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  1. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    ah ... house moves ... I feel your pain buddy ...
  2. Evolution of personal watch tastes

    TOMMY HILFIGER Men's Denim blue watch , not the reasonably inoffensive one from the UK/EU market , but a horrible special edition from the States where the blue is actually printed like denim jeans.... its ghastly....
  3. Evolution of personal watch tastes

    Used to love Cars more than Watches.... so in the old old days I could not care less what watch I had on .... Now its the opposite. [I am currently sat in my mates £1.5M house looking out at his Masserati, Landrover Wildcat and RangeRover Special Edition ,,, whilst he pours a beer with his arm which is adorned by a truly awful budget timepiece]
  4. Nothing hits the spot.

    Hmmmmm. Thinning the collection would surely cure the selection malaise for sure , but not sure High End would be the solution and cure for Rog.
  5. Helgray Bomber

    Yeh , the "email ticket" is a phrase usually reserved for Chinese counterfeit websites... its fairly unusual to see it used on a "legit" website....
  6. Helgray Bomber

    Only people who have not read the Trustpilot reviews and noted that when you email that company you get a "ticket number" which is Chinese Scam Code for "**** off" !!! I would avoid that company like the Bombay mix dish at nymphomaniacs convention....
  7. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    bravo.... your morals are worthy.... look forward to more news on this.....
  8. New hobby?

    furthermore ... the reliance on a carburettor in that instance would be coupled with the need for a lean and svelte driver .... no porker could ever get 215 out of that.... [ this a back handed compliment to @yokel by the way for those who perhaps occasionally mis-read my humour... its not a dig at vast people... ]
  9. New hobby?

    One should only sell a watch because it needs to be sold for the sake of watch-kind...... To do otherwise is perhaps a sin worthy of the Old Testament.
  10. If I understand this correctly ... it was his own watch used on the mission ... In which case his IP has been trampled on in my opinion..... Because they are using his image for financial gain without rewarding him fairly.
  11. The difference a simple strap change makes

    For the money , they are fabulous straps.... not in the same league obviously as £100 Toshi handmade ones ... but easily competing with many £40-£50 straps.
  12. The difference a simple strap change makes

    I have two of their straps.... both exceptional quality for the money....
  13. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    My beater is my 300M Seamaster inky black .... it ticks all the Mon-Fri boxes .... My "Weekend-dial-de-deux-jours" was my Tudor Black Bay but I realised ( to my stupid astonishment after using a chrono function watch for a decade over the weekends ) that I use a chrono watch a lot at weekends ... So the watch I buy now will be used a lot and will take the odd bump , nothing heavy though..... so for me , purely on usage ... I could do with the Sapphire.... currently leaning heavily towards the FOIS .... kudos to @Padders for his input on that.... just please.... no one tell @JIMMYNo1 my Black Bay is in the sales corner....
  14. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    I have seen many Sapphires that cut the mustard.... but also seen some that make the watch look soulless. The Moonwatch with the hesalite certainly has a warmth so I completely get that.... its just not sure how my wearing patterns would suit it.... still considering. Valuing all opinions on this....
  15. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    The problem I have is that Hesalite was used for practical reasons for that watch in the 60s. But in once sense its essentially an obsolete material. Its just plastic perspex-style material. I do get the "genuine" thing etc etc and am not belittling people's desire to have the "older" look to the watch... because it does have genuine charm. But practical !? I am not so sure for some wearers....

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