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  1. 2 Forgotten Speedies !? Reduced and MK40 !?

    Is that the £3200 Racings of recent years ,,,, or the new £5K plus racing from 2017-onwards ?
  2. The difference a simple strap change makes

    Yep.... spot on..... only put one on an Omega or a Roley if you think you are in the Secret Service.... splendid commentary....
  3. The difference a simple strap change makes

    NATOs looks dopey in my books..... WHY ? just why put a tatty flappy strap on a lovely watch ? just don't get it.....
  4. The difference a simple strap change makes

    not being funny.... but I could NEVER wear a second hand leather band... steel of course ( after steam clean ) but there is no way I would risk DNA pollution of the microscopic kind that lurks in leather....
  5. Sudden Crisis...

    This is a natural consequence of our unhealthy obsession with wrist instruments.... Buy a new strap.... and open a tin of beer.
  6. The difference a simple strap change makes

    yes sorry , not in the habit of posting anywhere but this forum page.... just popped the link over on that page....
  7. Just bought from these guys.... absolutely amazing quality for the money.... http://stores.ebay.co.uk/thewatchstrap/
  8. The difference a simple strap change makes

    yep , general rule of thumb - avoid cherry and true tan browns for a black or blackish dial.... has to be nutty brown into dark brown shades ( obviously there are exceptions ) .... great observation @Autonomous
  9. The difference a simple strap change makes

    certainly.... when I first bought the Tudor BBH , it was on their leather band.... but it had a design flaw so upgraded to their steel bracelet as it seemed sensible... but never bonded again with the watch after that... The leather its on now is a huge improvement to the Tudor one , and I have also just ordered a darker brown to see how that compares.... found these premium straps on the Bay for £17 delivered , and they are MILES better than anything else I have ever bought from anywhere... and as good as handmade-to-order ones for £100+ ...
  10. The difference a simple strap change makes

    so did I , until I got THIS :
  11. In the last few days I have had met up with a couple of pals who are not WIS but both had sublime watches.... one had some-years-old old Speedmaster reduced and the other was wearing a MK40 .... both were really impressive watches , very nice size and it got me thinking.... don't see many of them about !? Any reason for this ? How popular are they now used and anyone here got one of those Speedmasters from yesteryear ?
  12. Inevitable I guess..... but this watch presumably is only selling now to niche customers and is not a "general" seller for Seiko in Asia anymore.... A classic watch. Not for me, but a classic nevertheless...
  13. The difference a simple strap change makes

    That is an amazing transformation..... bravo Sir..... WHAT a lovely watch !!
  14. Controversial first one in this year

    And Owen ( The guy with Tourettes ) .... "she's a real trooper ,,, first born,,, came out sideways,,, she didn't scream or nothin"
  15. Swiss watch "boom".

    I was once told that 15% approx of Swiss nationals qualify for F&F discounts on luxury watches hence any figures would be a tad skewed I would guess....

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