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  1. Mafws Game

    SMILE. Slow movement is less effort. SLEEP.
  2. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    Rockalula thanks me luvvlies .
  3. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    Old pic, had this on since Sunday..... Cant find a preview post button. Are we now on read properly before posting or you have sh*t out of luck, lol.
  4. One thing price doesn't alter.....

    Be interesting to see the reveal as there have been loads of different VRs.
  5. One thing price doesn't alter.....

    Nope. It turns up when it turns up. So you are a Valli fan then Rog ?.
  6. At a loose end

    Use a hot blade/scalpel. Basically you will be cauterising/melting the nylon threads together. Its a faff and you may have to carefully scrape off any residue. Place a 2p piece or what have you on the strap and away you go. . Always assuming your nato is nylon ?.
  7. Have I missed something

    Have to say how polite and diplomatic that reads.
  8. Plus of course your love of rubber . Took me a month of Sundays but I think I'm in.
  9. Have I missed something

    Cant find the quick scroll goto top/bottom of page arrow. Can I have it back please Roy ?.
  10. Have I missed something

    The use of the word reacted, for example, xxxxx reacted ! in the notifications is a bit meh. I read reacted and instantly thought oh fnuk now what have I said
  11. Shall I check to see if I can blow you a kiss
  12. Have I missed something

    Software update and stuff. I literally just had to re-start my pooter for a windoze update and then went to log in, thought I had gone to the wrong forum lol. Quite like the new layout, some maybe wont but as with everything time is a great healer .
  13. Mafws Game

    Humbugs CHEAT...... Cant help eating apple turnovers. Wrench's PROOF...... People retaliate often on facebook. FIGHT.