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  1. Tudor reborn......

    Definitely bracelet.
  2. A Cheeky Incoming...

  3. Our back garden early morning Anstruther harbour at night (where we used to live)
  4. Avatar Pics

    Me as one of the “Simpsons”
  5. My first two watch purchases

    Very nice purchase, looking forward to your pictures when they arrive.
  6. Not Sure What to Think

    It's the thought that counts Rog. Even if it's not what you expected it has still been bought by people you love and care about. I know if my grandkids bought me a watch that turned out to be utter junk, I would still wear it for them when ever they visit. And, it would be a keeper due to the memory attached to it.
  7. Tactics

    Same as bond, if we like something and have the money, then we buy it. Only way to be I think.
  8. New in Accurist

    Nice write up, well done. it looks like a nice dress watch.
  9. dilemma

    Tan one.
  10. As Wrench says ^ I love this watch.
  11. It would have to be a watch I liked, no way I could put up with something I didn't like for two years! Saying that I was married to my ex for more than two years.... and I certainly didn't like her that much!
  12. Options on size

    I think the size looks spot on! However if you would like to send it to me I will endeavour to give you a proper unbiased opinion, it may take some time.

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