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  1. vwfan

    Seiko Kinetic

    Sorry, didn't know how to provide link, still trying to workout how to post photo's. Once again apologies.
  2. vwfan

    Seiko Kinetic

    Seiko SKA719P1 for £90.99 at Argos (if you can find stock)
  3. vwfan

    Steinhart GMT 39mm Blue/red

    Never had a Steinhart, nearly succumbed to OVM2 but resisted, safe now as they taper bracelets. Like PC-Magician saving for a Damasko (on a bracelet)
  4. vwfan

    The Urban Gentry.

    Easy enough watching but when he does his "watch check" always seems to be a Squale.
  5. vwfan

    Thursdays watch.

    Thank You, much appreciated. Time to start Googling
  6. vwfan

    Thursdays watch.

    Rotundos/Anybody Can you tell me the model number of that Seiko please?
  7. vwfan

    Seiko SKX007 vs Citizen NY0040

    I like the Citizen, I've got the Seiko but hardly ever wear it.
  8. vwfan

    Watch choice what influences you?

    Back on topic. Simple black face, numerals instead of indices, military/pilot look and ideally on a bracelet. Oh and 40-42mm sweet spot.
  9. vwfan

    I succumbed......

    Not normally a fan of white faced and patterned dials but that looks spot on.
  10. I used to subscribe to the "many" watches route, but looking over my 40 watches over the weekend I realist that I only wear 3 or 4 in rotation with the other odd one dug out for holidays/high day. Time for a clear out.
  11. Clay shooting, Torches, WW2 interest, Go figure
  12. vwfan

    Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 1/3//2018

    "artistmike" That's a nice looking Omega.
  13. vwfan

    Wenger quarts deal?

    Now at £62.50. Amazon must have the same computer programme as the airlines, bump the price up as soon as there is interest.
  14. vwfan

    'Found' my RLT69

    Nice military look. Just what I like in my watches

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