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  1. My vote is for one like this. I had it reproduced from the original that was on a New York Standard. It came directly from the doughboy's widow. Hadley Roma did this one, but I've seen others on t'interwebs.
  2. Blue y-fronts?
  3. Small Arms School Corps band. A retired REME sent it to me with a drawer full of watches he had collected.
  4. That's what I did, but hated it because on backwards.[emoji2]
  5. I prefer this: With this: [emoji2]
  6. I have skinny wrists, so I have the opposite problem. Sizing everything small enough. It's actually a pain in the a**se. Rolex bracelets are the worst, because of they don't have enough sizing links to take out on the six o'clock position, so the watch will tilt away from you on your wrist. Leather straps are always too long.
  7. I use rodico. Put the jewel on the rodico cap side down, the cap will stick to the rodico and separate the two jewels.
  8. Here's our two philistines. Trixie Jeff
  9. It's a snap on back, you should be able to see a shoulder or ledge right the way round. I've change the batteries in loads of these watches. The backs are typically very tight (said the actress to the bishop[emoji3]).
  10. My favourite has to be a Submariner 5508 manufactured in 1959, that I stupidly let go. Now this is my favourite.
  11. It's this or the Wittnauer Super Compressor.
  12. My favourite, 1974 TR6.
  13. Thank you!
  14. New here, just wanted to say hello. been a watchmaker and collector for 27 years. Main interests are early and military watches.
  15. Wittnauer Super Compressor.