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  1. I think I need new glasses I seem to be misreading so many things at the moment
  2. Wasn't going to post as usually Wednesdays are quartz days but seeing that we have the freedom to post non quartz watches today I can show my Glycine today. Keeping great time since I got it- has gained 15 seconds in 5 days:
  3. IMG_3618.JPG

  4. I have bought 3 watches from the classifieds on TWF: And I have been the recipient of 2 TWF members' generosity : And finally these purchases were directly influenced by my lurking on TWF: All in all it's been great fun to be part of TWF, but my wife will be around to have words with each and every one of the main instigators (you know who you are) Oh, and I forgot to add my latest purchase which was directly influenced by members on here- my Buran Poljot 3133:
  5. Buran Poljot 3133 2017

    From the album VC's Buran

  6. The Russians have arrived!!!

    Very nice, I like both What's the white square cut out of the dial between the centre of the dial and the word Komandirskie? Is it a day/ night indicator?
  7. Today I am mostly wearing......

    Wearing my new Buran today:
  8. Vince's Watches

  9. IMG_3604.JPG

    From the album Vince's Watches

  10. Which one to go for

    Ah, OK, I should learn to read
  11. Which one to go for

    Or it means "I don't care what others think and I buy what I like " By the way Longines do use ETA based movements throughout their range but give them their own calibre identification. I cannot speak for the Seiko in question but make sure you see the Hydroconquest in person as it appears very different in the flesh. It is very much a "pretty " diver style watch, which is fine if that's what you're looking for but may surprise you if you haven't seen one live. I personally like the Longines HC but make sure you get a discount. I cannot comment much on the Seiko but I do like them in general. I would have a look at both in the flesh and buy what you like best.
  12. Monday is for mechanical watches

    Got the Glycine on today (but still playing with the 3133 )