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  1. SWAMP Surly wasps attack most people. WASPS
  2. SLACK Skinflints lust after cheap Kaolin. BOWEL
  3. You were robbed
  4. Alternative version at chez leberkase. 'Is that a new watch ?' Aye and what the feck has it got to do with you . Seriously now, I'm a lucky sod I guess as my polly never gives me gyp about anything I buy, regardless of cost. As far as watches are concerned she does grab incomings before I get chance and bolts them on her wrist for a look see.
  5. I bet that little lot cost you all of £ 4.27p. Prefer your choice of trousers, you are Michael Portillo and I claim my £5 .
  6. As a starter for 10 probably the best bang per buck out there and well under half your budget, you could buy 2 and keep one on the bracelet. Auto hand wind and hacks.
  7. Give us a brief sotc save duplications, maybe .
  8. Howdya mean, like threading them through from the underside when you start .
  9. Just go woven/perlon type ( no tang holes ) NATO, only take you 30 secs to fit when you change watches half way though corrie . All mine fit, bracelets come off as soon as watch arrives.
  10. The day when I have half a dozen Rolex Cosmograph Daytonas to choose from, breakfast in bed is brought up to me by Nina Hossain stark rollock naked and my Aston Martin has got back from a service so the Ferrari can have a break. Unfortunately many a true word and all that.
  11. FATTY Forgot about taking tablets yesterday ! PILLS
  12. Perfect, subtle but straight to the point
  13. Don't ffs change your watch until the adverts @SBryantgb Methinks a sig change is in order
  14. Good stuff Scott, enjoyed the read. Yeah, how did you summon the willpower walk out without that beauty. I'm on his website right now.
  15. I thought you were going to keep that minter Smiths, I recognised that baby this morning.