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  1. According to those instructions it's aparently also recyclable
  2. End of part one

    Boris Johnson?
  3. New in - KarlsKrona Nordic Shield

    Looks great and I think it suits the nato well
  4. Guess from Odd Angles

    I'm going to go with your Accurist Clerkenwell because of the domed crystal, mesh bracelet and drilled lugs
  5. HEADS UP ,,,, Jura Sale

    Thanks for the heads up @JonnyOldBoy. The Grand Seiko Quartz with almost 1K off is tempting, it's just a shame it wasn't the white dial one
  6. Sushi watch, anyone?

    His love interest would have to be Sushi Galore
  7. Sushi watch, anyone?

    James Bond's next watch?
  8. Wow, is that a genuine Jaragar?
  9. New watch

    I was wondering if I missed the clocks going forward
  10. TAG Aquaracer winding problem solved

    That's a real shame BonZa. The exact same happened to mine. Sorry to hear it's reoccured. I fought for quite a while with the retailer and eventually ended up with an exchange for another watch and subsequently a refund after further cock ups. I'm not sure about consumer protection where you are, but I was able to argue that the watch was faulty from the outset. Don't quote me on this but as far as I remember Consumer Rights in the UK state that if you report the fault within 6 months of a purcahse, then you can argue that it was faulty at time of purchase. After that the opposition can argue it was fine when they sold it and you caused the damage. I reported my faulty watch 5 months in. The retailer gets one chance to fix it, which they had in my case. It became faulty again shortly after I got mine back so I argued it was unfit for purpose and agreed to exchange for a Seamaster 300 with more money from me, obviously. They obliged and probably would have made a bit on the sale because (presumably) the TAG would have been sent back as faulty good. They didn't have the size I wanted in store (the ~40mm one) so I agreed they posted it to me. The whole thing was put though as a new transaction as if I'd bought a watch with store credit. They sent me the watch and it was the wrong size. By this point I was so fed up with them I just sent it back to be refunded which I think was only possible because it was treated as a new sale. A mistake on their part, possibly? Hope you get it sorted!
  11. Good looking G-Shocks

    I like the square models. I have a GW-M5610-1ER but it's hardly used to it's full durability potential. Here it is rather close to a hammer. Dangerous stuff! Did I wear it to put up a few pictures? Maybe.
  12. New watch

    What did you do to them?
  13. Genuine white dialled "allrounder" ?

    That's a beauty! Considering one myself at the moment. Probably the only quartz I would consider.
  14. Seiko Green Monster SZSC005

    Mmm nice... but that cyclops would be coming straight off!
  15. "Tag" watches

    That's an easy one! Behold, the doric dictionary http://www.doricdictionary.com/all-words/

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