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  1. Just noticed something really strange on the telly.

    I'm always having a nosey to see if someone is watching a watch and what it is! I hate to see people not wearing one, mobile phones are to blame IMO!
  2. Funtime Friday.

  3. Nothing hits the spot.

    I've not seen anything I like/bought since the middle of March. I've obviously not been searching enough.
  4. Evolution of personal watch tastes

    I never considered buying a Baby G when they were all the rage in the 1990s. However, I have the same model in four different colours, and love Baby G watches now. I also used to buy watches with crystals on the bezel, however now don't anymore unless they are on the face. Never used to buy mens watches, now I prefer the male designs compared with female designs. Also, I used to dislike gold faces, I bought an Accurist and seem to like it.
  5. Thursday timepieces.

  6. Tuesday tickers 17.4.2018

    Bit late today, started with the Seiko, now the Baby G.
  7. Watch Winder Question

    I don't own any autos due to the winding or changing time/date.
  8. A kind thought..........

    That's a lovely gesture and a nice watch. I really like second hands that have a different colour of tip, just like this Burei. It reminds me of a matchstick.
  9. Happy Monday watches

    Grand Complication today.
  10. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    Seiko Sunday!
  11. New in today

    Doesn't matter how cheap as long as you like it! Nice find!
  12. Not a Watch in Sight

    I noticed a male wearing a pink plastic watch yesterday about 11 o' clock. It had stopped at 6:45. I honestly have to admit I always have a nosey at people's wrists!
  13. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    That is stunning, absolutely stunning. I love that watch so much! Those pictures are great to show it off! Fabulous lume too. Enjoy wearing it, but I know you will!
  14. Do you or don't you?

    IMO, it would depend on the price of the watch. If it was inexpensive then yes I may try a new battery. I believe that if someone is willing to try a new battery and the watch works the seller should give a goodwill gesture to cover battery/fitting. As @niveketak says Amazon would consider to refund shipping when returning his second watch. Surely if someone receives a non functioning watch return postage should be free or definitely be refunded!

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