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  1. Lost and Found

    Well done! Fantastic find, especially when you had given up on it!
  2. W.Rn't.U.W thread

    Won in a competition on here, but never seem to have it on now, Time to put it back in the giveaway section I think.
  3. Things That Just Aren't The Same

    Whoa....Tank Top!!!
  4. How good are CW watches?

    Me too!
  5. Things That Just Aren't The Same

    I remember one year at the Beveridge Park bike racing (yes an actual public park with bikes and sidecars racing round it) Andy and Hercules turned up and did a show to the punters watching the racing. As previously stated.. no health and safety pussies crying about danger! No animal rights gaylords crying about cruelty to bears ( he loved that animal) just good fun with beers in the park and racing, and birds!
  6. Tax in the U.K.

    Fixed that for you mate!
  7. new in today

    Both very nice, congratulations.
  8. It looks like an old toilet seat!!
  9. I bought a small “buddy bottle” which I fill at the dive centre about 50mins from me. Not perfect but easier than carrying a pump about. It will last me a good couple of weeks using it regularly so not too bad. I had springers as a kid, old BSA thing that wouldn’t have given anything a bruise let along kill shot!! May buy another for just plinking about the fields.
  10. I have the HW100T, fantastic bit of kit. Got permission to shoot on and around the farm, so me and the pup are usually up and about on my days off, pigeon mostly but occasionally get some greys.
  11. Can't go wrong with a classic! Congratulations.

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