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  1. Just not bonding.

    I tried one on... just felt too flat. Its a marmite watch.... but they are nice... just not for me.
  2. Just not bonding.

    happens a lot with Planet Oceans... not sure why.....
  3. Just not bonding.

    does happen.... more often with online companies... for obvious reasons... just bad luck... life too short flip it for someone thing else...
  4. Saturday Specials....

    One of the best chronos anyone could own... my lad LOVES his....
  5. Comments about new watches.

    99% of people don't care much about the finer points of watches.... so its realistic I guess to not give a monkeys what other people say/notice/think. The only time I ever get twitchy is when someone has the discourtesy to ask "how much my watch cost ? its looks nice" and then replies after my answer with "you must be mad, mine cost £50 and does exactly the same" .... the last time someone said that to me , I replied : " Ah yes , but cost is only one aspect of a possession , and one in this case within reason I could not care less about... so I guess the word you used was MAD , when it should of possibly been SUCCESSFUL " ... I don't see that guy much ( thankfully ) ... although to be fair he is a nice enough bloke , and spends £1000s on his cycling hobby , and did help me out at my birthday BBQ when I foolishly thought I could cater for 80 with just two Webers and a useless brother.... I digress....
  6. Can someone classify the Rolex hierarchy?

    the new Air King is easily their best watch currently in my opinion.....
  7. actually.... that is not as daft as it sounds.... there was once a few sellers on eBay who did that for profit... ( and were sued by his publisher ). She would be fine doing it personally as a one off... so long as she advertises them exactly as they are .....
  8. Slim Watches

    None.... slim watches un-nerve me.....
  9. Eminent People and Their Watches

    Theresa May PM = Swatch Chrono ( RRP £79 )
  10. Eminent People and Their Watches

    John Travolta = Breitling Navitimer.
  11. Micro brands are often just selling badged products from mass production in China.... there is no "parts bin" often....
  12. not quite... at a very small watch level , the % shrinkage due to temperature of the mass is much higher , it would be approx 2-5% of the overall mass. Whereas on industrial items of larger mass the % shrinkage would be reduced by approx 3.14 x (radius - a-bit ) ^ 2 . So in engineering the very small % changed can be accommodated with larger margins of error. But in micro engineering ( like watch making ) the larger % change would produce a margin of error too large and make the process unworkable. [ by % shrinkage , I am meaning % shrinkage of radius ,,,, NOT volume ]
  13. doubt it because the tolerances are much smaller in proportion to the alloy mass..... back to the OPs problem , surely its nothing to do with push pull issues , surely its that the thread bite zone ( usually about 2 mm ) was too shallow , say 1mm , and hence the first part of the catching spiral in the case wore or sheared off , meaning the push-to-thread action just never bite into the spiral... this is very common with budget watches because the metal used is soft relatively speaking and inexpensive.... and due to mass production, there are no quality checks on that part of the assembly.... I reckon its that, in which case its knackered so need a watch mender to fix it....
  14. Spinnaker watches

    Good value cheap chinese ( probably ) manufactured watches with decent movements. The movements are great basic engines , the watch build on these watches is about right for the price. Bezels are the only thing suspect about these.... Easy to tarnish, imprecise and softish cog. Look nice though....

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