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  1. Quartz Wednesday (Feb 21)

  2. Tuesday timepieces

  3. Blue Monday 19-02-2018

    Casio for Cassi-o.
  4. Scratches,

    I really hate scratches on the face. Not so much the bracelet. I have an actual crack on this Casio. It isn't visible on this picture as it hadn't happened at that time. I have mellowed and still wear this one though. Obviously this Casio wasn't Mystery Bidder proof.
  5. Dress watches?

    @Karrusel Those are definitely dress watches. You certainly do have some lovely "old tat".
  6. What Are You Listening To

  7. Wenger Arrived

    Very nice, and very different looking for a Wenger. Enjoy.
  8. The Watch You Desired Most

    Without a doubt my Seiko Premier. I looked at it for months and months and to my surprise I was presented with it as a Christmas present. I was absolutely delighted. PS: Think I'm going to take some new watch pictures beginning with this one.
  9. One Offs

    My Pepsi watch I've had since I was a child. Never seen another one. It came as part of a set with a stopwatch. Still got the stopwatch aswell.
  10. First new one of the year.

    IMO you can never go wrong with a Casio. Looks really good. You have made me want one now!
  11. Experiment

    I have to wear my watch on my right wrist when I wear a splint for RA. I always wear a Baby G when on the right wrist. I find it really irritating, but I simply couldn't not wear one, I would feel naked!
  12. Just ordered.....

    @WRENCH Thanks, I understand now.
  13. Just ordered.....

    Nice, but I've always wondered how do you tell the time with one hand?
  14. Amazon( again) and delivery.

    I must admit I do love buying from Amazon everything and anything. However, Amazon Logistics are shocking for delivery. I've had emails to say delivery will be attempted on that day, and you've guessed it no delivery. They also have a tendency to say they have put parcels through my letterbox, however were put in a neighbours bin cupboard. It would have been impossible to even fit them through a letterbox! Items have been placed in bins on collection day and the most recent was Monday. I ordered a DVD to be delivered on Monday, got an email to say it had been posted through the letterbox. So, I was looking forward to watching it when I got home, no DVD. Checked with neighbours, bins and other places and nothing. Got onto live chat and got a refund. They never apologise or offer any sort of compensation, and I have Prime. All other couriers are great.

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