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  1. Chronos without three sub dials

    I've got a couple with 2 subdials:
  2. Tuesday timepieces

    Yes, I must admit that on the couple of occasions that I have left home without a watch I have felt somewhat unsettled. Almost like feeling naked. Come to think of it, I was naked
  3. Tuesday timepieces

    New in yesterday:
  4. More watch advice requested

    Direct from the Vostok factory shop. Meranom.com. First time I've bought from there. Everything went smoothly, paid by Paypal.
  5. Thanks for the positive comments I find the 39mm size wears nicely, a modern size with a vintage looking design. I also liked the Timex Marlin recently released and a vintage inspired Ingersoll?? that was recent showcased on the forum- I think Rog ( @RWP ) had that one. The crystal is a double domed crystal which helps with the vintage feel. Build quality and finish is up on older Vostoks as well. And it's still excellent VFM.
  6. More watch advice requested

    Just taken delivery of this today. A competitor to the Bambino but hand wind, no date. Well under your budget. Not gold (Ion Plating on stainless steel case). Available in non-IP stainless steel cases and different dial finishes. (Green dial available as well). Slightly smaller case than the Bambino at 39mm and has a double domed mineral crystal. I am impressed with the quality on this example, a big step up from their previous build quality.
  7. I had forgotten that I was expecting this having pre-ordered this from Meranom just before Christmas. I had tracked it until it had cleared customs in Russia 6 days ago so was pleasantly surprised when it was delivered, having expected it to take ages to clear customs: Vostok Classica 693B23. Stainless steel case, IP, domed mineral crystal, hand winding, calibre 2409A, 17 jewels. Black leather strap is acceptable at this price point, way better than the previous Vostok straps. I'll happily keep it on this OEM strap. Looks like cracking value for money and excellent service from Meranom. Other Classicas are available with different case finishes and different dial colours.
  8. Young Watch Sunday.

    Look on the Russian and Chinese watch section. Member @Sir Alan did a strip down and rebuild of a 3133 so may be worth a PM?
  9. Friday watches 16/2

    Thanks @Filterlab I love your Alpina too, very clean elegant aesthetic. I also know how well built and finely detailed it is from the experience of my own Startimer. Yours is stunning!
  10. Friday watches 16/2

    Alpina Startimer today:

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