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  1. Hi, I have had my Breitling since Christmas and I absolutely love it .... excellent quality and gets lots of comments however it did take me a while to get used to the size and weight. To be honest i do slightly wish I went for the Navitimer - I only didn't buy it because me Dad has it but I do get a bit of a sinking feeling when I see his! I went for the Super Avenger ll - I have it on the black rubber strap to reduce the bling but I do have the metal strap too. Quick pic:
  2. Hamilton for me
  3. No idea - I think it's a lovely watch
  4. My last watch cost 4.5k - I will be honest though I couldn't really afford it - i had a lot of expense in 2016 moving house but it was a treat for me - I wanted it for years and at the beginning of 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer - I got the all clear in June so I thought sod it and treated myself at the end of a shi**y year!! I joined the forum after I bought it and to be honest I have learned a lot on here and if I'm honest I'm kicking myself for going new! I will stick to Pre owned next time where I think I will get more for my money!!
  5. All nice watches - personally (and I started a thread on this recently) Hublot just don't look special enough for me - they look a bit boring - others would see them as classy and understated which I get! I have a Breitling and love it but I catch it on pretty much everything due to the size!
  6. Great idea - they did this on another forum I was on , only the item was put straight in the classifieds for £150!!! - not quite in the spirit it was intended!
  7. One I forgot is - will my wife notice and will she believe me when I tell her how much it cost (of course I never give her the real cost!!)
  8. For me it's: * does it look too similar to others I own? * when will I wear it!
  9. Welcome - get some pics up when you can
  10. Welcome
  11. Excellent - I found someone more OCD than me!!
  12. The CW C60 Trident Auto is a lovely watch - 30% off at mo down to £455.
  13. Welcome
  14. Welcome! I'm a newbie too but I do know pictures are a must!!