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  1. Hi Could anyone please help me Just acquired a large chrome cased pocketwatch made by H Golay and son london Ive searched the internet but cant find any info on what sort it is The dial is marked A W with the broad military arrow inbetween the 2 letters any help would be appreciated many thanks
  2. eccoowl


    Hi Thanks for the kind reply, having probs uploading pics will try and sort it out cheers
  3. eccoowl


    Many thanks for the kind reply, will try and get some pics uploaded later cheers
  4. Hi ,Its the first post on this forum, and sorry I'm not a watch guy !! hope one of you guys could shed a little more light on this pocket watch Ive just acquired Its marked patek on the face and patek geneve on the movement the movement is also marked 76746, also there is a crest which says patek geneve india and china Ive tried to do some research on the internet, but cant find any info about just a patek pocket watch Any info would be really appreciated and a valuation would be welcomed many thanks

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