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  1. Longevity of Watches

    My weekday choice alternates between a late 1950s Roamer and a 1986 Seiko. Can't moan at either for longevity.
  2. Timeless elegance

  3. Most comfortable bracelet or strap.

    About once every year, I take the leather strap off one of my watches and put it on the bracelet it came with. It looks jolly smart, if a bit blingy. Then two weeks later I remember why I swapped for leather, and put the bracelet back in the drawer for another year. A fraction of the weight, doesn't scratch (itself or other things), lies flat in my pocket if I take the watch off to do stuff (bath the dog etc) and can be adjusted to fit at will - leather every time for me. Although I do have one Zulu of which I am quite fond.
  4. I fear I am an anachronism. I always look at and judge people by their shoes. Mostly based not on cost but whether or not they could be bothered to polish them.
  5. Bracelet Polish - yes or no ?

    There's always the further option of just leaving it. Get a few more and consider them patina.
  6. Beware Frankenwatch ebay seller

    Ah, that makes it all more complicated. It wouldn't be worth it. A British judgment would not be readily enforceable in the US as there is no reciprocal treaty.
  7. Beware Frankenwatch ebay seller

    If you are willing to invest the court fees and time it will take then sue in the small claims court through www.moneyclaim.gov.uk
  8. Vintage Omega Seamaster help

    Are you mixing up Seamaster with Submariner?
  9. Watch similar to the Omega Aqua Terra GMT

    https://orientwatchusa.com/shop/mens-watches/ftt0x003w0/ Similar enough; yet not so similar that you'd never wear it again as a beater once you have that to which you aspire.
  10. Watches for Distressed Gentlefolk.

    This started promisingly, but has gone way off track. Distressed gentlefolk aren't likely to be seen dead wearing Chinese imports, sports or diving watches (unless they are diving), or chav brands. It would be something unobtrusive, elegant and discrete, probably inherited or looking like it might have been. So SBryantgb or Karrussel all the way.
  11. Try Trading Standards first, unlike your solicitor they are free and might do something. If not, sue yourself. Your obvious claim is for damages for the tort of conversion (taking your original GP movement), or breach of contract (in replacing rather than servicing the watch) equal to the cost to replace the watch, plus whatever other costs you incur (e.g. the abortive second service), train fares, etc. and modest compensation for loss of what should be a special item that cannot simply be replaced. You can do it all online through the County Court and represent yourself when you get there, but keep all correspondence and documents. Any solicitor worth having would charge you more to handle the claim than you are likely to get back, and lawyers fees aren't generally recoverable in a case like this so you would be left out of pocket. The system is designed for people to bring their own claims, and you will end up round the table with a judge who decides. The big thing is to check whom you contracted with - 'Cheal Watches' is not a legal entity, you will likely find it is either a sole trader trading as Cheal Watches or a limited company. I think it is probably the infamous Chris Heal.
  12. My dream watch just arrived

    You need a strap to match your shoes and belt, at least within reason. So I'd look whether you are more likely to be wearing black or brown shoes whilst sporting your dream. Or maybe I am too anal.
  13. What are peoples thought on this dial

    And the 't' in 'superlative' is wonky. Looks like a wrong 'un.
  14. A few straps - opinions welcome :)

    It is a fussy watch so needs a plain strap in my view - maybe a plain chocolate brown, or a solid colour nato.
  15. I'll try again.

    Doesn't everyone? I always do. If only for the journey homeward.

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