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  1. Ups and down on TWF W/E 6-8-17

    Downs. If anyone has noticed my absence from posting during the last couple of weeks ?. This has been due to having 2 new service users in a transition period, I'm absolutely cream crackered. I have been working 14 hr shifts to help these folks settle in and my brain is fried. Ups. Half a day off today, woopie doo. Normal service to be resumed soon I hope.
  2. Skeleton Watches

    Vile things, kill em all with fire .
  3. Do certain watches grow on you?

    Nope !. Just as a starter for ten
  4. Your best watch.

    @graham1981 Blimey I was looking at said same Rollie a couple of hours ago, nice piece mate.
  5. Do certain watches grow on you?

    Far be it for me to suggest you investigate modding them .
  6. Your best watch.

    Stonking photo there Phil .
  7. Do certain watches grow on you?

    Me neither as it stands, I would lob a different bezel on it. Anyhoo I was just trying to plonk a watch on your wrist before you have a shortlist of seventytwelve quintillion .
  8. Do certain watches grow on you?

    Somewhere around here I've no doubt that your budget has been mentioned. However, if you keep looking on tinterweb at enhanced pictures, reading reviews blah blah blah you will end up not knowing if your behind has been punched or drilled !. Bonding with a watch ?, well in my honest opinion that's a complete load of rowlocks, usually touted by peeps who shouldn't have bought the bloody thing in the first place but need to justify buying it because they took a flyer. All in my honest opinion you understand . So here you go, buy this for a meagre 50 odd quid, if you don't like it or cant 'bond' with it, I will buy it off you ok ?. Vostok Watch Amphibian Classic 100916 This is a ' you cant lose' flyer . Deal is off if you decide to look on Meranom's site and go for a 110 cased amphibian, because they is ***** lol.
  9. Strange accuracy......

    Yeah but yeah but Rog. With your track record of changewatchitis this exercise will be ruddy pointless because unless you wear it constantly for said 'week' the movement will be running under different conditions. Picking it up and giving it a whirl every few hours is a different kettle of fish to on the wrist. Anyhoo by the time a week is up you will have raped amacon of a couple more watches and the Victorinox will have stopped .
  10. 3 new arrivals today

    Pretty much what I was going to post last night but being totally honest here, I couldn't be fagged and hit the feather !. But I would go one further. Keep the SMP, shunt the CWs back, then re-think.
  11. 'Tuesday Timepieces' 11 July, 2017

    Still this since Saturday, lost 2 seconds in 3 days, what a pile of junk ! .
  12. Saturday 8th July

  13. Keefies Krap.

  14. P1010009 (3).JPG

    From the album Keefies Krap.