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  1. Noob101

    Best tool watch under 2k

    If he's willing to look at pre-owned I would wholeheartedly recommend the Seamaster Pro, an excellent and durable watch. If only looking for new I would probably look at a Seiko diver from the Prospex range. Either way if a daily wearer tool watch is required divers are the best because they are designed to be tough, easy to read, waterproof, etc.
  2. Noob101

    Watches....show and tell.

    Well after slimming down my collection at the tail end of last year (I sold one 1960s Seamaster and one 1980s Seamaster) my vintage Omega range has expanded back up to 3 models The De Ville I did post about in the forums a few months ago, but the automatic on the right is the newest addition (bought last month). I really like the changes I made because having three Seamasters (I also own a modern one) was a bit much although they were all very different in style. And in comparison the ones I replaced them with were more than a tad cheaper so the surplus has gone straight into my Explorer fund
  3. Aesthetically I have nothing against minimalism, but this constant marketing I see using the word "luxury" is starting to wear me down. What is luxury? How do people define luxury? Does luxury have anything to do with quality or is it basically anything (however crappy) that is priced outside of the reach of the average Joe? To use the example of this company - their watches are not quality wise above anything average, and similarly price wise they are nothing above average. I know people from my generation generally believe everything they see on Instagram, but realistically speaking is anyone going to be looking at this and thinking "oh my god this is as good as Longines or Omega, I have been such a fool to think those brands are better!" I much prefer companies which have honest branding. Take Dan Henry, for example. Their watches are marketed as vintage reproductions for those who don't want to either pay the big money for a vintage look or don't want to assume the risk of actually owning a delicate and hard to maintain vintage piece. That is smart and has a purpose. There is no vague babble about "luxury" or whatever.
  4. Noob101

    Watches....show and tell.

    I'm often buying things that I don't make threads for because I don't feel these watches are special enough or they might end up being swapped for something else soon anyway. Bought a pre-owned Fortis and another vintage Omega recently. They could be gone by the end of the year for all I know. But when I do buy something I am truly after I promise everyone you will hear no end of it I think everyone who follows the forum knows what I am looking to buy... so when I do I won't wait a single second before bragging all over about my success
  5. Noob101

    40 years watch

    Clearly you value your work and the contribution you have made - that is what's important. It's great to have something to symbolise that and remind you of your achievements. I really like the watch; it looks like an excellent tool watch. The bracelet with screw pins is a great addition, I always have problems with mine because they are all just regular pins and swapping links in or out is a hassle.
  6. Noob101

    Choose a single Seiko

    Well the SKX009 would be a good choice if you want that Pepsi bezel. But my personal favourite is the slightly smaller SKX013: It the classic black bezel, black dial at 38mm. Screw down crown of course. That's not a photo of mine but I usually wear mine on distressed leather. But it looks great on the bracelet, canvas, or rubber as well. It is probably my most universal watch when it comes to strap adjustments.
  7. Noob101

    New arrival sneaking in.

    Aesthetically that dial is not my cup of tea but I really like the bracelet design with the square components.
  8. Noob101

    New Arrival - Speedmaster Date - Minty

    Fantastic - the Speedmaster is such a great watch and automatic is a good option. Good water resistance rating as well; I always panic with my Moonwatch because they're kind of known for being bad with that side of things...
  9. Noob101

    Sell or not Sell.

    Sell, sell, sell, that's my motto with pretty much everything I own as long as it has no sentimental value and I can turn a profit I sell it. This attitude is the only reason I have been able to, with my very limited means, afford the likes of my Speedmaster or other nice Omegas. If I was only buying based on my work salary I could barely afford a watch for £200 after all my monthly bills have been paid. Luckily I always had an eye for a bargain and my sales skills are decent so whatever I collect ends up making me more money than it cost me in the first place. This is not limited to watches, I also collect old books, and all sorts of other interesting things. Of course this means I nearly always have to sacrifice one thing to get another, but if the second thing is worth more than the first then eventually it's possible to build up to something quite decent by trading up
  10. Noob101

    SOTC - where to go from here

    I don't know what kind of style you like, but in the inexpensive bracket I went for the SKX013, I bought it new for around £200 and it's the perfect back up whenever my Seamaster is out of commission for whatever reason (plus at 38mm it's not one of the massive ones Seiko put out). And they look fabulous on the bracelet or a leather strap. But I think you mentioned you might prefer something with a Pepsi bezel, which would definitely add a new dimension to your collection. Seiko is such a great brand to browse through because there are just so many options when it comes to good quality divers.
  11. Noob101

    SOTC - where to go from here

    I completely understand the rationale above, but it really is a shame owning a Submariner and still looking for a watch to wear swimming. Defeats the point a little doesn't it? I guess that's the reality of today with the service prices we are being charged... If you're really worried about the Sub I would go with a Seiko diver - I just think they are pure class and divers are one tool watch that Seiko are up there with anyone on, both in terms of the specs and the heritage of the brand. Luckily I don't share in this problem because I have a Seamaster that's sturdy and waterproof and as far as my budget goes that is not a cheap watch, but I never had any problems with it until that broken crown debacle earlier this year (it is finally fixed now).
  12. Noob101

    Cool Wrists.

    I was watching an episode of Family Guy a while back and they had an anecdote there about guys who are so cool that their forearm hair makes their watch look even cooler. You are one of those guys
  13. Noob101

    Reinvigorating a Collection

    A year or so ago I would have agreed, but with 7 watches it is already difficult enough to find time to wear them all! I can only imagine what it would be like with 10 or 12
  14. Noob101

    Cool Wrists.

    What if it's synthetic?
  15. Noob101

    Reinvigorating a Collection

    What about when I put my watch away for the night? One has to sit by itself on my nightstand next to the box with the others.

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