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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  2. Welcome to the forum Thomas
  3. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Well, it's time for numero due. Which is my Citizen Eco-Drive AW1010-57B I bought this watch when my Casio has suddenly stop working (I believe in 2014). I did a quick search on internet about watches, to see what brand/model would suits me needs. After that I went to mall, into a watch shop and I found it at 50% discount. I bought it without knowing anything about it (except some thing that I read about Eco-Drive system). This is a picture with it right after I bought it. I was looking for something simple, cheap and good enough for my needs. And this watch is all those and even more. Is a watch that can be worn all day in all the environment (except diving&swimming, of course). It does what a watch is supposed to do: it shows you the time. The bad: the day is not easy readable, doesn't have any lume at all. So it cannot be read in the night. The good: it has this curved shape in the back side which makes it very conformable to wear. And is somehow more beautiful because of that shape. After this purchase, I start to feel something about watches. I believe it was triggered when I did that quick search :D That's about all with my numero due. It's a good watch, somehow pretty, very comfortable to wear but with its limitation.
  5. By working on my car I mean change the wheels (winter wheel & summer wheel), wash my car, change my antifreeze, windscreen fluid, install Parrot, dashboard cam... stuff like this. But most frequently wash & clean (I don't like how they do it in car wash).
  6. So... seems like I have to wait something to continue what I have to do, so I will start to write stories about my watches. Numero uno: Casio EDIFICE EFA-121D-1AVEF. I have this watch from about 7-8 years (or maybe more... I don't remember exactly). I bought it from a local AD and I was wearing it since then with great pleasure. It was with me everywhere I was, I abuse it in the worst way possible (including swimming in sea, mountain trips, home activities, working at my car...). As you can see it from the photos, it shows that... I never thought to sell it or trow it away, not even when it completely stop working. I took it to the watchmaker and I resurrected him. It will be with me until the end of it's days (which seems to be not far far away, unfortunately). I went to work outside my country for about 1 year back in those days, and this watch was with me. It saw many countries (I include here also my vacations), has gone through many, but it stubbornly continued to work without problems, until 4 or 5 years ago when suddenly died. I thought this is it, but I felt somehow owed to try to save him, and I did (well, the watchmaker, not me, I just paid for this). When I bought it and many years after, I thought that it is just a simple tool which is supposed to show me the time & date. Only when I start to see watches as a passion, I see it with different eyes. Even though is just a simple electronic watch, cheap and simple, is my faithful watch. Therefore, now he took a well deserved place in one of my watch boxes to live it's remaining days with dignity. That's it about numero uno.
  7. Thanks guys for your nice words. About the Edit Post feature, I tend to believe is the second: I cannot edit because I don't have enough posts. I saw a typo in my first post (I start bui8lding) and I want to fix it, but you have to live with it, since I'm not able to do it. Regarding the comment & history of each watch, maybe latter, because now I have to finish something more urgent.
  8. And maybe a stupid question: how can I edit my post?
  9. Hi guys, Few things about me.... I'm from Romania. Therefore, English is not my native language, so please excuse my mistakes. I've discovered my passion for watches relative recent (about 4 years ago) and, since then, I start bui8lding my collection based first on my financial possibilities and second on my taste. To develop this taste, I've been reading as much as I can on several watch forums, viewing watches reviews on youtube or other channels. I'm not that good with words, so I would like to let the pictures to talk for me: I will write some short comments and thoughts, describing the history behind each one in latter posts.