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  1. Longines Hydroconquest advice

    The Hydroconquest must be one of the most versatile "entrance level" top brands of the Swatch group produce. Has been the workhorse of Longines for years, and you'll find out it looks just perfect on bracelet, leather strap, rubber or NATO!!
  2. Inebriated Incoming

    Mmmhhh yeah, scarcely in the past I might've been somewhat deprived from my full senses...
  3. Real or tribute?........

    I really like Steines, particularlly those less similar to the crownies, such as the Odissey GMT. What actually concerns me most is if they are actually the quintessencial "germanasian"...
  4. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    More than 40 years in first line production. This one dates back to the mid-80s, my favourite decade.
  5. 'Battle of Britain Day'

    My humble admiration an everlasting homage to those heroic few!! Reading "Pathfinder" by Air Vice-Marshall Bennet right now, by the way!!
  6. Breitling on strap or bracelet?

    Another pic, with the Cockpit aka Galactic 41 on rubber strap.
  7. Steinhart 39mm

    Half Tudor, half crowny.... gorgeous!!
  8. I think both look nice. The strap is the original (hence a bit worn out) "rubberized" (I don't know the precise term) leather with bright yellow inner face starting to peel of a bit. The bracelet is the classic S2506 with assymetric links. Gave me a very hard time fitting it, it's millimetically tight!! So, which one you like most??
  9. Second vote for the Airfix!! If you don't get it properly assembled, at least your fingers'll be covered with glue, thus helping you prevent touchin your watches!! And they are awesome!!
  10. Friday!

    National holiday this weekend, and spring almost here!!
  11. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 14/09/2017

    Standards what??

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