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  1. animalone

    I just wanted to introduce myself

    Welcome to the forum
  2. animalone

    Friday timepieces

  3. animalone

    Fridays Favorites.

  4. animalone

    Cheapo Divers

    In house automatic and easy 200m for about £60
  5. animalone

    Friday Display~ 27th April.

    Thank you, It is nice to have one that I can wear without fear of radiation burns. Movement is quite nice as well.
  6. animalone

    Friday Display~ 27th April.

    1915 Borgel case for me today, HAGWE
  7. animalone

    Funtime Friday.

  8. animalone

    Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    @fastmongrel The buckle you had is the aluminium one that comes on a lot of the straps (crap IMHO). They also do stainless steel ones (usually on the alligator straps) you can usually tell because the H on the buckle is raised on the steel ones instead of sunk. I have some sitting around, so if you want to PM me the width you need and your address I can get one sent out to you.
  9. animalone

    TGI Friday watches...

  10. animalone

    'LONDON' watches

    There is still hope http://www.frodsham.com/
  11. animalone

    How Deep has that Diver Been?

    Not the same thing as actual use but, the little hand is pointing to 125 bar (1800+psi) equivalent to over 3/4 of a mile
  12. I'm a bit worried about what my watches say about me
  13. Since we are looking at moon phases here is a close up (x40) of the moon on the Omega Speedmaster I love the little boot print
  14. How about the complication without the watch ?

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