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  1. Mines about 3 ft from the window its never stopped
  2. First Seiko

    Nice watch and congratulations on having the nadds to tell the wife you didn't like the other watch
  3. Obris Morgan landed

    Lovely mate enjoy
  4. Lume......just the hands.

    I do a lot of biker rally's which is normally in a field in the middle of nowhere so it quite handy for me . I always wear my citizen which is fingers only and have no problem telling the time that's if I can see my arm after a night on the juice let alone the watch
  5. Order of things.

    I do the same thing . I had saved £280 towards my next watch then my car broke down on holiday last week how much did it cost to repair you guessed it £280 exactly unbelievable
  6. New Arrival 14th September!

    The way this country is going its probley gender neutral I like these too very nice looking watch
  7. Arrival of the Blue Lagoon

    Nice watch lovely colour
  8. Tuna marine master for me ( unless I change my mind again ) but that will be sometime next year hopefully .It will probably be a couple of years before I buy another after that though ( unless I change my mind again )
  9. Those Fickle Ladies

    My wife wouldn't wear a watch because she has tiny wrists so I brought her a times indiglow and she loves it . now she wears a watch I offered to buy her a half decent one no I'm happy with this and when it breaks I'll have another one was the answer
  10. That was supposed to be mwc
  11. I'll say 5 6 and a 1/4 the Mac g10 guards like everyone else said
  12. Nice collection you've got there
  13. My Japanese watches..

    Nice collection you've got there
  14. I do it with most things . I always spend a grand more on a car than I set out to

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