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  1. Seb1982

    Back in the saddle

    Thanks for that, guys! Much appreciated. Everyone needs a Timex! I just got one of the blue and red "learning to tell the time" ones from the 80s on eBay for the princely sum of £5, in a wave of nostalgia...
  2. Seb1982

    Back in the saddle

    Hello! I just thought I'd take a couple of minutes to re-introduce myself. I signed up to this lovely corner of the internet some months ago, when I first started being interested in watches. Then, I sort of let the hobby fade out. I made the mistake of watching too many YouTube reviews of £4,000 + watches, and ended up thinking, "Oh, what's the point? I'll never be able to have a collection of this level of watches, so what's the point?" Well, the point is I like watches. It took a while to realise this, but I had to ask myself: do I wear and enjoy watches because I like them, or because I want a status symbol. The answer was because I like them. So, I'm back on board! And I'll be collecting for me, not for anyone else. I'll buy a watch because something about it speaks to me, whether it's £50 or £5,000. I've learned that those who would disparage a watch for not being "good enough", are the very people whose opinion matters least. And that's a lesson I'm glad I learned before spaffing thousands of pounds away, to be honest. Anyway. Prodigal son act over, I hope to make your acquaintances over the coming months. Thanks! In more exciting news, I'm just about to pull the pin on a Seiko SKX013 before they all sell out. I've wanted one for ages as a "strap it on and face the ravages of the world together" sort of watch. I've done the usual umming and ahhing over whether to get the full-size 007, but as my wrists are a paltry 6.25", I do feel the 013 will suit me better. Wondered whether to risk Creation Watches, but knowing my luck, I'll get a scratched-up potato of a watch, so I'll spend the extra few quid to get it from somewhere a bit more ... guaranteed. Anyway, all the very best, Simon
  3. Seb1982

    Rolex oyster bracelet query c.2000

    I've given this a go. So far, I've tried on a brand new 116200 Datejust (didn't care for it particularly), and a 6694, which I really quite liked. I'm hoping to find somewhere stocking the 16200 to try on at some point. The problem is finding anyone who has all these older models in stock at once!
  4. Seb1982

    An interesting Ebay description

    Either 1. This is true. In which case she has no good title to what she purports to sell, and title does not pass to you or 2. This is a flat-out lie. Either way, it's a big, fat NOPE from me.
  5. Seb1982

    Rolex oyster bracelet query c.2000

    Those are absolutely gorgeous! That's very useful - thank you! That's very helpful - thank you very much - I may well take you up on that, if you don't mind! I haven't discounted owning a 6694. My girlfriend loves them on me much more than the more modern pieces (and, bless her, she's incredibly supportive of this hobby, so I'd better bear that in mind!) I'm just thinking that if I don't get a more modern Rolex, I'll feel like I cheated myself a bit. I'm thinking it's probably worth saving for a couple more months and getting a 16200 early noughties Datejust, then I will probably consider a really nicely beaten-up 6694 on a strap. I think that would be sodding gorgeous to wear for the weekends.
  6. Hi everyone I'm umming and ahhing about whether to go full-on vintage or more modern - I was looking at the 6694, but I was given some very wise counsel on here, and I'm re-considering. I'm now looking at saving up a bit more and getting something like a late 90s/ early 2000s reference 15200 Oyster Perpetual Date. I see that they are 34mm, which to be honest wears really nicely on my tiny wrists. My only concern is - if I get one one from that era an original bracelet, will it be adjustable to my wrist? In the photos online, it doesn't look like there are an *awful* lot of removeable links to play with. Does anyone know if these bracelets will size down to 6 inches OK, or should I accept I'm going to have to pop it on a strap? Any insight would be gratefully received! Thank you!
  7. Seb1982

    Who do you watch on YouTube

    Watchuwant and Hodinkee are my go-to's these days. I used to watch a lot more, but gradually, you start to realise you don't like the person behind the channel, and it sort of ruins it...! But I still pop into Theo & Harris - I quite enjoy his quasi-psychological watch stuff. And a special mention for a small channel called "Minitwatch", which doesn't review much high end stuff, but is very interesting for Seiko 5s, simple modding, and the like, and he really does seem to be a nice guy.
  8. Seb1982

    Clock and watch fair, Solihull, this weekend

    I popped along to this today. The first time I've been to anything like this. I have to say - if I wasn't currently saving up for a particular few watches, I would have had an absolute field day! Some absolutely gorgeous, reasonably priced vintage pieces knocking about. Almost pulled the trigger on a West End Watch Co, but just managed to rein myself in. Sadly .... !
  9. Seb1982

    Clock and watch fair, Solihull, this weekend

    Brilliant - thank you. I shall do what I can to be there - it would be really useful to see so many preowned pieces in the flesh :))
  10. Seb1982

    Clock and watch fair, Solihull, this weekend

    Ooh - whereabouts is it in Solihull? I'm down in London at the moment, but I should be back in the Midlands for Sunday......
  11. Seb1982

    3 new arrivals today

    Absolutely lovely! I nearly pulled the trigger on a Trident last year, but didn't. I'm still umm-ing and ahhing. The Seamaster is fanstastic. There's something much cleaner about the wavy dials, oddly. I'm currently trying to decide between a wavy dial and a non-wavy dial. Your stunning example has further muddied the waters! Congratulations!
  12. Seb1982

    Grail watches

    My absolute grail watch keeps changing! And there's only ever a chance of me getting one of them, so I'd better bloody make the right decision! Fortunately, I have years before I can sink that sort of money into a watch! At the moment, it'sE between: The Patek Calatrava (predictable, and which you all of course know) The Lange 1815 or the Vacheron Patrimony Power Reserve. Fortunately, I should have a good few years to bottom this one out...
  13. Seb1982

    Rolex 6694 ponderings

    Well, thanks to the great advice in this thread, I went to a dealer and a jeweller today, and tried on a few watches.... An example of the vintage 6694. This was an absolute steal, price-wise, but I'm not completely convinced those batons are correct - look at the 11 o'clock - it's not positioned correctly. So, I walked away. I'm glad I did. I absolutely love the 6694 in plrinciple. I don't find the date bubble a big problem. A bigger problem is that I then popped into an dealer and tried on a 116200 # ... and now I've completely fallen in love with it. I'm going to have to try and find one on the preowned market, I think. The vintage 6694 will have to wait Just for good measure, I tried on a Seamaster. I was convinced I'd need a midsize due to my teeny wrists. However, I think this full-size doesn't look *too* ridiculous. If I'm wrong on this front, please do let me know! So .. the plan right now is to keep saving for the Datejust. My reasoning is that even if I never get another watch, the Datejust will cover a hell of a lot of bases. Then, I'll probably start saving for the Seamaster. Right. Now the small matter of becoming rich. I'll get cracking on it! All in all a very enjoyable day, and a huge thankyou to Daniel of Watches of Switzerland in Birmingham for his kind and enthusiastic help.
  14. Seb1982

    Rolex 6694 ponderings

    I may not spout much wisdom, but I recognise it when I see it, and this thread is full of it - thanks, chaps. There's a lot of sense in what you say. I think some of my concern might be that I'm slightly wary about buying such a "big" piece so early on in my collecting - I'm not convinced that I won't find something else to lust after. I'm starting to think that where I would like to end up is with a vintage and a new Omega and a vintage and a newer Rolex of some sort. The Seamaster has been something I've lusted after since I was 15 or so, so it certainly isn't a matter of "settling" for it or anything. I think what I might do is buy an older Seamaster with the wavy dial for a significant saving over new - that's the Seamaster I fell in love with, after all. I think I need to go and make a nuisance of myself in a few dealers and strap a few vinage Rolexes on to see how I get on with them. It may well be that I'd be happier with a vintage Datejust or a Perpetual Date. I won't give up on the 114270, and I've still got a reasonable chunk of dosh to find to fund any of these. I shall use the time to annoy dealers and strap things on my wrist - I don't doubt that when I hit on the right watches, it'll be obvious in the flesh. I'm sure this hobby shouldn't be as stressful as I'm making it! I need to have a long, hard talk with myself!
  15. Seb1982

    Rolex 6694 ponderings

    Thank you very much for that - I really appreciate the insight

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