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  1. Ups: my son has just finished his studying period in Reading and he's heading home!! Second up: he knows his father is a Watch Maniac so he just MIGHT pay a visit to watch finder. Down: could you ever feel down if your son is coming back to dad??
  2. Congrats!! Me, I'm a Sinn-er...
  3. Superquartz as well, MINUS thw tempting emergency beacon...
  4. Hydroconquest 41
  5. It's a question of choices: no un-dated piece enters my box!!
  6. 6 looks clear and precise!!
  7. Love the reflection on the faceted cristal...
  8. Story of my life...aviation is my other passion, but you just can't carry a different aircraft everyday As a matter of fact, I think I still suffer a little bit of every single stage...
  9. Just won't come down!!
  10. Friday still round this chilly places!!
  11. Well, at least there's two of us stranded in the doubt...allow me if I quote Wristwatch Annual 2017, pp. 220: The Richemont group, owner of Montblanc, has placed great trust in its "daughter" company, the little manufacture Minerva...the Minerva Institute serves as a kind of think tank for the future, a place where young watchmakers can absorb the old traditions and skills...In the summer of 2013, Jerome Lambert, from sister brand Jaeger Le Coultre took over the presidency and focused the brand on the top and lower price segments..." End of goes Montblanc, in comes Minerva???!!! Wow!! that's exciting!!
  12. I recently operated with watchfinder and I'm mighty satisfied!! And yes, they do provide you the original papers (if they exist) AND a second set of papers in order to register the operation number and the particular guarantee they provide their customers.
  13. Meaning that...??? Leaves Richemont or stops watch production???
  14. 18+ years and running great!! When I just bought it, I was told about the actual cork seal it carries plus being monobloc, it became my official "diver" for quite a while...until I learned it's a mere 30mtrs...
  15. Ibid