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  1. Hi, Can somebody please help me, I have been given an old Elgin from 1914 and it has a broken balance staff. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to find out which balance staff I need for it. it has this info on the Elgin watch site: grade total runs first yr last yr class size code jewels Adj/name ----- ----- ----- -------- ------- ----- ---- ------ ------ ---------- 290 564000 265 1903 1933 109 16s h3n6p 7j All help would be appreciated. Regards Pete
  2. Pocketwatch pete

    Fusee chain length

    Hi, i just wanted to find out if a replacment fusee chain needs to be the exact length or can it be longer or shorter,. I ask as my chain has broken but i have found someone who has one and it it is the exact width and hight, but it is a little smaller, my chain is 7 1/4 this one is 6 5/8. Thank You Pete
  3. Pocketwatch pete

    John Tope Online watch repair course

    Hi, I have found someone called John Tope at ticktock productions, who for £65 will send you i think is 4 dvd's plus manuals on how to strip and service pocket watches plus online help. he also does a free course of 6 very basic downloads which are only about 6 minutes long to give you a taster of what he offers. I just wondered if anyone has heard of him and would like your thoughts on it, Thank You Pocket watch pete
  4. Pocketwatch pete

    Help needed Fusee escape pallet damaged

    I will do thank you. Peter
  5. Hi, I recently bought an A. H Drinkwater watch on ebay that said it was working which it did it ticked a few times then stopped. I thought it might just be dirtyand tried to remove it from the case with terrible consequences, The fusee chain snapped close to the end and one of the pointed ends has broken on the Escape pallet. Is it possible to get an Escape pallet that would fit. I am going to try the fusee chain repair myself as shown on-line. All help would be appreciated. Regards Pete
  6. Pocketwatch pete

    Recta pocket watch mainspring problem

    Hi, sorry to have takem so long in replying but have damaged my right shoulder so bad am having to have an operation to replace it, as i have snapped 2 of the tendons and have little movement with it. Both watches have now gone to a better hometo someone who can give the the TLC they need. i will remember the info on the Waltham as i now own a couple which at the moment work. Regards Pete
  7. Hi Everyone, I own a Recta pocket watch, and a Lancashire watch company pocket watch and a Waltham P. S Bartlett 1883 size 18. All of them need new mainsprings which i am going to attempt. Can anyone advise me where i could get the m,ainsprings for them. Regards Pete
  8. Pocketwatch pete

    Newby to Pocketwatches

    I Forgot to add a Lancashire Watch company watch Prescot.
  9. Pocketwatch pete

    Newby to Pocketwatches

    Hi Everybody, my name is Pete i have just started collecting pocketwatches with the intention of repairing the to working order, For my first try it was so much fun trying to find screws that had fallen onto the floor and 3 cats running around as well, luckily i found them when the stuck to my elbows, the screws that is not the cats. I decided i would try on a none working smiths watch and what a surprise did not manage to do it but i did learn a lot. At the moment i have a Waltham Royal in 14k full hunter a new watch that i got 2 days ago a P.S Bartllet Waltham with a broken main springin a silver case a Burden Mainspring again i think a Recta with a definite broken mainspring 3 smithsand an unnamed ladies watch. I am just starting to make french polished solid oak cases for all of them after seeing some advertised on ebay. Does anyone now where i could get a mainspring for my Recta please as i am finding getting any or even the cor4rect one a bit complicated. Thank you all Pete

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