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  1. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Hello All, We have canceled our campaign and will be restructuring our production and perhaps finding ways to cut cost to make these watches available to the public.
  2. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Our campaign is now live please check us out! Carpathia Watches
  3. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Hello Everyone, We are very proud to announce that our campaign will be going live this Sunday October 8th on www.kickstarter.com. To get the best deal on an Ascent please subscribe to the mailing list via our website www.carpathiawatches.com. The first 120 watches will be half off of the retail price $600.00 USD. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. The campaign will be live for 30 days. Cheers, Mark
  4. Carpathia Watch Co.

    I have read about that ship ! The markers do in fact have lume on them as well as the hands =) Yes indeed that is where the inspiration for the name came from ! The dial markers do in fact have lume as well as the hands =)
  5. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Appreciate the feedback but the name stands it has a meaning behind it which ties into the brand identity. Our model name for our first line of watches is Ascent.
  6. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Just an update my website is now live. www.carpathiawatches.com Next steps - - Recording a video - launching kickstarter in August if all goes according to plan
  7. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Thank you for the kinds words ! Yes there are a wide array of markets as we know it so perhaps this will have its own niche. Im doing what I enjoy so that is all that matters to me =)
  8. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Thanks for taking a look at them ! A lot of people will have their own ideal perspectives of what should be the correct placement. When I was designing the dial I wanted to make the date window cohesive with the 10, 2, 4 and 8. If you look at the date wheel on majority of the watches being made today you can say they are oddly positioned I guess its just preference. The size of the watch was geared toward a more modern size which I compared with the 43mm Hamilton Jazzmaster. The navy blue dial is one of my favorites as it has a nice variation of color in different lighting. What I am bringing to the game is the hands-on experience of creating something personal and to create a watch that outlives trends, continuing to be handed down in tradition for years to come as many of the watches I have collected. Also I am bringing a luxury watch brand to one of the biggest cities in the world; Chicago. I am bringing an entry level luxury swiss watch that is built to last and that is showcasing the diversity of Chicago and the people living here.
  9. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Appreciate it, I want to reach out to true watch people i'm not some rich guy throwing money at a project i'm quite the opposite. I am a designer and I have loved watches my whole life. I am trying to reach out to people who are like me not people just buying into a fad. None Taken. Considering it is a rough sketch I would assume so haha. Since you managed to post a sketch i'm sure you saw the actual watches. With all designs come rough sketches.
  10. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Haha yes I have quite a few watches, It seems that since I am new to the forum I cannot post pictures yet? Kind of a noob this forum is a bit different than the car forums I use. This is actually my second forum that I have ever posted on in regards to my watches. Not everyone has the same taste so I take no offense to anyone that speaks there mind. As a designer I am used to people not agreeing with my decisions. Each aspect of my watch is designed based off of design elements that influence me. Well Glad you at least like the case haha. As far as the patina I think that would take away from the luxury aspect of the watch brand. If all is successful I wouldn't be opposed to a patina style watch. Typically when you abbreviate something you remove all the vowels i've seen it done both ways this one just appealed to me more and is not used by every watch brand.
  11. Carpathia Watch Co.

    Hello, My name is Mark Para I am the founder of Carpathia Watch Co. from Chicago. I have spent the last year pursuing my passion for watches and design. Carpathia’s founder, designer, and watchmaker. I am a first-generation Polish-American, born in Chicago. A graphic artist by trade, I aspired to turn my lifelong passion for wristwatches into my main enterprise. I have designed watches for several other companies, and spent years collecting and restoring vintage timepieces. My love of antiques extends to my vast collection of watchmaker’s tools including an original 1920’s J.H. Rosburg watchmaker’s desk produced in Chicago. About Carpathia Watch Co. Carpathia Watch Co. represents the return of the luxury watch brand to Chicago and strives to create distinctive timepieces that embody tradition and cultural influence for a new era. Taking inspiration from this diverse, world class city our watches are versatile yet timeless. Every Carpathia watch is designed and assembled in America, influenced firmly by our European roots, with a Swiss movement at its heart. I am a lifetime watch enthusiast as well as a relentless discoverer and renovator of vintage watches. With years of experience in restoration, I resolved to leave his mark on the world of fine timepieces. At Carpathia Watch Co. we relish the hands-on experience of creating something personal and to create a watch that outlives trends, continuing to be handed down in tradition for years to come. At Carpathia Watch Co., we are craftsmen, artists, and watch aficionados. I began my lifelong affinity for horology as a child traveling through Europe and ogling watches through shop windows. If anyone in the family had an old watch laying around, I was sure to try and claim it for my own, slowly building a collection. Listening to the distinct tick of every watch with wonderment, I pondered the mechanical inner workings. At the onset of design, we knew we wanted our watch to be rooted in tradition but to reflect modern trends. We drew influences from those little known European watch brands I collected, as well as high end luxury watches. With understated elegance, high quality and simplicity, Carpathia watches are true originals. Our name comes from the Carpathian mountain range which traverses the land we originate from in the southern part of Poland. We wanted to embody in our product the overwhelming sense of beauty and inspiration we feel when we return home to the Carpathian Mountains. The breathtaking simplicity and grandeur. Our logo, the white stork, represents the concept of lifelong migration and is considered a sign of prosperity. I am currently working on our website and hoping to launch August of this year 2017. If you would like to view more of my watches please check out @carpathiawatches on instagram. We will be selling 4 limited edition watches called the Ascent. Color combos are as follows - Ascent Rose Gold - Ascent Chrome - Ascent Brushed Gold - Ascent Matte Black All Carpathia Ascents will be fitted with the following. - Automatic ETA 2824-2 Top grade movement - Domed sapphire crystal in front - Sapphire display caseback - 5 atm water resistant - Genuine leather straps with case matching clasps - sunburst dials - date window - 2 year limited warranty - Assembled by me We will have a limited number of 300 units to pre order. Each retail price will be 950.00 usd after our Kickstarter campaign. There will be discounted tiers on kickstarter which we have yet to decide.

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