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  1. Isn't the point rather that some buyers are idiots, and so will pay a ludicrous price? If your mark up is high enough, you don't need too many such idiots to come along...
  2. Worth disappointed buyers considering the s75 credit card company angle, or less usefully but better than nothing the Paypal purchaser protection.
  3. Wouldn't the Smiths Military 36mm PRS-29A or 39mm PRS-29B from the same source be more appropriate for a former bootneck? Or I was thinking Orient Mako/Ray in one guise or another.
  4. What about something like this from one of the site's regulars: It's not a pocket watch, and not obviously linked to the RA, but is awfully nice and could be worn on a regular basis. I'd be very happy if that were bought for me. Whereas it takes a 'special' kind of person to wear a pocket watch nowadays.
  5. If the back hasn't been taken off since 1970, it is probably coming up to time for its first service even though at the moment it is keeping perfect time. But I think it looks very handsome just how it is.
  6. Isn't that like paying a fortune for reproduction furniture, when a genuine antique would be a fraction of the cost?
  7. A gold dress watch on a nice leather strap looks elegant and classy. On a bracelet, it looks a bit Del Boy. Steel bracelet looks better, on a steel watch obviously. But I still think leather is much more comfortable to wear. I've just one watch on a bracelet and I can tolerate it for about a month every year before I put it back on brown leather with a sigh of relief.
  8. And I heard that the Vauxhall Nova in Spanish would be the 'Doesn't Go'.
  9. Of the four you suggest, the first Tudor. But the Grand Seiko is nicer still.
  10. They will presumably be rock hard.
  11. Do you really want it to look brand spanking new? I always think something a bit battered is less vulgar. Obviously the first scratch will stick out like a dog's wotsit, but after a while it will hide amongst its friends and all will be well.
  12. I have an old Roamer - which thanks to this forum I know now is about a 1959 model - and I have to say I like it immensely and it is my most common daily choice. So much so that I bought a couple more, although I am not so attached to them. But then the rest of my collection is woeful...
  13. Cheers!
  14. I've a 'significant' birthday looming and was thinking of a nice watch (obviously). I am very tempted by one of the IWC Mark ranges - but I want something reliable that I can wear on a daily basis. So my question is really this - obviously a new Mark XVIII would do the job without difficulty, but could the same be said of an older model? How far back does one go before they start becoming watches that really need to be cherished rather than put to regular use? Other things being equal I think I would be drawn to an older model (not the XVII though as I don't like the date). With a similar budget of about £4k that a new one would cost, the very old Marks are likely to be a bit too pricey, so I am really comparing the XV and XVI with the XVIII. (At least I think that - I am happy to be corrected.) I tend not to bash my watches about or get them wet - two of the three watches I regularly wear are over 30 years old and I've had no problem with them. But they are low value, and if they died on me it would be something I could take on the chin. I would hate to shell out a big chunk of money on a watch that I then ruin, or where I'd be nervous about going out on a rainy day or walk along the beach for fear of doing so. Any advice or tips?
  15. If you keep the original strap in a safe place, particularly if it is a metal bracelet, don't you end up with a watch bearing a delightful patina from years of gentle enjoyment, but a strap that looks all gleaming and new still - and thus doesn't suit the watch? Like when you open up the extending dining table and there's that middle bit that is so different from the bits that the sun has faded?