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  1. Help with Seiko Alpinist 6R15

    I'd second what @Chromejob says. You could see if you've got a jeweller local to you who can put the watch on a timegrapher as this might flag up any obvious issues. It's worth bearing in mind that while many folk's Seiko's will be more accurate than Seiko's quoted figures at 26s/d yours is only just outside their quoted tolerance.. Taken from the Seiko 6R15 user manual... 3 Loss/gain (daily rate)............................................ +25 – 15 seconds at normal temperature range (between 5°C and 35°C) 4 Continuous operating time ................................. More than approx. 50 hours 5 Driving system..................................................... Automatic winding type with manual winding mechanism 6 Jewels................................................................. 23 jewels * The accuracy above is factory adjusted. ** Due to the characteristics of mechanical watches, any actual daily rate may not fall within the range of time accuracy specified above dependent on the conditions of use, such as the length of time during which the watch is worn on the wrist, temperature, arm movement, and whether the mainspring is wound up fully or not, etc.
  2. Very reminiscent of the Poundland watches that were mentioned a few months ago, right down to the destructions..
  3. Ram raid in Leeds ( Rolex AD )

    Muppets..Trying to ram raid a shop with a Cleo
  4. End of part one

    I've often thought this about some youtube reviewers. I follow an electronics blog (eevblog) fronted buy a guy called Dave Jones. It's (I think) funny and irreverent at times but also a mine of info. Point is that Dave gets sent tons of free stuff every week to review on the blog. Thats punters, suppliers and manufacturers sending him their wares free and gratis. To be fair he plays a straight bat and tells it how it is; if something's crap he points out exactly why and he always says where something has come from. I don't often see that same disclosure and willingness to criticise amongst other reviewers, TGV being one. When does a review stop and blatant advertisement start??
  5. I keep looking at.......

    I've got the Blue Lagoon and Black n Gold Samurai's and they do wear quite big on the wrist, more so than my Turtle I'd say. Still very nice watches all the same. I spotted an orange faced model the other day too. I've seen complaints about chapter ring/bezel alignment but mine look okay. The case looks quite big but part of that is the shoulders of the lugs which make the case look almost square. Here are my two..
  6. Amazon and Prime

    That sounds like an interesting 'job' you've got planned...
  7. I really like the 5 range (or what I’ve seen of it..) and I’ve got a few myself (all divers/diver style; SNZH053 & 057 and the venerable SKX007 & 011) but I have to pull myself from the brink... if I didn’t I’d be buying loads of them!
  8. HiFi ..

    You just need a second (and possibly third one) and a decent mixer like an Ecler Hak.. "Baddest DJ on two turntables"
  9. I can't remember who's site I'd seen them on? Possibly Creation or Saiya? Either way they were the same price which I thought was odd? I guess that's the grey market for you!
  10. Monday WRUW

    Boring boring.. wearing my (new) work wearer even though I've got a day off.. Seiko SKX011J1 on a Strapcode Suoer Oyster.
  11. A pal works in the jewellery trade and he gave me a tin.
  12. Autosol is good stuff but I've started using this on a recommendation. It's good stuff too.
  13. Seiko Turtle PADI

    I was so close to getting the Endmill myself but I played it safe with the Super Oyster.
  14. Seiko Turtle PADI

    I've got two! I've just ordered a Strapcode Super oyster for one while the other is still on it's original bracelet. I plan to change the bezel insert (ala @Doolittle's offering above) one day, just not got a round tuit..

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