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  1. Quartz & alignment issues

    I had this issue years ago with a watch ( honestly can not remember what one ) and I took to our ( then ) local independent watch dude who opened it all up and showed me something very surprising. There was very slight movement of the whole movement within the case, i.e. the whole movement could shift ever so slightly less than 1/4 of a mm. However when it did that ,it also tilted ever so slightly too.... which mean't when the dial was viewed , the 1/4mm misalign got exaggerated a bit ... so it looked off. His conclusion was : " buy a more expensive watch"
  2. Tudor reborn......

    Breitling SS bracelets I can get at 25% off .... so I would have been a happier bunny if it was my Avenger ... but the Tudor price was fixed everywhere.... no budging....
  3. Just been speaking to a client of ours who is a watch "fanatic" ( his words ). He told me about a decade ago he was given a tour of the Breitling Assembly plant in Switzerland and was shown two prototype watches for a model 18 months away from production. They were identical. Both watches with movements, but completely plain black dials and no hands. Identical apart from the fact that one was 1mm bigger than the other. The prototypes were worn during testing for some considerable periods of time to gauge which size "felt" right for production. Fascinating story and its nice to know the mm is a very useful unit of measure for such purposes !!!
  4. Finally watches have arrived

    fabulous watches.... bravo !!
  5. Tudor reborn......

    The Steel is £220 more than leather ( original retail prices ) so I am only £80 down ,,, so it could be worse .... but yes agreed steel will be purchased from now on and then leather as an accessory ...
  6. Tudor reborn......

    Sold the NATO for £130 .... they can fetch £160 Affraid so.....
  7. Tudor reborn......

    Thanks.... wearing it again today.... its so nice , its caused me watch issues ( yep .... that old chestnut ) .... I am not going to need 5 watches anymore , so am going to downsize to 4 ,,, I love my Longines GMT conquest but its not going to get worn now.... so considering flipping that... and if I do I will either keep my TAG as my beater , but then again , its not going to get much beating , because this is daily wearer now , so may have to flip that as well as get a NEW WATCH !!! LOL !!! dilemmas dilemmas.....
  8. Watch for sub 1000

    touche.... you will be able to get that for £600 or less if you shop around which will needless to say be terrific value.
  9. This is a problem.....

    Stop with this lume nonsense.... you are messing with my head !
  10. Tudor reborn......

    Sold the Nato and Deployant straps together for £300 and this numbed the pain of the £600 steel band.... but it has transformed my watch. Its also upset the apple cart because this is going to want to be my daily wearer.... this is just so nice....
  11. At my age........

    Ah yes .... I get the cut of your jib ....
  12. IWC Portofino... Any Love ?

    You are a poet and you don't even know it ....
  13. At my age........

    Its funny ... I have never tagged watch styles to age ...
  14. Saw this watch up close and personal today.... I must say IWC generally do not do it for me... their fabulous looking watches are just too big for me. I have nothing against big watches in general and own one , but most of their watches all seem 2-3mm too wide for what they are. Anyhow , this Portofino just looked awesome and at £3750 , its one of their "entry" watches but for me , their stand out piece. So fine knowledgable people ... A. Is it worth the price tag ? B. Is there anything else to consider against it ? C. Anyone else a fan of this particular watch ?
  15. general


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