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  1. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    The amfibia finally arrived! I'm just about to shorten the bracelet length to suit me. I nearly broke the damn thing when trying to set the date. From the diagram there seems to be a position 3 that from the diagram appears that you have to pull out really far in order to get to. I was trying to get there... It seems that in reality there is no position 3, just positions 1 and 2. The date is set by going through 24 hours or by going from 8 to 12 then back to 8. Hopefully I didn't damage it by trying to pull so hard on the winding mechanism!
  2. Avenger Fan

    24 hour watches

    Would love to know if this actually makes it there. Does anyone know whether the website is legit?
  3. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    Interesting. I must say that I have been eyeing up watches on the meranom site, especially ones that are automatic and have a glass back. There also the 3 handed ones, with a 24 hour hand going round. I might regret joining this forum and asking these questions when I'm crippled by credit card debt! ;P Just kidding, so far I've only ordered the amfibia... Maybe another around Xmas...
  4. Avenger Fan

    24 hour watches

    Could you post a link to the product? Thanks Vlad
  5. Avenger Fan

    24 hour watches

    My understanding is that the slow watches are difficult to set right. Something about having to "reverse" into the current time, otherwise it starts to lose quarter hour chunks here and there. Do we know if svalbard are free of this problem? I do want a 24 hour watch but was wondering if it will be counterproductive at work, where I have to keep to half hour slots. I was looking around on meranom and there might be a solution that's the best of both worlds, a normal watch with a 3rd hand which goes round every 24 hours.
  6. Avenger Fan

    24 hour watches

    Why would you want midnight at the top?! Night shift or something?
  7. Avenger Fan

    24 hour watches

    So, I've been toying with the idea of a "slow" watch. Any 24 hour watch with midday at the top will do. Hopefully much cheaper than the slow watches, that fetch around £200 a pop. Any contenders?
  8. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    Does anyone know, what's the deal with a lot of these cool watches on the meranom site being out of stock? They claim they're getting more but pushing back the time frame. Is it a marketing ploy?
  9. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    Let me know if you want to part with any, eh?!
  10. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    do you, err, need it?!
  11. Avenger Fan

    Black stain on skin from metal watch strap

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ySNxgPAsFXYUJFQ244c0RlVlE/view?usp=sharing No gunk that I can see. I use fountain pens so at first I suspected it was some ink. Washed it off last night, washed the watch strap last night. This morning - the stain is back...
  12. So - over the last few days I've had black stains appear on my wrist after wearing my Rotary Avenger. This is the second Avenger I've had, having have bought this one in April 2017. I've probably worn this one longer than the first one. The strap doesn't show any signs of losing its plating or anything like that. Does anyone have experiences like this? (btw I don't remember this every happening before, with any of the jewellery I've worn. I've had green-ish stains from cheap jewellery as a child, but never black) I'll try to post a picture I've taken. Cheers Vlad
  13. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    This flipping watch looks amazing! https://meranom.com/en/komandirskie/komandirskie-k-65/vostok-watch-komandirskie-1965-2414a-680220.html Anyone got one? What's your impression?
  14. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    Got an email on the 11th of September saying that the order has been shipped. I really can't wait! How long do the watches usually take to get to the UK? Cheers Vlad
  15. Avenger Fan

    Looking for a simple Russian watch

    Right, I've pulled the trigger on the 420 289 - let's see how fast it arrives and how well I get on with it! Good night, all!

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