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  1. JayDeep

    unworn watch collecting

    Nope. Not mass produced watches. Maybe something only produced once and a long time ago, a "one off" an "original". But that's more than just a watch, it's a relic or artifact. Like the first Breguet or Cartier made for a queen or King. Otherwise a watch is just a watch. Wear it. Novel concept here I know, but do you know what a wristwatch was made for? Just curious...
  2. JayDeep

    Heads Up - Seiko Sea Urchin

    @alxbly You've got great taste when it comes to watch and strap combinations. I love seeing your Instagram pics. Most of the watches you own I'd never even consider, in fact I'd avoid like the plague, but your strap combinations make my mouth water regardless the watch itself. I dig your style bro, big time. Good on you for making something from what I'd definitely consider absolutely nothing! Just goes to show you, you can hate the look of a watch the way it comes but love the look with the proper "shoes". The right outfit can make even the biggest loser look like "the man". That's why I don't believe in this racism myth I keep hearing about. Can't get hired because of skin. No it's because you dress like a hooligan.
  3. G-shock... Nice gift no matter what it is I say.
  4. Beautiful watch, just too small.
  5. JayDeep

    The ultimate movement?

    I've been enlightened by the Zenith.
  6. JayDeep

    orient price any better deals

    Creation is usually the cheapest I've found.
  7. JayDeep

    got one at last

    Victor is a great brand. Honestly, they offer an amazing bang for buck. I've got one of what I consider their best.
  8. JayDeep

    Salvador Dali

    Dali was an extremely queer bloke for sure, but pretty cool art, a lot of it. And some decent fragrances along the way as well.
  9. JayDeep

    Full lume dials

    There have been some really good ones throughout the years. Almost bought an Orient Star full lume several years back. The one I wanted most was a Fortis.
  10. JayDeep

    Festive Watch Pics

    If I had snow here I could participate, but I don't celebrate bs mythological based holidays, so no decorations anywhere near me.
  11. JayDeep

    Who hasn't got a Vostok.

    Wait... Vostok or Boctok? How did we even get one from the other? Lol another reason to stay away from Russian watches, the absurd alphabet and brutal language. But seriously though, I've always considered Russian and Chinese watches much like Disney watches... Just absolute junk that only newbies who have no idea what they're doing and have zero discerning taste would collect.
  12. JayDeep

    Maintenance Schedule

    I prefer maintenance freedom in my life. I know it's impossible to go completely without... I have to wash, brush, change oil, etc but I keep my life as simple as possible. I view my watches similarly to my cars, I know they'll need some "required maintenance" but they are few and far between and nothing regular, so I'm good with it.
  13. JayDeep

    WIS Sacrifices.

    Pocket money, each and every. I've been blessed with charm and in sales I do very very well. I mean, you've all seen it, I pretty much give everything away. But there are some I'm attached to that I can't just giveaway, has nothing to do with money. All the ones I have now that I'm selling are because of their value to me.
  14. JayDeep

    The first few weeks of a new watch.

    No no no, I drink at home alone, like a good drunk. Going out is for 20 somethings.

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