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  1. 21mm Lugs

    Hirsch do a wide selection of 21mm straps. Can be bought directly on line or seen in the flesh at many a watch shop.
  2. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    I bow to your poetic prowess, sir.
  3. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    Orient Flight taking over from yesterday's Vostok Komandirskie:
  4. IMG_3331.JPG

    From the album Vince's Watches

  5. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    Lovely. Reminds me of a Springboks rugby shirt!
  6. Blagged Four

    Many happy returns, Rog Lucky to get some new watches, seem to have survived the one hour out debacle Enjoy your day and look forward to enjoying your watches for many years to come.
  7. Need help on getting my first watch!

    Just to point out most modern silver coloured watches are stainless steel with polished and/ or brushed/ matt finishes. There is no plating involved and therefore no risk of any plating failing. I also recommend Orient from a personal point of view. They would make a great first watch with in house movements, but I like Seiko watches also, although I don't own one. Orient are part of the Seiko-Epson group.
  8. New in, bit of 'Oriental Indulgence'

    That is a very lovely watch. I have been keeping an eye on these for many months. In theory it has many aesthetic elements that would be challenging to make work, but I feel that the execution of the aesthetics is just right, producing a very pleasing effect. Me likey Enjoy wearing it and show it off from time to time- a good drool is helpful in keeping the salivary glands working tip top
  9. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    Crikey, is that the time? I'm running late
  10. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    Happy Freitag all. Normal temps resumed and the Komandirskie comes out to play. Have a great weekend!
  11. IMG_3327.JPG

    From the album Vince's Watches

  12. IMG_3323.JPG

    From the album Vince's Watches

  13. Quizzes

    Yep, just noticed it! Rather addictive!
  14. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    Not as hot today, so got a leather strapped watch back on: