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  1. A few straps - opinions welcome :)

    It is a fussy watch so needs a plain strap in my view - maybe a plain chocolate brown, or a solid colour nato.
  2. I'll try again.

    Doesn't everyone? I always do. If only for the journey homeward.
  3. I'll try again.

    In a sock, and then stuff the sock in a shoe - and you've a hard case as well as the padding.
  4. arrived... Birthday watch....

    Looks well on that strap.
  5. Buyers security on Chrono24 advice

    Be cautious with PayPal. I had cause to reject a faulty item delivered from the US. PayPal guaranteed the refund of purchase price but their terms don't include the costs of returning the faulty item. In my case, the cheapest return I could find was over £200. (it was a piece of heavy furniture). Fortunately the sellers were legitimate and picked up all the costs, but PayPal would have left me short. Payment directly by credit card would be much better.
  6. what have I bought?

    A nice Eterna - a KonTiki perchance?
  7. Not watch envy but....

    If you really want one...http://moscowwatch.com/index.php?productID=1473
  8. Favorite date position

    Quite so
  9. Whose OCD

    Actually, better still, 'who's CDO' - the condition very like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, as they should be.
  10. Whose OCD

    Whose OCD Started by RWP, 3 hours ago At the risk of betraying the wrong sort of OCD, I have to point out that the title of this thread should be 'who's OCD' rather than 'whose OCD'.
  11. Hot on the heels.....looking for number 2!

    Get the 007-themed one if you are a thirteen year old boy who has grown out of Thunderbirds and likes James Bond now.
  12. Am I making the right choice

    Do you not think three steel watches on bracelets is a bit same-y? Why not a leather strap, or a gold one?
  13. How Amazon gets wealthy.

    Isn't the point rather that some buyers are idiots, and so will pay a ludicrous price? If your mark up is high enough, you don't need too many such idiots to come along...
  14. Thomas earnshaw

    Worth disappointed buyers considering the s75 credit card company angle, or less usefully but better than nothing the Paypal purchaser protection.
  15. First Time Buyer

    Wouldn't the Smiths Military 36mm PRS-29A or 39mm PRS-29B from the same source be more appropriate for a former bootneck? Or I was thinking Orient Mako/Ray in one guise or another.