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  1. New GO Senator "Excellence"

    A classic, very nice indeed.
  2. Would you

    Used this all the time in the sea and in the pool, also when scuba diving, been to 30mtrs max.
  3. Take your pick.

    Number 2 for me, just seems more like a proper working dive watch.
  4. New arrival.

    You should see my taste in women!!
  5. New arrival.

    Gets my vote.
  6. First Seiko

    Very nice, enjoy.
  7. Confused Help!!

    I concur with the above ^.
  8. Breitling on strap or bracelet?

    I like the leather strap on this particular watch, it's lovely.
  9. 'Battle of Britain Day'

    Here, here
  10. Obris Morgan landed

    Very nice buy, well done.
  11. New Arrival 14th September!

    Yes she certainly is, congratulations on your new acquisition.
  12. 'Mystic Mach'

    Happy birthday , have a good one
  13. Lovely arrival courtesy of our host.

    Snap!! My prize arrived today as well.
  14. Well arrived safe and sound today. and I must say I really like it! Never had a black watch before and I am enjoying having this on, thank you very much Roy for this, it's great and definitely getting worn.
  15. The Garand M1 Rifle

    What is us squaddies say. The Army digs in and the RAF check in.

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