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  1. Nice watch I've never heard of them I'll have a look at them to i think
  2. Some tempting Vostok's.

    The top one is very nice .had a look around the net they seem to be discontinued which is a shame
  3. If I knew you was going to do the draw that way I would have posted you a peice of steak with my name on .well done to the winner nice strap
  4. The watch will be around ( for sale ) for a long time elo won't
  5. Pick me a Seiko

    Sumo for me too
  6. It will soon be Christmas!

    Just having family and friends round for me best Day Of the Year
  7. Watches in the wild

    If I see a watch I like I always comment just a simple nice watch they talk or they don't. but I also do it for other things if I see a woman with nice hair i don't stop and talk ill say just nice hair it always gets a smile never a negative reply because I'm just giving a complement.I do the same with bikes and beards
  8. medical question

    My wrist swells later in the day the other one swells in the morning
  9. Surprise gift from the USA

    That's a nice looking watch . Good of you jaydeep well done
  10. How too

    Cheers for the reply the part I'm worried about is handling the screws with them being so small as I've got sausage fingers . I'll take it to the jewlers i think . Yes it's a stapcot
  11. Just received an end mill for my sumo and I need to take some links out how do I do it I've seen the tiny screws do I just take them out and remove the links .Is it a fiddly job or simple
  12. New shoes

    Keep it clean this is a watch forum
  13. Generational Thinking

    My phone cost £100 i put £20 a year on pay as you go and still have credit left it ain't been switched on for six weeks . So I'll have the watch i think
  14. I always know what's inside battery or auto it dosn t bother me

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