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  1. Oh, that's stunning! And nice to see a square watch with bonkers design in a wearable size. If anyone needs me, I'll be perving over these for a bit.
  2. The little Sekonda arrived yesterday. After a cheeky bit of Silvo on the acrylic, I really can't complain for £12.50. It kept good time overnight. I rather like it, in fact!
  3. Officially worse than a Christopher Ward rebrand. *runs and hides*
  4. I'd love to know how Rolex justify this "1 year to make a Rolex watch" stuff....! From ore in the ground to finished watch ... maybe. Otherwise, I just can't see it. I wonder if they nicked that idea from Steinway - the Rolex of pianos. They always go on about it taking a year to make a Steinway, but it actually *does*, but mainly because they have to leave the wood to rest for months between operations. (Pianos are one of my big passions ... sorry - I'll shut up now!) Afraid I switched off after that - I couldn't take her voice any more without bashing myself over the head with a tea tray.
  5. I love something different ... but I just can't handle a dressy watch at 42mm. The will is strong, but the wrists are weak.
  6. Couldn't agree more. My goal for this year is to save up for a watch I've always wanted, but never quite pulled the trigger on - that mainstay of the enthusiast, the Seamaster. I've been umming and ahhing and looking at lots of second hand ones, but I think this will be my "day-to-day" watch, so I'm tempted to grit my teeth, dig deep, buy new and bond with it from the start. If only because the box they come in these days is so bloody gorgeous... We shall see...
  7. Absolutely. Buying my cheap Poljot Alarm the other week led to a load of interesting research on Poljot, Sekonda, the 2612 movement, the A Schild original movement that the 2612 was a copy of, and alarm watches in higher end pieces such as the Tudor Advisor and the JLC Mem-thingy. Well worth a few quid! And I absolutely love the watch, too! Ooh - a new YouTube channel to pore over! I hadn't come across that one - thank you!
  8. I had to google to double check who he was ... All I can say is ... blimey - what a handsome chap. His missus is very lucky.
  9. Haha! That's brilliant! There's no denying I'm on Stage 4. My ultimate goal is a 6-watch collection where all 6 are something rather nice. But ... when I joined the forum, I was shocked at how many watches some people had. Now, I can completely understand it! There's a happy medium to be found, I feel. And I can't deny I *am* enjoying myself! The next few days waiting for it it arrive, and then sorting out a strap for it ... all more than worth 12 quid! And what does 12 quid get you anyway? Nothing. That's what Jolly good. That's me convinced
  10. I need a stern talking to. I'm trying to save my pennies for either a Seamaster or a vintage Rolex Oyster Date, but I keep finding myself on the eBays. I've literally just won a 1980s mechanical Sekonda. It's a nice watch, and certainly more than worth the £12.50 including postage, but do I need it? No. Will it help me save up for the watches I *really* want? No. But, then, do I *need* a Seamaster or a vintage Rolex? No. So I suppose I'm just enjoying myself really. Has anyone else been through this? Any advice?! I think I have a problem.....
  11. Sorry for disappearing for a few hours, there - I was on the road. Lots of really good advice and starting points for further research as ever - thank you ever so much, guys
  12. This is probably a stupid question, and so I apologise in advance. But ... Say a mechanical watch had a 40 hour power reserve on a single wind. Would it be OK to continually fully wind it up every night, and just let it run down however much it does during the day each and every day, winding it back up from half wound to fully wound every night ... or .... does it do them good to let them run completely down occasionally? I guess I'm wondering whether the mainspring benefits from being properly "exercised" as it was designed to do, or whether I'm overthinking things! Thank you!
  13. Hahaha! I've literally just been having this exact conversation on WhatsApp with my other half! She told me to go for the brown camelgrain
  14. Reading your post, AFAIK would be a cracking name for one specialising in dubious homages...
  15. Superb. That article fills me with joy. As a man of *ahem* slight wrist, I was somewhat despairing at all the 42-45+mm models of recent years. I realise those of more *ahem* meaty appendages may well be a bit miffed, but ... well, I'm alright, Jack