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  1. Timex electronic

    Thank you very much Margarets Dad ...
  2. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    Sorry to tell you that I do not smoke anything at all. Neither cigarette, nor anything at all ... and my vehicle sleeps outside even at - 40 celsius. On the other hand I have two Seikos. One dating from 1971 and the other mid-late 80's and I wonder what these two shows come as bright stuff .. If you could tell me what the needles contain as lume, I would be glad to know honestly if It is dangerous to wear them every day. Thank you beaucoup
  3. Old Watch Sunday (made before 1990)

    This one is nice but due to the lume on dial , unfortunately wearing it is dangerous . Love it ! .but they're expensives
  4. Timex electronic

    Hi, can i have the link for ' Randall Zadar of Cleveland Watch Repair ' please ? thanks in advance.
  5. Hello

    Thank you very much Tazmo .
  6. Watch Battery Info.

    Very informatice. thanks for sharing.
  7. Hello

    Thank you Mel for the welcoming...I didn't know for for ' GLEN ' ! now i know . thanks
  8. Hello

    First , thank you for the welcoming ...and Not at all, I only have the brand name as nickname, do not worry about it. I'm not here to promote it. On the contrary. As I said above, it is that I have some pocket watches of this brand. What I wear like watches, bulova, Seiko and a Citizen. However, I have hundreds of quartz watches more or less quality ... in the best, I have two Seikos quartz, one of which must be repaired but for lack of money for now, it will remain like that a bit of time
  9. Hello

    Indeed Chris, no relation between Westclocks and Westclox but I did not know there was a Westclocks company in Cornwall .. now yes
  10. Hello

    I took the nickname ' Westclox ' because i have some Westclox pocket watchs and i still love them . These watches are so simple to clean and lube , easy to repair . I don't know Ottawa but i know my cousin's wife has been to the university . Myself i've been in Toronto some decades ago at the CN tower but now i can't travel due to my back... spinal problems .. For your information, there's a westclox group in facebook if my memory is okay ;)... Have a nice evening .
  11. I have one but not in working condition since 20 years ..and the watch will stay in her juice . Too much complicated but i keep it for my futire collection .
  12. Hello

    ...I'm from Québec ...However I don't know Glasgow .. French is my main language ;) have a great day Thank you " Caller " ;) No not at all ;)
  13. Hello

    Thank you Roddy.
  14. Hello

    Hello .. I'm a enthusiasm of the watches . love to wear them and collect them .. Frome Timex , Seiko Bulova and some others . i'm from Canada .

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