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  1. Omega buckle

    @JDMdenon that buckle looks like Omega ref 025STZ006410 (cant confirm if it is real or not sorry) If you get them from an Omega AD the steel buckles are usually £35 you can also try cousins https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/omega-watch-strap-buckles?code=94511602 for the more modern engraved style.
  2. @davidcxn I work in the centre of Edinburgh, so if you ever want to have a browse through the book just drop me a message. I've not done one for a while but the straps are still on the list of parts available for the watches Omega references for the straps are Midi size watch 93565552 Large watch 93565564
  3. The strap is held in by screws that go through the reinforced end, so probably better to use the correct Omega strap although they come in at £120
  4. @davidcxn here you go as promised, sorry the pictures aren't great I'll try again when the light is a bit better On the theme of art on watches thought I would share this Patek pocket watch that the did for the grand exhibition in New York last year, (excuse the distorted picture I took it from a book) The dial side is a representation of the moon in miniature enamelling. The reverse is made up from over 480 pieces of wood! and portrays Buzz Aldrin stsnding on the moon. And a close up of the incredible woodwork.
  5. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

  6. @davidcxn the Omega journey through time book has a section on the art watches, I'll post some scans when I get back in the office tomorrow
  7. Tatton owners club

    @WRENCH can't believe that is still working
  8. Before After and cleaning a few of the parts (sorry photos aren't great) Ratchet wheel Bridge jewel holes full of dirty old oil Dirty stem Main plate with heavy corrosion, once cleaned you can see the brass where the plating has eaten through Escape wheel with rust in the pinion and lumps of dirt on the arbour
  9. Tatton owners club

    Just finished cleaning this one up for the grandson of the original owner
  10. Professional Quartz Diver Brands

    Seiko Tuna And here it is at 125 bar, should be deep enough for you
  11. Friday watches 16/2

    SBBN013 for the weekend, have a good one
  12. One Offs

    Since you asked, anyone got one of these?
  13. Venus Watches: An Enigmatic History

    Thank you, All steel case and an ETA automatic movement for the princely sum of £10 The bay is often a den of scum and villainy, but sometimes there is a bargain to be found.
  14. Venus Watches: An Enigmatic History

    Thank you for yet another wonderful thread little picture of the ETA powered one I recently got of Fleabay
  15. Show us Your Tools!

    @jsud2002 @Biker personally I would use the Victorinox (been using the same one for about 15 years) The blade is a little thicker than some of the others so it won't flex as much, the real key to not slipping is practice though. my top tip is find the opening point (small lip or chamfer on the case back) and push the blade straight in between the case and back most backs will pop with this think of it more as a wedge and try to avoid using it as a crowbar as that is more likely to slip

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