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  1. Watch Pics with Other Things.

    Unfortunately this is generally the case and I'm as guilty of this as many, however. Many moons ago a long departed friend who was a semi-pro photographer frequently advised ' always look around the viewfinder when composing a shot before you pull the trigger '. To this day I 'think' I've done that but still come unstuck. This is the beauty of digital mind, that delete button is a ruddy godsend.
  2. Shall I, Shan't I ?

    Sunglasses time If I could have got the strap in bright yellow it would have gone on in a trice.
  3. Shall I, Shan't I ?

    There's a clue on the dial . Go for it Alan.
  4. Song Titles Game

    Smoke on the Water / Deep Purple.
  5. Song Titles Game

    Fire and Water / Free. In reply to Biker.
  6. Song Titles Game

    I've got the music in me / The Kiki Dee Band.
  7. Song Titles Game

    Music / John Miles.
  8. Song Titles Game

    Straight Lines / Suzanne Vega.
  9. Song Titles Game

    Behind the lines / Genesis.
  10. Song Titles Game

    White Rabbit / Jefferson Airplane.
  11. Song Titles Game

    Lol, no !. Tears on my pillow / Johnny Nash ( amongst others ).
  12. Song Titles Game

    Tears are not enough / ABC.
  13. Struggling to decide

    @Caller.Lol nice post Phil. Same goes for me too. I've always thought the aquaplaner a 6 of one half a dozen of nothing design. Not keen on't rollie either.
  14. Song Titles Game

    High Hopes / Pink Floyd.
  15. Song Titles Game

    Ode to my family / The Cranberries.

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