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  1. Friday 24th November watches

  2. Quartz & alignment issues

    Go digital, or look at the dial from a different angle then it's fine.
  3. At my age........

    @RWP It's good to be different and stand out from the crowd, that's my motto. I would say out of my collection these are my OAP type watches.
  4. Weird Wednesday Cheapies

    They were great, the amazement after audio cassette tapes -well mine anyway- and stored more than a single CD!
  5. Weird Wednesday Cheapies

    About a fiver from Asda, many moons ago. Even lower, this one was free from Currys with a mini disc player! Still going strong, just one battery change.
  6. Not Sure What to Think

    I wouldn't be fussed if it worked or not just to hear some of Del's patter.
  7. Not Sure What to Think

    I would buy a watch from Del Boy anytime!
  8. Tuesday Wrist Wear 21.11.17

    Hello all, wearing this one today!
  9. Avatar Pics

    I choose mine just based on who/what I like. I've recently discovered I can use gifs, hence why they change so often the now!
  10. Not Sure What to Think

    I'm sure you'll get something good since your daughter was involved choosing. After all, we women have great taste!
  11. Monday WRUW 20.11.17

    Wearing this one today.
  12. I asserted myself....... ( T W Steel)

    Is that crown really as big as it seems? Hope The Boz has a pair of safety glasses. Seriously though enjoy wearing it. I hope to pick up a Black Friday deal, it would be rude not to.
  13. My first two watch purchases

    Welcome! Really nice watch. Anything with roman numerals gets a thumbs up from me. I'm sure those two will be the first of many.
  14. New in Accurist

    It's about 4.5cm including the crown by about 4cm.

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