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  1. Ok, I'd rather tell you...I'm an absolute ****!! pleaaaaase how do I share my pics after the pb collapse!!!!!!???
  2. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 16-7-17

    Up, my birthday brought some very interesting new additions. Down, PB prevents me from sharing them!!
  3. best watch posters....

    Same trouble as above...
  4. Seiko Modern Classics

    Love 'em all!!
  5. Friday!

    Still friday down here, and this gorgeus Junkers G-38 has just landed!!!!
  6. 4th July - 241 years and erm ... Trump ?

    Oh beautiful!! For gracious skies...
  7. Which is best? Your opinion please.

    A black Nato makes it more "astronautish"...
  8. Friday 30 June

    Great day of new arrivals!! starting with this one though.
  9. TUESDAY 27 6 2017 WAUW

    Double citizenship chrono for me today
  10. What's it worth?

    Philosophy and watches, I definitely like that!!
  11. What's it worth?

    I blush in shame everytime I remember the ammount I've "invested" on it...I could've bought it over and over...and over!!
  12. TOP THREE BRANDS... and why ?

    Seiko, as per above. Sinn, independence and research. IWC, elegance and tradition.