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  1. I misread the post and thought it was about watches with integrated SUNDIALS. Now that would be novel. Apart from the Flintstones, if memory serves.
  2. Lugs with a difference.

    Lugs most notable by their absence...
  3. "Nothing hits the spot" II

    Those I have bought, I could happily trade. Those with more sentimental value are both pretty much worthless and yet simultaneously priceless.
  4. : Advice Please: DAB Radio With or Without CD?

    I'd get that one too, as it has DAB+ so is a bit more future-proof. I've an older Pure model and it is splendid. Better than others I've had. If you've a nice CD collection, I'd rip them into digital format and play them over Bluetooth. Obviously the quality will be worse than you'll get playing a CD on headphones, but most of the time I doubt you'd notice or care.
  5. Advice on a couple of old ' fashion watches '

    Can't you tell her to put them in a drawer and one day give them to her grandchildren (or if that isn't going to happen, those of neighbours, friends, godchildren, etc)? Not much of an heirloom, but the one on a bracelet is quite nice for a little girl. And the other is at least unusual.
  6. First Rolex purchase - waiting lists ?

    Mappin & Webb at Fenchurch St had a steel and gold GMT in their window yesterday if that floats your boat.
  7. I'd get someone you trust properly to repair the watch - whatever the cause, you need to get it fixed by someone competent. Get them to advise you at the same time whether any problems they find are likely to be due to the earlier botched repair, or unrelated. If they say the former, get them to put it in writing and bring a small claim yourself - trying to get legal counsel will cost you more than you are arguing about. Just set out the facts using the online claim process at https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome supported by the opinion. Odds are the company will settle or not defend. If they do fight, you've every chance of winning as the written opinion is likely to be persuasive - and worst case, on a small claim (under £10k) you have very little to lose but your time, a modest court fee, and some out of pocket expenses.
  8. price to refurbish a vintage Omega face/dial

    But it isn't necessarily a very good idea. Any more than sanding down and painting your antique furniture.
  9. Used Omega Seamaster

    I saw this chap's site being praised on another forum (from someone with a lot of posts and feedback). This example looks promising and within budget (allowing a bit of give and take for FX and VAT): http://www.omegaenthusiast.com/OMESEACALBEN2XSSFull.html Gosh, not sure what happened to those photos, they looked fine just before I hit 'submit'. Anyway the link seems to be ok.
  10. Watch for my son

    Or the Seiko SKX013 for a slightly smaller still version. I have one and like it very much.
  11. Pocket Watches

    I've come across a few people who actually wear them on a day to day basis. Mostly in the top pocket of a suit with an albert fastened to the lapel. Almost to a man they have looked like arses. And appearances were not deceptive. I hasten to add that I doubt very much that any of them would be amongst this forum's members.
  12. Tank watches

    These are nice for under £300 and waterproof too. If you've a gold watch already, steel would be a nice alternative.
  13. Fifty fathoms style watches

    From https://28daysearlier.com/2017/10/08/the-dhodge-2824f-a-one-off-glimpse-into-time/
  14. The Man in the Street

    Everyone surely knows Casio too. I'd have thought quite a few punters go for anything but Casio, Seiko etc. on the basis that an unknown name purporting to be a new designer 'brand' might have a bit more exclusivity, even if the actual quality is questionable. Nobody dreams of owning a Casio...
  15. Vintage Seamaster FAKES>

    I think we all know what you do for a living. Detective Lieutenant with the NYPD. I've seen you prove it with your badge on the telly.

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