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  1. Andy1978

    Real or Fake vitage Omega?

    Hi everyone, As a complete novice who's looking for vintage watches can I ask - What are the immediate giveaway signs here? How common are fake vintage watches in the UK market? and How can I avoid falling for a fake scam?
  2. Andy1978

    Hello from London

    Aah! - I'll have to get to grips with flickr (I've never really had a need for it before. Yes, I've noticed the Reverso - they do look very nice - I'll have to investigate prices. Thank you - that would be awesome - to have somebody trustworthy would be invaluable! I think to get started I'll have to stroll down burlington arcade and see what catches my eye and then really start to research those makes/models
  3. Andy1978

    Hello from London

    Tobias make an excellent bass - not so common over here but admired and used by those in the know I haven't worked out how to post photos yet but I have a nice 59 Fender Precision and an immaculate 65 Fender Jazz to show off (at the risk of turning this into a guitar forum!) Thanks for the advice on the watches - from the reading I've done so far I was thinking of looking at Jaeger LeCoultre and Patek Phillipe (& maybe Omega and Rolex) but I have a huge amount to learn wit reagards to models, value, condition and reputable dealers (I'm very wary that my novice naivety may mean that I'm very vulnerable to being conned!) So, on with the journey of discovery?
  4. Andy1978

    Hello from London

    Thanks Dave - yes 'invest' was maybe a poor choice of word when what I meant was invest my time and money in finding some watches that I really like (which hopefully will hold their value but maybe not!). I've always been fairly lucky like that with basses - I've generally been drawn to vintage Fender & Wal which are beautiful and have always held their value. That's a nice looking Strat Thanks 44Whitehall - yes, absolutely. Welcome to you too
  5. Andy1978

    Film or TV Recommendations

    Better Call Saul season 3 has just started on netflix - highly recommended if you watch Breaking Bad first
  6. Vintage guitars (basses) - in my defence, I do find the time to play them a bit as well
  7. Andy1978

    Hello from London

    Hi everyone, I have to confess that I'm a complete newbie to the watch world (other than a Tag Heuer Link that I've worn daily for years). I'm here to learn as much as possible as I'd like to invest in a watch or two in the future. Last week I picked up a book called The Watch by Gene Stone which sparked my interest (+ I've always collected guitars and have found it far more satisfying than having cash rotting away in a savings account!) I'm sure that I'll have all of the typical newbie questions (and pledge that I'll use the search function before asking ) Andy

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