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  1. Tudor reborn......

    Looks great Jonny I learned the hard way too and now always buy a watch on SS given the choice rather that buy it further down the line.
  2. Tuesday Wrist Wear 21.11.17

    SKX007J1 on a new strapcode bracelet that just arrived today. Slightly worrying, the watch stopped halfway through the night and I couldn't get the watch to start this morning
  3. Rolex explorer 2

    Chas I can't say from a Rolex owner perspective, but I had a very similar sounding problem on a TAG I owned. Turned out it was the reverser wheels locking which caused tension in the crown when winding.
  4. Options on size

    Agree with Rob. I think the watch head is fine too but not keen on seeing the nato strap at the side. Might look better using the 'down under' method as described here by the rather irritating Archie Luxury.
  5. Beater?

    Well touch wood you got a good one
  6. Beater?

    Great watch Jonny Owned that one myself for a while until it went faulty, unfortunately. Would jump at a mega deal on it too.
  7. Thursday Autos.

    Obris Morgan Infinity. Recycled pic
  8. CW release Bronze

    Love the bronze Trident! I know it's always said, but if only they had a different logo The 'old' one, or what they're using on the Rapide's would be perfect.
  9. Whats your diver watch strap size

    Subtle advertising https://www.fiftyfourwatch.com/product-page/vintage-6217-8000-modified-seiko-62mas-pre-order PLEASE SEND YOUR CONTACT NUMBER FOR SHIPPING TO SOPHY@LEGENDWATCH.CN
  10. 'Longines 5 Star Admiral' - info please?

    Thanks for the information @gimli. It is indeed gold plated and is listed as being immaculate. As far as I can tell, it's a gents watch but I haven't seen it in person or spoke to the seller yet but I will do after I've probed the knowledge of TWF
  11. Hi folks, I've seen a watch that I am considering as a gift for someone however there's very little info listed about it other than it's a 'Longines 5 Star Admiral'? I have done some searching but haven't turned up anything of use. Has anyone seen one like this before or know some more details on it? What year is it from, it's movement and perhaps a very rough ball park figure one would expect to pay for one? Thanks in advance!
  12. What the best sub-£100 divers watch?

    Casio MDV 106 "Duro" is worth a mention in my opinion. You get 200m resistance, screw-down crown/caseback, uni-directional bezel and decent lume. All for approx £45.
  13. Tuesday Tickers 24/10/17

    New Obris Morgan again for me today. It's a big hefty watch and the build quality is amazing. It's on the very very edge of too big for me though. Time will tell whether it's a true keeper.
  14. Simon2 Watchmaker

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Simon.
  15. Monday 23rd Oct Watch Parade

    What better way to start a week with a day off and a new watch Obris Morgan Infinity

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