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  1. I want this so bad
  2. Times have changed. Hard work and honesty aren't valued, making a larger buck is.
  3. Forgot pics... Sorry, no wonder my post count is climbing so fast. Lol
  4. Definitely number two first and one second. If any blue leather or rubber with orange stitching that would take the cake!!!
  5. That would be the one I chose. I love hand winders! Less complicated, less to break, thus fewer that do. Last longer. Less expensive to service. What's the down side?
  6. Is the Omega a hand wind?
  7. Still a huge fan of the Precisionist line just wish they used Sapphire crystals. That's why I'm selling mine.
  8. Yes and sometimes, but only because before I joined I didn't have any pics of my watches.
  9. Since I don't like any of them, none, but if I liked all of them and since I'm not poor I'd buy all of them.
  10. Falling more and more in love with rotary watches. The Bulova Marine Star is gorgeous and looks much like the sea King!
  11. From Casio to Omega!
  12. Parnis I have 3 of.
  13. Anyone else notice any similarities in case geometry and even the overall look between the two? How the bezel is almost recessed into the body of the case at the lugs, and the lugs cut back inward there... Silly question I'm sure. Just an observation. Always loved that interesting design of the Sumo. Very cool and untypical in my experience.
  14. Aren't Breitling movements just standard ETA with some decoration on the rotors, sometimes? Others just plain, maybe slightly "enhanced" ETA movements?
  15. So beautiful. Their stuff continues to amaze and impress me.