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  1. I love Jack Russells
  2. This is my point, Cartier produce lovely watches, but have nothing to do with what actually matters. Armani design the watches and use a reliable swiss movement. Whether they look as good is purely in the eye of the beholder. Watch snobs will tell us the Cartier looks better without opening their eyes first . I love watches for what they are. Do they keep correct time, do they look nice, are they reasonably durable. Occasionally I get a bit dumb struck by the name, but not to often
  3. Football hooligan
  4. I only ever wear this when time isn't important. It can take up to two minutes to figure out
  5. Yes, it's quite strange. A reasonably well off man with a good watch collection may well own Armani clothing etc, but see's the watches as rubbish. The reason for this is because Armani is a fashion brand, and NOT a watch brand. For some reason Cartier got through the net. I have examined few genuine Armani watches, and they appear to be of pretty decent quality. Most of them are made in Switzerland, and let's be honest, would the Armani brand be doing themselves any favours by selling crap ????????? Your right, it's brand snobbery !!
  6. I always pull the crown out of quartz watches when not being worn, and it advisable you take the battery out of a watch that is rarely or never worn. However, I recently bought a cheap quartz watch when I was drunk, and it was manufactured in the 80s. Not only has the battery not leaked, the watch keeps perfect time.
  7. Or Maurice Lacroix, and possibly Cartier perhaps A replica of the worlds most expensive watch ever sold isn't a bad edition, and to be honest I genuinely think it is a stunning looking watch. From a practical point of view, I already have two automatic Chinese watches and they keep great time.
  8. I have no doubt this subject has been discussed previously, but it's one worth discussing again. I wan't to use two watches I own as a good example. Recently I purchased a two year old Tissot PRS200, which has probably been worn most days of it's purchased life. I also own an eleven year Accurist of a similar style which I bought from new and wore nearly every day for 9 years whilst carrying out a very physical and dirty job. Both are quartz, both have a metal strap. The Tissot has a sapphire crystal glass, whilst the Accurist has mineral crystal. The Tissot watch keeps perfect time, the face and crystal look like new, however the strap is quite badly worn, and the casing isn't great. The crown will completely come out if not careful, and the bezel was lose when I bought it. I am cleaning this watch up by polishing it and repainting the figures on the dial. The Accurist watch which is a lot older and been worn a lot more still looks great. The crystal isn't as good as the Tissot, but the face still looks new. It keeps perfect time, and the strap is in far better condition than the Tissot. In fact, apart from a few light scratches on the watch it is in better condition than it's far more expensive counterpart. The Tissot new would have been £380, the Accurist was £60. It just makes me think, what exactly do we pay for when we buy a watch. Is it time accuracy, is it looks, is durability, or is it the name ?????
  9. I have a friend with a Stuaer watch unlike the one in question, and to be honest it looks very nice, tells good time and he loves it.
  10. That actually means Bowels of the earth, so I presume you don't like them. I have extremely eclectic taste, and own a Nomos, a Tag, a Tissot, a few Seiko's and Citizen's. However, I am not ashamed to admit that I own various Chinese watches, and a selection of Indian refurbished jobs. Just like underpants I don't like to wear any watch twice in the same month, and I can't do that if all my watches cost a fortune.
  11. Not strictly true. Most Armani watches are Swiss, and the remainder Italian. I sold a friend's Armani for him and wish I kept is it in the end. It looked nice, the finish was nice, it weighed a ton, and kept perfect time. I think there is a bit of snobbery here to be honest. The reviews on the Stauer watches also tend to be good. There is a perception that everything that comes out of China is rubbish, but if that was true iphones would not be bought. I have two automatic watches with Chinese movements, and they both keep perfect time.
  12. That's a bit harsh, I have very this skin you know. Anyway, what is your answer to my dilemma, bearing in mind I don't have your vast wealth to invest in something more lavish ?
  13. It's a lovely watch, and exactly the type I would love to sell at a fat profit. Tell you what, I'll give yer twenty quid for it
  14. Due to the successful sale of a vintage watch, I now have the cash to make a small investment on a watch for myself. I have it down to two, albeit I am sure if it were your money neither would be in your shortlist. The first is an Armani, which originally had an MRP of £399 (which it probably never sold for). However, I can get a mint used one for under £50. The second is quite unusual. It is a Stauer Graves automatic watch. To my surprize Stauer is a chinese watch manufacturer but at the top end of. Generally speaking the reviews of these watches are very good. For those of you that don't know, the original Graves watch was made by Petek Phillipe and sold for over $22m. I would love both, but even with my haggling skills, I doubt will be able to stretch my budget. So which one ?
  15. First time on