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  1. I took the nickname ' Westclox ' because i have some Westclox pocket watchs and i still love them . These watches are so simple to clean and lube , easy to repair . I don't know Ottawa but i know my cousin's wife has been to the university . Myself i've been in Toronto some decades ago at the CN tower but now i can't travel due to my back... spinal problems .. For your information, there's a westclox group in facebook if my memory is okay ;)... Have a nice evening .
  2. I have one but not in working condition since 20 years ..and the watch will stay in her juice . Too much complicated but i keep it for my futire collection .
  3. ...I'm from Québec ...However I don't know Glasgow .. French is my main language ;) have a great day Thank you " Caller " ;) No not at all ;)
  4. Thank you Roddy.
  5. Hello .. I'm a enthusiasm of the watches . love to wear them and collect them .. Frome Timex , Seiko Bulova and some others . i'm from Canada .