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  1. Lovely... Would definitely go for a pre-owned SMP rather than paying £1300 in that particular Tissot in the original post.
  2. Got the Alpina on today. Running beautifully in the 4 weeks that I have had it.
  3. You're definitely in the right place if you think most watches look like each other. You'll get to see many different watches on the forum from cheaper than chips Chinese pieces to high horology watches. Check out the threads, and to see what's available- especially check out the daily wear threads where we have a look at what we are wearing that particular day. I have benefited greatly from this as a new member and have found it fun and educational. You'll soon get to appreciate the many varieties of watches and get to realise that there is a great variation out there. Have fun taking a look around the forum and good luck in finding a watch you like! In the meantime here are some of the Tissots in our family, not bought with investment in mind, bought just because we liked them:
  4. Ditto, I'm afraid.
  5. Lovely watch, and looking really good on a strap!
  6. Got the Amphibia on today:
  7. Yep, what he said
  8. Got this lovely little Lorus on today, courtesy of @Autonomous :
  9. Congrats on the result! At least you'll get to enjoy your C8 before I will.
  10. Only one titanium watch in my collection and a recent addition:
  11. Gorgeous gorgeous thing. I like it a lot. Enjoy wearing it
  12. Luckily I have incoming watches soon, so they may take the edge off the waiting. Still, it is a long wait
  13. Good thinking, I might just try that
  14. Simple and uncluttered: Back to Tissot. Hands have lume but not sure if lasts long in the dark. Or something more exotic like my modified Vostok Amphibia which has a clear easy to read dial, decent lume but I suspect the luminescence is not long lasting:
  15. My C8 Flyer arrived this morning, all well with it. However Mrs U has confiscated it until Christmas! What? Apparently I've been getting too many watches recently and it's my birthday soon so may be getting other incoming watch(es)