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  1. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    The one that started it all...should I be grateful??? mmmhhh...I should ask Clnl. Pogue perhaps!!
  2. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    Thank you!! It's been a very nice break from 35°C + temperatures!!
  3. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    Not only I got to know personally a forum friend, but I was also able to collect one of the crown jewels of my collection, so doubly prized!!
  4. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    Glad to have a forum friend happy!! And try a NATO!!
  5. Monday WRUW

  6. Pilots Bezel.

    Didn't know it had a name...just a shot glass witn a thin nail sticked upside down...used to fill my Zippo after checking!!
  7. Pilots Bezel.

    In light aircraft, manual fuel calculation is done with an extremely complicated piece of...hardwood, surprinsignly similar to a ... painted stick!! And yes, climbing to the wing and checking the level visually, gives you an extra "pheeeww" factor...
  8. Seiko Turtle PADI

    Mine, modded by the best!!
  9. Pilots Bezel.

    Knob on the left makes it a tad easier. I went through basic flight training and the E6-B was a must in navigation lessons. Presently, I use this one just for currency conversions.
  10. Saturday 10th February watch parade

    Sunny Saturday over here. Again.
  11. It's Friday again!

    Friday still!!

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