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  1. Monday 16 Oct watch thread

    Many happy returns, Say. Sounds like a great day, and whizzing around Oulton Park should be fun
  2. Monday 16 Oct watch thread

    Orient Ray II today:
  3. IMG_3964.JPG

  4. Struggling to decide

    Nice position to be in I must say I like them both, and out of the Rolex range the Explorer would be my choice. But I too like Omega a lot and that Aquaterra is the bees knees. Take your time to mull it over as you are not going to pull the trigger immediately, handle both if possible and you'll come to a decision that's right for you. You may find you change your mind a few times Good luck!
  5. Incoming

    Very nice indeed. I have a blue Ray II but also really like its Mako sibling. I've often wondered about changing it onto a strap, thanks for showing it. The in house movement keeps really good time and its a pleasure to own so hope you enjoy your Mako in good health
  6. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    1960s Seamaster today:
  7. Sea-Gull 1963 Chinese Airforce :

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