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  1. Unrealistic Expectations

    I don't understand how someone notices that unless they are into the watch hobby. It had never occurred to me to check how accurate my watch was until I joined the forum.
  2. Watches and a Sartorial Touch.

    I'm not sure I'd be able to get that glashutte of my wrist, great watch
  3. Saturday Watch Parade

    Oooo, more information about the flame tint sapphire crystal please.
  4. Chinese Fountain Pens

    They are called a fude nib and are used for Japanese calligraphy.
  5. Cheap Beater Diver

    My votes for Vostok although the Seiko and Apeks are good options as well. Not bad for a 35-50 pound watch
  6. Did anyone see bargain hunt?

    Found it, it's called a Weems Omega Here is some more information https://omegaforums.net/threads/medicus-cal-23-4sc-with-bezel-ring.6470/
  7. Did anyone see bargain hunt?

    I was actually just watching that as well, I think this is the watch. http://www.classicwatch.com/asp/howtoorder.asp?Where=(Ref%3D'rx0301')&User=76&ManCode=86&Model=Weems
  8. What I didn't get today.

    I actually like that, but it would be better without the chrono and date function. As well as moving the logo slightly to the right to balance out the sub dial at 9. Hopefully you can return it or sell it on with relative ease
  9. Have to say that I really watch and that the numbers being slightly rotated is interesting Now hopefully the price is something I can afford Good luck.
  10. Friday 28th July watch parade

    I'm gonna need a little help identifying this one Nice picture though
  11. Congrats @deano1956 and thank you @relaxer7 for the opportunity
  12. Speedmaster advice for a noob

    I'd probably go new myself if that was the price difference, after a service they will be a lot closer in price like you said. I personally wouldn't sell the box but that's just because I like having the watch box. Also you may have to sell it down the line in an emergency and the box will help you eke out a bit more money.
  13. Let us be stuck in our ways To be honest it doesn't really bother me which is used because I know what they mean Although using karat, carat and literally incorrectly annoy me.
  14. Seiko Lord Matic

    Actually ignore this part, already managed to disprove it. Sorry about that.
  15. Seiko Lord Matic

    Okay looks like I'm starting to get somewhere The Lord Matic had 3 base movements. The Seiko 51xx, 52xx, and the 56xx. The Lord Matic was made by both the Suwa and Daini factories. The Suwa factory used the 56xx movement from 1968 to 1976. The movement had either 23 or 25 jewels, and was 21,600 bph. The Daini Factory made use of the 51xx and 52xx movements. The 5106 movement was in production from 1967 to 1970 and was used in the Seikomatic-p. It had 33 jewels and was 19,800 bph. The 5146 was used in the Presmatic and had 27 or 30 jewels and was a 28,800 bph movement. In the Daini Factories the 52xx movements replaced the 51xx movements. The 5206 movement was in production from 1970-1976. It could have either 23 or 25 jewels and was 28,800 bph. Addressing the faceted crystal, it looks like the only factory to produce them was the Daini factory and the dial would have a cursive special on it. This part is speculation on my part but from all the photos I could find, all the faceted crystal Lord Matics had the Daini symbol and had the Special in cursive on the dial. I was unable to find any Suwa Lord Matics with the Special or the faceted crystal. If anyone can add to this i would appreciate it Sources: http://seikoholics.yuku.com/topic/12#.U1QnBFVdX6g https://www.watch-wiki.net/index.php?title=Seiko_5200 https://www.watch-wiki.net/index.php?title=Seiko_5100 https://www.watch-wiki.net/index.php?title=Seiko_5600

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