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  1. yes really like the Hamlton , but did not LOVE it.... anyone have any information on Certina.... I am told tragically they bridge the Swatch gap between Tissot and Longines.....
  2. Tried on the Khaki field king today ... nice watch , just did not say buy me ... Looking now as Certina watches in the £300-£500ish price bracket... thoughts please ? Anyone got ownership experience or observations on these watches. Just not a brand I know much about , any particular super dooper models ?
  3. This has been billed as the best value sub £500 Auto with a decent movement on the market... has anyone owned / owns one of these ? or experienced one ? opinions ?
  4. I have worn several watches thought the same patterns... you pay $5000 for your polished surface , it survives better than your $1000 piece in my experience..... I may just be unusual....
  5. totally forgot the Moonlighting thing with that watch... Brilliant reference !!! his post here was research !!
  6. had this for 2 days and its mega comfy ( and noisy , see other thread ) ... just love this watch ...
  7. also...doesn't "commando" also mean "to go without underwear" !?!?
  8. Citizen are hot and cold for me... a couple of their watches that I have tried on are awesome feel/look/value ... then you try on a £300 titanium black dial that looks and feels cheap and cost way too much.... their marketing department must be filled with very diverse people....
  9. I read the post differently .. he did not say "how much is the watch worth" , he said "how much do they sell for" ... in other words whats the ball park.... Need to give the benefit of the doubt in my most humble and moderate of opinions....
  10. My Avenger Skyland has just been sent to Switzerland for a full service... the AD did the pre-send inspection and the polished surfaces were immaculate... apart from two microscopic dinks.... so I guess there are polished surfaces and there are polished surfaces....
  11. they are nice !! lovely watches... a mate of mine paid £350 on eBay for one back in January..... so basically they are the price of a new Tissot/Hamilton generally.....
  12. There are certain watches that are almost impossible to fake to anywhere near the standard of the real thing without actually spending a huge amount of money... Most Breitling models for instance can not easily be faked well. I would say that if an Ebay seller is UK based, i.e. both they and the watch are in the UK , then the chances of it being fake if it looks real are very small. Private sellers can always be checked out fairly easily by getting the story of the watch from them , origin , etc etc ... If someone deliberately sells a fake on eBay they are committing a criminal offence in the UK... so one of the easiest ways to feel safe is to ask for written confirmation that the seller knows the watch is 100% genuine and how they know that. If they can not do that , walk away. I once looked seriously at a watch in eBay and asked just that , but got "to the best of my knowledge" in reply. Which just is not good enough for me , so I pulled interest immediately and bought elsewhere. Also , with so many ADs having great pre-owned watches these days are fair prices , its not worth the risk if there is only a slight doubt. Finally one really good piece of advice to tell a genuine watch from a rare but very good fake if a VERY high amount of money is at stake ,,,,, ask the seller to send you a video of them weighing the watch case only with grams accuracy. Then check out the data from manufacturing specs. Fakes are almost never the correct weight.
  13. Some Breitling and many Swatch Brands have models that "sing" a bit.... they are not hard to find.....
  14. no , would only buy from stock....
  15. I am guessing auto watch wearers will fall into one of two camps... My new Longines GMT conquest sings like a bird when the rotor winds... its noisy.... I love it... Breitling ( now off to Switzerland ) is fairly audible and my soon to own tudor is quieter by far... but I guess noisy rotars either delight or irritate... which are you ?