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  1. Still not getting the Photobucket image to upload. And I'll be darned if I can find the "edit" button you mentioned in the bottom left corner... OK, third time lucky...!
  2. Here goes...
  3. Hi everyone, I thought I had introduced myself a week or so ago, but can't see my message anywhere, so I guess I didn't! I'm originally from the UK, but currently living and working in Bangkok. My interests are vintage wrist watches and old pocket watches. Tom
  4. Thanks Roger, I guess I timed out 2 minutes ago! Too bad, on other forums I belong to you can edit your own posts (and even delete them) any time. Looks like I messed up my first photo upload too. Again, different set-up from other forums - I'm on a learning curve!
  5. Hi All, New to the forum, and this is my first post. My father gave me a vintage Elgin pocket watch many years ago. It never ran a full 24 hours on one wind. Knowing nothing about pocket watches I guess this is probably a weak spring. Anyhow, tha doesn't bother me - I never used it for keeping accurate time. But I want to get it cleaned up. Some dust particles are trapped between the crysatl and the dial face. Can anyone recommend a repairer (in the London area) who can do this? Many thanks BTW, how do you access your own posts to correct typos, or amend?
  6. Hello everyone, I have only just signed up to this forum. I live and work in Bangkok, but originally from London. Like P1505C, I'm also new to watches, but fascinated by their mechanics. My interest is more for vintage watches and antique pocket watches. Once I get the hang of it I wil post one or two pics.