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  1. No running seconds

    Oh yes I missed that entirely. Still wouldn't need it, as long as there is either hour or minute, one will do without the other for me. That's beautiful Beautiful pieces.
  2. Bulova

    Yeah I have the Chrono version, looked at this one first, neither are Sapphire. This entire line is mineral.
  3. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    Those tests are at static pressure, no movement at all. The pressure under any given depth of water is increased by the movement of that object. You really ought to research more.
  4. one watch to keep

    Absurd nonsense.
  5. one watch to keep

    FBI crime statistics. There are YouTube videos illustrating it exactly with those FBI reports and they provide links, so you don't have to take their word for it. But it's just evident to any whom watch the news here. Chicago, New York & LA county are the worst and make up for almost half of all violent crime in the US, and have the strictest gun laws.
  6. one watch to keep

    Not here, those are completely untrue statements when applied to America. The studies show, the strictest gun laws correlate with the highest gun crimes. Now one could assume that one is dependent upon the other, but I won't do that, nor do I find it prudent.
  7. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    That's awesome. Good for you. I like the moral of your story and usually agree. I definitely do not trust your word on this as nobody else has ever stated such and all reliable sources in the watch world say the exact opposite, they say what I reiterated to you.
  8. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    Still a safe and accurate rule. Pointing out a single brand that chooses to go above the mark of you pay $3k or more doesn't disprove a point at all. But thank you for proving it can and should be done.
  9. Best Backs AGAIN

    Wild guess here... Chinese? Lol What is the movement? Seagull manual? It truly is beautiful.
  10. I Knew There Was a Catch Somewhere

    Elegant wrist? I'm not a girl. No Elegance here. Pre-V tang buckle. Single deployant with fold over safety clasp.
  11. First "Hammy"

    GORGEOUS!!!! Awesome choice!
  12. Best Backs AGAIN

    This is GORGEOUS!!!!!
  13. Bulova

    Some Bulova are mineral and some are Sapphire. Some, like the moon watch (which is why I got rid of mine immediately), is Sapphire but sits very high without protection around the edges, where it's easiest to catch potential damage. Sapphire will scratch by diamond. Diamond is found in more than you realize. Brick if I recall. Nail files. Etc. It's not perfect but whatever might scratch Sapphire will certainly also scratch mineral or other. That's fact.
  14. Simon2 Watchmaker

    Thoughts and well wishes are with him and his, from me and mine.
  15. Recommend a strap

    That's a thick strap, but the springbar holes are so close to the ends. But still, very nice and I thank you very much for the suggestion. I'm liking some of the horween stuff.

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