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  1. Any hands but white !

    Some of that tartan paint would be lovely
  2. Crown Action.

    The best winding action I've experienced was on the latest Omega SMP, but I really only have a two others to compare it to - Orient's in house Bambino movement and ETA 2824-2. Both the Orient and ETA made some sort of sound when being wound and you could feel a bit of resistance as, but nothing to cause worry. The SMP on the other hand was silent and smooth as can be - really felt like excellent quality.
  3. Do I or Don't I?

    Yep, for the auto. It was on Amazon but it was one of their deals for just a day or so. Register on Keepa https://keepa.com and start tracking the watch. You should be able to see a price history. I can't check mine at the moment because I'm at work and don't know my password off the top of my head! There's no telling when/if it will be reduced again so you have to track and be patient!
  4. Do I or Don't I?

    I've been tempted a couple of times by this one, Rob. It's on my Amazon wish list and the price hovers around £380 last I checked. However, I track the price using 'Keepa' and it does, on occasion, come down to £250 but just for a day or 2. The good thing with Keepa is that you can set it up to ping you an email when the price drops to what you specify.
  5. Never seen on the wrist

    I haven't seen a Grand Seiko in the wild, or even in a show room for that matter. Probably just as well though.
  6. Making a Profit.

    Same here - I've kept a fairly accurate record of watch purchases including what I paid, how much I saved if I got a discount/preowned and what it sold for if flipped. I just have 3 watches at the moment but it always surprises me how many have come and gone (in quite a short time frame...) when I look back! At the moment, I'd be looking at breaking almost even if I sold up and that's fine with me
  7. Affordable Divers.

    My choice from the list would be the CW but I own it, so am biased Could be had quite a bit cheaper used, or in one of their many (many) sales. That's really nice. Is the orange bezel a mod?
  8. Postman has been.

    Looks great congrats on your win!
  9. New arrival.

    Great choice @Toddy101 and it suits the leather strap well. The bracelets are also very good however the only negative (in my opinion) is the polished centre links. The C60 is my favourite watch and it's currently being regulated by @simon2 Enjoy
  10. Steinhart 39mm

    Looks good to me too lose the cyclops and it's spot on
  11. Obris Morgan landed

    Very nice indeed. Great presentation and the watch looks to be in excellent condition. Good buy - enjoy
  12. Happy Birthday Kevin

    Happy birthday - all the best
  13. Black stain on skin from metal watch strap

    I had this happen once with a metal bracelet I had polished with a cape cod cloth. The polishing cloths produce a black residue when you're using them and some had got in between the links. Clean it with some warm soapy water and soft toothbrush - like the kind you get for children
  14. The New Obris Morgan Infinity

    Plus you have to consider potential duty costs

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