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  1. Does it have folded end links? I'd sure hope not for the cost. Other I have no clue what would cause that.
  2. For whatever reason, but please do list it... What's the worst? Mine was a Stauer. Never make the mistake of purchasing that brand again.
  3. Love the Tudor so much!!!!!!
  4. Bwahahahahahahahahaha Why banned? Obvious joke but I have no history, so please do tell.
  5. Being the gimmick love I am this is on my must have some day list. And not the traditional Omega, but the Ocean 7 homage. I love Ocean 7 watches. Not too much but definitely enough to warrant holding out and saving up for. Anyone have anything Ocean 7? Or even better an Ocean 7 Ploprof?
  6. To a degree I'm the same. Always divers. Always large. It's the quality of the products I've altered. Still not sure why I got rid of all those awesome boutique Swiss divers I had, but whatever, what's done is done. I'm very satisfied with about half my collection. However, like you, I plan on upgrading the other half or simply getting rid of it over time. As half of stuff sits without use.
  7. What is now my nicest watch was once the runt if the litter. Lol And I'm going to be losing it soon. Odd how everything has changed. Once it was all Swiss. Now all Chinese and Japanese. Lol I bid my last Swiss piece adieu.
  8. Bwahahahahahahahahaha I could totally see that. And you're right. I'll try to lie about it for a while, but they always know.
  9. Very nice
  10. Nope. I almost never lose anything. I'm extremely detail oriented and slightly OCD. Everything has a place and goes back to it when I'm done with it. Losing things other than my mind is not an issue. But I feel for all of the losses here and offer my sincerest condolences.
  11. Hadn't even thought about it but mine isn't vintage by any standard. Not even the 90s I'm sure. Lol With the minor condition issues I wouldn't charge any more than the cost of shipping likely. I'm more of a donation kind of person than a sell it type. If you're interested I'll snap shots of the damage on the one lug.
  12. Yeah I find that odd. I've got one watch still with the ETA 2824 and it will run on into a second day without wear and stop sometime the second evening. Same with my Miyota 8215 and recently donated Sellita SW200. Interesting experience, but I rarely find that everything performs identical in every instance or situation. I'm not very active generally, but I talk with my hands a lot. So my entire arms see a lot of movement daily. I put mine of about 9am and take off about 8pm. So less time on the wrist in my case.
  13. I will admit I drink far too often, literally every night. Especially for someone with gout. But I enjoy it greatly and is what life about if not for pleasure? As for the watch, I love the excitement of the next incoming item and I do believe this one will stay in the collection a very long time. Unlike my last drunk purchase which brought be a Chinese hearted German fashion watch that cost far more than 5 of them are worth. Oh well, can't win them all I guess. Lol Thanks for the input fellas. Oh and I just bought a strapcode half polish half brushed super engineer to accompany this too. Yay. I'm on a roll, third strapcode ordered and haven't even received the first. Lol My girlfriend is going to kill me. Thank goodness for tracking info. Intercept the package and hide it in the car a few days. Lol
  14. Ah yes vintage indeed. Mine isn't anywhere near that old. I do love those though.
  15. Wow super super super cool. How vintage are we talking? I've got a Tissot Seastar I'd love to donate to a happy new home.