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  1. Ging

    Choose a single Seiko

    Sumo for me I've got the blue and black i used to have aspirations to own more expensive watches but I've found a watch i love and don't feel the need to buy any thing better . I suppose that sounds a bit strange to some it feels strange to me
  2. Ging

    Which watch!

    If buying used ask if it has been serviced. It is something to take into consideration when buying expensive watches and keeping it for a long time they do need to be serviced. Not sure about costs and intervals some on here will know more about this
  3. Wear one in rotation all the time you will have enough room then
  4. Ging

    Vinyl revival?

    they have come back in fashion lot of the young are buying them again they are getting sick of downloading and having nothing to show for the money .they still down load but buy the album's they like so I'm told by the young lady at work
  5. Ging

    CW C65 Trident Diver

    That's lovely
  6. With me it's dive watches i never looked at the till I joined here .bostok is another cheep feeling watch but I love it I'm where I want to be for quiet a while still a lot of watches I desire but can't justify any more for now
  7. Ging

    New hobby?

    My other hobby is bikes and trikes I've got one of each . I've just sold a couple of watches to go towards another bike but only because its totally under priced its off a guy at work it hasn't been on the road for 18 months and can not be arsed to mot it then have tyre kickers coming to looking to buy it .so he just wants to get rid .It's not even a bike i really like I've had one before and wasn't keen ( xj r 1300 ) so I will sell it but I'm going to buy a bike i want .if it wasn't such a bargin i wouldn't have sold but it's to good to turn down so I've sold three i don't wear very often .
  8. Ging

    My first custom modded Seiko

    That's come out nice .well done
  9. I might have a go at this i don't do jars i always make.my own . I don't do as many as I used too but i would have to leave the peppers out as I can't stand them cooked love them raw though .where i live my corner shop would have all those ingredients
  10. Ging

    RX7 track day

    Good thread love this kind of stuff I done a couple of days back in 2003 at donington on my fire blade good day but totally knackered at the end of it
  11. Ging

    Show us Your Tools!

    My wife would love you she has obsession with tractors
  12. I just like the look of mine plus watching it go around if I'm honest but I do use my divers to time things li!e parking ect
  13. Ging


    Very nice lovely color combo
  14. I'm not really a fan of Rolex maybe because I'll never be able to afford one but that has really caught my eye . I agree about the tudor looking cheap but as others have said its probabley a bad picture I would be surprised at any tudor looking cheap
  15. I've brought a black and a blue Sumo of these guys good service good communication and delivered in 5 to 6 working days . Imo the black one is the nicer looking watch but the blue isn't far behind

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