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  1. Blue Face Watch Options

    Two workhorses that match with almost everything...steel, rubber, canvas, leather...you name it!!
  2. Friday 24th November watches

    Back to it's original bracelet now. HAGW to all!!
  3. IWC Portofino... Any Love ?

    I had the chrono version, but being a terrific piece, it was a tad too classy for me...no lume, just 30 mtrs w/r...so, believe it or not, I traded it in for another IWC (I really love the brand)...rather different...radically!!
  4. Thursday 23rd November Automatics

    Quick change before strapping myself to the grinding machine for God knows how many hours...
  5. Thursday 23rd November Automatics

    Yesterday's pic postponed
  6. Wednesday 22nd November Quartz

    The one and only...
  7. how do you pick your watch

    Oh, of course, state of mind is crucial, so I don't buy if I'm...eerr...asleep I think covers it all...
  8. how do you pick your watch

    As a matter of fact, I haven't been able to work out how that amazingly complex subconscious process goes under way...and I don't think I really want to either... Just a fair number of musts: Automatic or mech...save a few costly exceptions... 50 mtrs w.r. at least. Decent lume. Calendar, single, double, center hand...
  9. how many is enogh

    Just one short of the number I own...and as I don't really remember that number (nor I want to either)...
  10. Damn you RWP

    Must: a. Calendar. b. 50 mtrs. at least. c. Decent lume. Not necessarily on that order.
  11. Outrageous Watches

    It is!! I mean, it was...but 44 is as far as I go...this one's 46 going easily on 47...
  12. Box and Papers

    Love'm...use plenty of space though...

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