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  1. Eterna WWW balance jewel

    Don't you find that most of these so-called watchdogs are both toothless and gutless? A forum member has kindly directed me to a repairer called Webwatchmaker who is, apparently, expensive but thorough.
  2. Eterna WWW balance jewel

    I hardly think so; aren't all watch repairers a minimum of 120 years old? But to be fair to the jeweller they probably just use him for routine servicing. That's all a lot of people want to do these days - in any sphere. The chap who repairs my ageing Beemer wrings his hands at anything other than a service, yet he was a master technician at the dealership. Life is too easy these days and in the UK most people have lost their get up and go.
  3. Eterna WWW balance jewel

    Karrusel, My apologies; I seem to have quoted my own words as yours in the above post! I think this must be because I was going to quote you but then deleted. Still, as my words were not libellous or racist/sexist and my grammar is not too appalling you should not necessarily be expecting a visit from the thought police in the next few days! David
  4. Eterna WWW balance jewel

  5. Eterna WWW balance jewel

    Hello to all, I recently posted in the military sub-forum about the unfortunate saga of my Eterna WWW. To add insult to injury it has now stopped working! I took it to a local jeweller to reassemble after the redial; he said it didn’t work and probably needed a service, so I agreed to have it sent away. Unfortunately the repairer sent it back with a note that the balance jewel was worn out and he could not repair the watch. Can anyone suggest a repairer that can? David
  6. Etena Military Watch

    I contacted the first re-dialer and he replied to me very quickly. Unfortunately my original dial was the template for the new. I couldn't find any Eterna dials, but for a rough guide as to price, this is an Omega "Dirty dozen" dial currently for sale on Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Omega-NOS-Military-Dirty-Dozen-Watch-dial-found-with-other-dials-/272487294487?hash=item3f71822617:g:RMkAAOSwA3dYUy08 Always"watching": thank you for the wonderful photo of the 12 different versions of the "Dirty dozen". The IWC appears to be in as-new condition; a re-dial perhaps? Cheers, David
  7. Etena Military Watch

    The trouble is, bearing in mind the money I have already spent, a decent quality original dial - which would probably not be in anywhere near the condition of my original dial – would be very expensive; given that, to collectors, the 'face' of the watch is everything. Cheers, David
  8. Etena Military Watch

    Good point andyclient, but it would no more be my original dial than either of the redials. Good from a collector's point of view, but not from mine. David
  9. Etena Military Watch

    artistmike, thank you for your interest in my sorry little tale, "unfortunate" hardly covers it! In December 2012 I sent my Eterna, which I have owned for more than forty years, to a watch repairer who advertised that, among other watch makes, he serviced Eternas. He also stated that he could restore the dial as new. Well, there was very little wrong with the dial - if anything - but I thought that a clean-up and perhaps a touch-up here and there wouldn’t go amiss. I think the man I sent it to must have had health problems, as, over seven months later, in July ’13, I received the watch back; this is what it looked like! https://postimg.org/image/u2c8teek7/ As you can imagine I was pretty devastated, but blamed myself for my ignorance. I did not realise that “restore as new” meant repaint a completely new dial – in this case a very different dial. I put the watch at the back of a drawer and tried to forget about it. In about September last year, I rediscovered the watch and decided to do some internet research. I found a company who looked as if they did quality work. I sent an email and they requested that I send the dial and hands. I did so and also sent a photo of the watch as it should be. They informed me that, unfortunately, they did not have a template, but could have one made up. Rightly or wrongly I opted to pay for the template to be made. I had gone this far and in any case the watch with its botched redial was of no interest to me. So, to cut a long story short, I paid £420.00 for the complete job: template, dial and hands. I have to say, as far as the second redialer’s work is concerned, I cannot fault it. But of course as you have said, the watch is devalued as a result. I do not necessarily blame the original redialer for the totally different dial he sent me – but why he didn’t point out that there was absolutely no need for a redial – is beyond me. I think, of all the mistakes I have made over the years, this is one of the most regrettable. I am intrigued by your suggestion that the original dial could still be in existence. I will have to contact the original redialer. David
  10. Etena Military Watch

    Thanks for the replies, and the welcome. You are correct gimli, it is a redial. I was hoping more people would comment on it and give opinions on the quality of the work. It is a bit of an unfortunate story; it cost me a (relative) fortune, probably more than it is now worth – as I understand that many people don’t like redials. David
  11. Etena Military Watch

    Hello to all. Not a watch collector, hence not really any need for an introductory post. However, like most people, I have acquired watches along the way - as it were; none I imagine of much interest to members: One is a Longines Charleston left to me by my Father; another a Garrard 9ct dress watch left to me by my Grandfather. He worked 30 years as a toolmaker to be eligible for it! So, tremendous sentimental value, but I suspect that’s all. I have another watch, an Eterna WWW, also with great sentimental value, that is the subject of this post. I would appreciate members’ comments about, and opinions of it. https://postimg.org/image/lf6zjuumx/ Cheers, David *Hopefully the photo will upload!

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