend Diver no date version has a very slight hairline scratch on the face. Any ideas on the best way to get rid of it please?? ( The scratch not the watch) Thanks in advance..... Jim
  7. Buying on a whim

    Bought this and the strap is too small and too thin for my liking. Only worn it once
  8. Summer Straps

    How many more of you have replaced the trusty leather strap with a summer one. I've gone for the black and grey G10....looks a completely different watch now.
  9. Is it time to watch out?

    Very nice, but as previously said very similar watches. Any price on the trio? Must be at least 10k I would think
  10. New Arrival

    I agree Jim....a nice blue leather strap
  11. New Arrival

    Thanks...I went for the 41.5mm
  12. New Arrival

    Pretty good in the dark too - the white hands are actually green
  13. New Arrival

    Pretty good in the dark too - the white hands are actually green
  14. New Arrival

    Waited a couple of weeks for this but we'll worth the wait
  15. Oris v TAG at £1100

    I have a Tag and an Oris and have no real preference. Like them both. The 2 models your talking about look so similar it would be difficult to choose

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