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  1. fredwastell

    Sunday juniors post 1990

    Strap broke on original choice so, it is this one today
  2. I have a Conquest and it's weight and quality of bracelet, the look and feel are beautiful
  3. fredwastell

    One Shade of Grey

    I have a couple but this is my favourite
  4. fredwastell

    New arrival - and it took me 45 years to save up for it

    Fantastic - enjoy
  5. fredwastell

    Not sure I understand

    The SRPB46J1 which is bronze is £50 more than the SRPB41J1, which is blue. Try Lowry Jewellers in Northern Ireland for a good deal.
  6. fredwastell

    Thursday Wrist wear 21.06.18

    Back from Simon and working well
  7. fredwastell

    Wednesday Watches

    Time for this one
  8. fredwastell

    Tuesday Tickers 19.06.18

    That's a very old snake. This one for me today
  9. fredwastell

    Monday wrist attire

    A little outing for a favourite
  10. fredwastell


    I confess that I reject everything that brand stand for. Especially the watches, looking at that abomination.
  11. fredwastell

    Wrist-shot SOTC April 2018

    I second this opinion. I am still rueing the purchase of my early - near identical - purchases. Yours are real class.
  12. fredwastell

    Seiko dial changeover

    I do prefer the look now but does it now become a "franken" watch?? Just asking as I am not sure when the lines become blurred. On Seiko's the dial will include things like the movement to which it is attached. Could anyone comment please.
  13. fredwastell


    Have a great time - well earned
  14. fredwastell

    Friday's here again...

    What a piece of beauty that is - congrats The third of my newies of Wednesday
  15. fredwastell

    Incoming today

    It is really that they seem to be true to their heritage. They offer good quality; good value for money and a high level of originality. Mainly it is because they are beautiful to look at.

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