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  1. Blue Face Watch Options

    https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32810084060.html?aff_platform=one-link&cpt=1511588025209&sk=UneMJZVf&terminal_id=6aeff72ab196465e9d7de6ec5dff52c4&aff_click_id=2440f25708254affa20a14fc1b8566b9-1511588025209-09497-UneMJZVf&af=google&src=google&albslr=230348133&src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=708-803-3821&albcp=756963599&albag=43596749721&slnk=&trgt=61865531738&plac=&crea=en32810084060&netw=g&device=m&mtctp=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIofTQl4DZ1wIVgol-Ch0tkgYoEAQYASABEgLDzfD_BwE http://www.parniswatch.pro/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1074 http://www.helloparnis.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=686
  2. Blue Face Watch Options

    If that's a modern Ingersoll you could likely have it for that price. Otherwise let's just be honest here. You posted a bunch of pictures of watches with complications, most chronos. You want automatic. Auto Chrono don't come cheap unless they're Chinese. And then they're cheap for a reason... They're junk!!! Not all junk is worthless, just most of it is. Some junk will last you a while and they serve a purpose. Look at Parnis.
  3. Victorinox and Alpina sale

    I've already got some of their best...
  4. Mesh! Never never never ever mesh! Stupidest and cheesiest looking thing I've ever seen. Turns even the best looking watch into a worthless 70s grandpa sh!t show! Hideous! Worse than those expandable/elastic bracelets my dad wears. Love the old retard, but he's got the worst taste in everything. Aftermarket two-pieces against a rounded watch case... Never ever ever ever!!! Even those rounded end straps just don't cut it, at all. I tried to love them because I spent so much on them, but they're a horrible fit and look atrocious! I told myself and others how fantastic they looked, until I could no longer lie to myself or others just to make me feel better. Okay, your turn...
  5. Sum Up Good Friday

    Nothing, thank goodness. I'm finally on the wagon after many promises and poor, half-hearted attempts. I got close on a Certina and Formexa couple times yesterday and today, but talked myself down off the ledge.
  6. Seamaster 300 on leather or rubber ?

    Bracelet. Then leather. Then rubber. Nothing else.

    Dang, go figure. So sorry Rob, but soon, very soon.
  8. What is with this? Let's start this by being honest with ourselves and each other, so let's not pretend that this isn't a very well known issue, documented in what is likely to be millions of cases. I mean he!!, I see it in watches costing anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars. Now I will give some credit to the Chronos, as most of them can be realigned and set manually, which is awesome, but 3 handers almost never align properly, it seems. I've never seen anything less classy and shoddy looking. Where's the professionalism from the manufacturers? How can you respect the company or even your own watch? Yet, I must again give credit where credit is due. I've had one piece come in running perfectly aligned, out of the box. It blew me away, still does, and looks almost as awesome as a nice smooth sweep because of it. A matter of conditioning perhaps? And it's a Citizen of all things, whoda thunk it? Not I. Then of course there's the awesome sweeping of things like the Bulova UHF. I have a Chrono of theirs and the center seconds can either sweep or tick once a second. So while I give credit, once again, to the awesome sweep of this watch, I have to be fair and admit, when it ticks the alignment is way off. Anywhosawhatsit, I wanted to see what others thought, have seen, or experienced. Also see some pics of quartz pieces with perfect alignment like mine... Prove me wrong, show me all the wonderfully aligned watches out there. Or come, commiserate with me, and chastise this ridiculous flaw that should not exist. Let's hold the manufacturers accountable.
  9. Chr. Ward coupons in the mail

    Lol that's awesome. Didn't know that. Okay so they're useless then, basically. Lol I'll just toss them.
  10. Anyone else get these? $65 off any order $375 or more. $125 off any order $625 or more. Not a fan of their products so I'll never use them. And they don't work in conjunction with any other offers, so it's really just best to wait for their more accurate "half off" their very bloated pricing sales. But if anyone is interested and ready to buy something from them, I'm happy to send them mine. Just give the word...
  11. I Noticed

    Mine all seem to have one. Interesting observation. I, of course, prefer it when it's a decorative balance though...
  12. Which SEIKO model you love best

    Only one I have... While I do indeed have a love for it, I prefer the overall look of the standard MM300 better. It's also thinner. This thing is just way too thick. Lol
  13. Hand engraved Seiko 5 sports wristwatch by artist

    Do you do this for just your watches, or offer it as a service? Very cool stuff, can't say it enough.
  14. What has impressed you?

    Oh yes, absolutely would!!!
  15. I've done the "not impressed" thing before, so let's go the opposite... In the horological world, as far as you've come in your collecting time, what has really impressed you? Maybe even changed your mind about something? For me, the Bulova UHF movement changed the game. A perfect sweeping seconds hand on a fully quartz operated watch. I mean, I know the whole mecha-quartz thing is a big deal as of late, for some odd reason, but that doesn't impressed me, at all, as the beat rate of the mechanical piece is really low. There's no comparison, although I've seen one attempted on another forum a while back, kid got demolished. Poor lad. Another thing that impresses me is the Citizen solar EcoDrive. Way better than what Seiko has even come close to, given their need of a capacitor system in which they have to be changed out every few years or so. And not being digital I won't compare it to Casio junkers, just not the same league at all, though they do deserve major credit in that realm. What about you?
  16. IWC Portofino... Any Love ?

    One of the very few I like. You sir, have excellent taste!
  17. Thoughts; MHD Watches

    Yeah I've contemplated this piece a few times myself. I have the Stratton Syncro and love it.
  18. Kickstarters

    Yup, Stratton Syncro. Seiko NE88, very nice looking piece. Slightly misaligned bezel, but not by much. Pretty clearly Chinese made though. Still a nice piece overall. I'm very happy with it. Poor lume however...
  19. Beautiful! Dig in every way, except for the gold parts. Still beautiful regardless.
  20. Thoughts; MHD Watches

    The panda looks good. That's all I can say for now.
  21. Never heard of the brand but bang for buck!

    Oh yes, I've heard of. Been a long time since I have seen that name. Don't remember much about them, but people seemed to like and think they were quality.
  22. You should bump your tier acceptance once more and update to looking at Hamilton as well. Also expand to Steinhart. I know they don't quite offer the same level of bang for buck as Tissot or Victorinox, but they really do get close in many to most instances. When I'm looking for a new watch I always start with Long island watches and Gnomon. Both have a very different selection of stuff, each offering different ends of the bang for buck spectrum.
  23. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    That makes it all worth it. A lot of thought went into the watches I selected for each of you and the competition I created around this. So thank you very much for the confirmation.
  24. Why no 6R15 outsourced?

    Is it just me? I can't seem to find any third-party manufacturer's utilizing anything other than the low-end Seiko movements like the NH35, which is the 4Rxx if I recall correctly. Do they not sell the higher grade movements out of house? I'd love to pick up a piece with a 6R or better. If I had to guess or assume, I'm left thinking it has to do with cost. I would guess that if they did sell them outside the company that the cost was as high as an entry level Swiss, thus no sense in it and less value in your product if you had used it over Swiss. Thoughts? Knowledge?

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