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  1. I want one. It's official.
  2. On leather this lobster ain't too shabby at all. But I passionately loathe mesh so... What lobster are you talking about? Edit: I looked up Omega lobster and see why they call it such. The bracelet. It's the most hideous thing I've ever seen.
  3. This is where I ordered mine as well. Takes forever. Still waiting.
  4. Moon in the lead with 7. Lobster is just a horrific name they really did it no justice or favors with that. Lol
  5. Bwahahahahahahahahaha The blue hunk of metal and rubber bottom right.
  6. In all honesty, I'll likely get both. Hahahaha But one at a time and I'm leaning toward the moon watch.
  7. Looking to get a chrono Bulova watch my favorite movement and am down to these two options. What's your vote?
  8. Wait, you have 3 identical watches?
  9. Love that looks amazing.
  10. Really hoping this isn't the same one I just ordered and am waiting for. I'm very excited about mine.
  11. Okay, I got one of those Strella Cosmos incoming. I hate the low beat rate movement, but everything else is either good to acceptable, so I'm overlooking that and the water resistance. Looking forward to getting it. Thanks for all the suggestions fellas. If I like it I'd say one of two ain't bad.
  12. For Parnis and Chinese junk in general... Yup, it's official. Every single Chinese built watch I own now has a major flaw or issue with the movement. Most are with the date wheel no longer turning, some are with the spacers not being properly fitted and others with the movement not engaging after setting time and winding without a hard whack to the case. I still love my watches, but really wish they were Seiko or citizen type quality. Heck even Casio quality for that matter!! Lol There I admitted it. I still don't see value in the high-end brands, but I no longer see any equality between them either. Shizst is shizst.
  13. These, or one of those hideous hunks of plastic that you could beat with a sledgehammer and it would just laugh back at you... What are they called? Oh yeah, a g-shock!
  14. I already do this. Lol Catch up man.
  15. I want that strap!!!! And gun! Lol So guns are okay in pictures here then? If so, I've got lots of props now.