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  1. The sky is falling

    That's the spirit! But I never accuse others of being girly, just their watches. I've known a guy that would only wear women's panties because he found them much more comfortable. His undies were still girly to me, but I never challenged his manhood. You lot have only inferred that from me. Typical voluntary victimhood I'm used to in this day. Sadly all too common since the 60s. The world went to hell then and never recovered.
  2. Christopher Ward Quartz

    It's good looking for sure
  3. Christopher ward

    Exactly! It's time to put the snobbery to bed. It's truly pathetic.
  4. It's cheaper here in the states. About $410 USD. Still not worth it with that junk movement and crystal. But I do love everything else about it! Seiko fit and finish is undeniably high hitting class! I just wish they used crystals and movement equal to the prices they charge. Alas, they refuse to, so I refuse to support them with my money. But I can't lie, every watch I buy, I look at and consider at least two Seiko watches as close completion, even with those fatal flaws. Lol but I never chose one... I really want to though.
  5. Bracelets....the perfect fit.

    All that for my wrist. Those are the perfect fit.
  6. Odd spots on this Dial

    Looks like something I'd never own in the first place, but definitely something I'd move on quick fast once I saw that under the crystal.
  7. Stuck on One Watch

    All his do. Must be a lot of padding between skin and bone.
  8. Where to buy?

    Not sure why no one has responded. Can't help myself as I have zero respect for Rolex because of pricing, but know there are plenty on here that do so maybe you'll get lucky.
  9. They seem like the English equivalent of Timex. No thanks.
  10. Well I've gone a done it....

    I would never let the Monaco go! Not for anything!
  11. No Meeting of Minds

    I like you RWP. I already clearly stated who I would listen to. The industry, or, rather, a definition agreed upon by the majority of the industry. But certainly not a group of consumers with their nickers in a bunch and noses in the air who have no more a right you define anything for me as I do for them, yet seem to think mob mentality mandates it nonetheless.
  12. Condom hands

    It amazes me how pompous some of you are. Educate me... Pfft. Assumption is the first part of your failure. An inferiority complex stemming from my forefathers ditching you losers long ago is the other part. Perhaps it's you whom needs the education. The Kamasutra originated in India, which is a country in Asia. Japan is a country also in Asia. Region was my way of playfully minimalizing surface area. It was jocular, completely. So step off the high horses, avoid the soapbox you used to mount it and put the rocks down, your glass house can no longer afford the structural damage.
  13. Stuck on One Watch

    Well you've got to admit, his Tudor is awesome, plus that strap he's got it on recently... What a combo!!!!!
  14. Messy Eater

    Nope, I'm a very clean eater. Don't even need napkin with most things.
  15. No Meeting of Minds

    Seems like good fun humor to me. Just trying to make light of a situation it seems others are trying to make mountains of mole hills.