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  1. My first custom modded Seiko

    Looks the business Where did you source the dial, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Watch Winder Question

    Yeah I can believe that - they look very good quality. I could put up with the blinking LEDs for that collection You could consolidate into one unit and it would only cost you $18K. Unfortunatly you'd need the 24 case to fit them though. If you dropped down to 12 you could get one for $9K
  3. Watch Winder Question

    Must be quite noisy in that room
  4. Easter Tuesday offerings

  5. What did you pay TOO MUCH for.

    Yeah sorry @RWP that is awful That magnifier... At the time of purchase I didn't know alot about watches (and still don't really) and thought I got a good deal on this at £1400 down from £1600. In hindsight I probably overpaid for what it's worth. It turned out faulty and had to go back, but I may still get another, only this time I'd buy used.
  6. Bulova moonwatch

    Seen a video that mentioned that. Can't say I understand why Must admit I'm tempted too...
  7. Good Friday WRUW

    An ever-reliable Casio
  8. Best watches at Baselworld?

    Great minds and all that
  9. Best watches at Baselworld?

    I was pleased to see this appear on the Rolex site. Pretty much my perfect watch. Oyster Perpetual 39mm
  10. The second hand is there - I think it's just hard to see because it's moving when the picture was taken. You can see the (opposite) end of it between the 2 and 3 o'clock marks
  11. Tuesday tickers

    Nice one Looks good and I reckon it would suit a leather or nato strap aswell as the bracelet
  12. Compressor Watches

    What about one of the Seiko 5? I think they're a lesser known model in the range. SRPB27K1 Infact, here's one on the bay for £90 plus delivery. Has make an offer too so you'd maybe get a lucky Not my auction btw
  13. Full Metal Casio

    https://gearpatrol.com/2018/03/02/g-shock-gmw-b-5000-d-1/ A new steel Casio coming out in April at a hefty ~$600 and Bluetooth connectivity. I really like the plain steel version, but just couldn't justify that price tag. Or could I?... I'm sure I could find a reason.
  14. Cheapest you'd go.

    That second hand looks bang on the mark . Seen watches well into the 100s that don't! A bugbear of mine

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