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  1. Watches, torches, and Lume.

    Here ya go Rog. Just press a button and it will tell you the time. Available from RNIB. I've always thought this was a brilliant idea for people with sight problems.
  2. HiFi ..

    Its a well known fact that I am daft .
  3. WRUW - Wednesday, March 7

    My Gallery subscription had expired hence photo is at the time I took it.
  4. Keefies Krap.

  5. HiFi ..

    If it aint running on valves you are all listening to sh*t, just saying like .
  6. Omega last man on the moon LE

    The leader of an undiscovered tribe in the Amazon Jungle just said to his mate ' I just knew Jonny would pick up on that '.
  7. Omega last man on the moon LE

    Surely, JonnyOldBoy, they were accurate in the environment of the wrist they were bolted to, i.e. on the fekin Moon. I feel pretty sure the guys up there at the time would have got a time check from mission control and adjust accordingly, IF at all required.
  8. Boy Scout WIS

    Well I've been on one watch a month since last November. This Month is Planet Ocean Month and I will wake up to the 29th, if I wake up. If I do wake up I will risk the exertion of setting the date. If I wake up .
  9. What have your Watches survived?

    Thank feck for that. I've just read through this thread and was questioning my sanity or wtf had my missus put in my dinner.
  10. Fixt that for ya Rog.
  11. None Barmy Question.

    Exactly this.
  12. why some CAN afford that luxury watch....

    Are you sure about this Rog ?
  13. Approach to numbers.

    I get this all the time. I work with people with learning difficulties , some, shall we say, get a tad exited !. I've been clobbered on the wrist many times, I always sit behind the driver and next to the client. It must bloody hurt whacking a Planet Ocean but hey its a watch and its there to be worn in my book, regardless of cost. Anyhoo back on topic. For those who go by the amount of slots in the box, you need one more for the wrist .
  14. Thursday Automatics~8th. February.

    Brilliant composition rafy, I really must stop gushing on about your photos lol.

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