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  1. Used Omega Seamaster

    This is probably the best piece of advice. Don't be scared of eBay because there is buyer protection there which I know works from experience. If you are not happy with the authenticity of an item or any part of it you can get your money back in full. Go to an AD and although they're not always very polite (obviously they treat anything pre-owned as competition for their sales) they will authenticate the watch for you and may even be kind enough to look at the movement.
  2. Two more Seikos for the collection

    Wow great watches. One of my colleagues has one similar to the one on the left and I was going to ask him for a model reference because I was considering getting a similar one (his is slightly different though, the bezel does not have numbers). Just out of sheer curiosity, what size are they?
  3. When I first started wearing watches regularly I still continued to check the time on my phone out of habit for a while. Now it's the reverse, I always look at my wrist and on the odd occasion I am not wearing a watch I stare at my arm like a moron for a quick second before I remember I still have my phone in my pocket as backup
  4. help please

    You can't go wrong with a vintage gold Omega. Here's what my baby looks like: It's not all 100% original (I had to get some restoration work done after I acquired it). The movement is all original though; it's the 601 (mechanical rather than automatic) which I have had in a number of watches and it is extremely dependable and robust. I often recommend to people who want a vintage watch to buy one with the 601 because it is so dependable and at the same time there's still plenty of them around so replacement parts aren't a problem. I've owned this particular watch for about 2 years now and I wear it occasionally as a dress piece, although in my opinion they are so versatile I wouldn't mind wearing it just out and about with business casual attire. There is such a great range to choose from among vintage Omegas and the prices are not unreasonable. I paid around £450 for mine altogether including the restoration work.
  5. Selling watches - Emotional!

    You are not alone. Over the last few months I sold some of the earliest pieces in my collection, like my vintage black dial Seamaster 600 and my first ever chronograph, a rose gold Gigandet. It really did hurt, especially with the Seamaster - I always loved wearing it and was so happy when I first bought it. But it had to be done, the collection had grown out of control and I bought other watches which I wore much more often, leaving those ones sitting in the watch box for months at a time. Luckily I made a profit on both which allowed me to offset costs of other recent purchases. The way I look at it is without selling I can hardly ever buy new watches. Also, nostalgia aside, isn't it better to sell it and know it is being worn and enjoyed rather than perpetually sitting in a box?
  6. how often a purchase

    I go through phases. In December/January I completely revamped the collection, sold 12 watches and bought 4. Before that I was quiet for about a year and hadn't done major spending (although some selling) since the back end of 2016 when I bought two. Now I am very satisfied again, but I am sure soon another spurt of buying will prompt me to sell a few and so it goes on and on. Thank god I am willing to part with some of them otherwise I would be up to my ears in watches by now!
  7. Collections with Quartz watches

    Interesting to see the variety of opinion. Just to clarify I was not 'hating on' any particular type of movement. I was thinking that if a mechanical watch or auto sit around not worn on a regular basis all you really need to do to maintain them is wear them once in a while, whereas quartz watches are constantly ticking away and so always 'in use' so to speak. This is a good point I suppose I never actually thought of that. Although I try to wear all my watches without leaving any of them unworn for more than a few weeks at a time, so this would not apply so much to me now. I still think quartz is easiest for everyday wear because I think there is more than can go wrong with a mechanical or auto than with a quartz. I've had to get stems and crowns replaced on hand-winding watches before and it only natural that these parts wear down more due to everyday use. Meanwhile I don't remember the last time I actually unscrewed the crown on my Seamaster.
  8. Vintage - Investment

    I take it you do not think their new move to in-house movements is a good thing? There is definitely potential in the brand even though this was a gamble on their part. A Black Bay is basically a Submariner for a fraction of the price of a Submariner... and if it becomes established, who knows where values of the first ones could go in the future? But if I was thinking of buying a pre-owned watch as an investment I would definitely go for a vintage Rolex Explorer too. In fact even if I wasn't buying as an investment I would get it - it is currently my #1 dream watch to own.
  9. I am sure anyone who owns multiple watches has though of this: are quartz watches really efficient for the purpose of collecting rather than wearing? When I sold off a large part of my collection I specifically sold most of my battery operated models because I noticed when they sit unworn they are actually costing me money. The batteries have a finite life and with a large collection upkeep becomes a budgetary issue. I still think quartz is the best solution for every day wear watches, both my Seamaster Pro and my more dressy 1970s Seamaster are quartz and I specifically bought them wanting battery because I knew I would be wearing them a lot. But for other watches which I wear less often I go for automatics or mechanical. When I think about it, had I kept my collection as it was a few years ago I would be spending a lot of money on battery replacements which even for brands like Seiko are not cheap and the costs stack up. Has anyone else been bothered by this or adjusted their buying habits to compensate?
  10. In 2000 I was 10 years old and had a Casio calculator watch that my dad bought me when I was 7 and first went to school
  11. Vintage - Investment

    I may be totally wrong and maybe you're looking for something more expensive, but the way Tudor are going now I would look into them. I think the brand is at a point where it can really establish itself and move up the ladder. I have two friends who are watch connoisseurs with much more money than me and they both opted to buy Tudor watches recently as opposed to anything else.
  12. Holiday/vacation watch criteria

    I agree with this pretty much. Mine isn't a Rolex, I wear a little Omega Seamaster on my trips, but I have been to Southeast Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe, etc. and never had any watch mishaps in terms of people problems. I don't go on that many trips or anything, but last year I went to Acapulco in Mexico for a week and that's meant to be like the murder capital of the world and I felt very safe (although I did have a friend who knows the area well with me, so that might have contributed to that). Not to mention when I was younger I was so irresponsible and put myself in bad situations all the time (too much alcohol was a regular thing for me on holidays) and yet I suffered no consequences other than damage I did to myself. The only time I got robbed on a trip was actually in the USA and that was someone who works at the airport stealing items out of my luggage after I checked it in at the airport...
  13. Old timer returns from Switzerland!

    I am very jealous I love vintage Omegas, unfortunately I sold most of my little collection to fund other purchases and seeing watches like this makes me regret that. I am no expert at watch mechanics at all, but some of these movements are absolute little beasts - when it comes to survival of the fittest they win. I have had three or four watches with the 601 calibre movement and they run so wonderfully well. Thank you for sharing photos of this wonderful watch!
  14. New arrival

    Looks very interesting, I don't think I have ever seen a watch with full lume subdials. Seems like a fun quirk for a chronograph. Would love to see a photo of it in the dark - I wonder how useful it can actually be in terms of practicality.
  15. Holiday/vacation watch criteria

    I have to say my one and only: 1) Very reliable 2) Goes with everything 3) Already beat up to death so no worries of destroying it further

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