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  1. Teg62x

    New Arrival - Speedmaster Date - Minty

    Congratulations, it really is a beautiful looking piece.
  2. Teg62x

    Cool Wrists.

    32c here in Crete and bracelet is perfect!
  3. Teg62x

    Monday, Monday . . . .

    Still in Crete, still wearing this! BUT.... just spent a lovely afternoon in a watch shop in Heraklion and may be tempted, going back tomorrow to see if a deal may be had!
  4. Teg62x

    JLC landed

    Stunning. You must be very pleased.
  5. Teg62x

    A new watch on the way...

    Very nice, enjoy your new watch and your holiday. It is 33C here in Crete just now and I’m slightly burnt!!
  6. Teg62x

    A new watch on the way...

    Go on....... what is it??
  7. Teg62x

    What WIS do during Royal Weddings

    Especially in uniform!
  8. Teg62x

    Opinions please

    The new strap is definitely an improvement over the old one.
  9. Teg62x

    Just in......Roamer Soleure

    Very nice mate. Classy looking watch.
  10. Teg62x

    Tyre recommendations, please.

    I agree with this^ i have used Khumho tyres for years now, great low price tyre, they used to supply formula four and formula ford at one time don’t know if they still do? But great tyre nonetheless!
  11. Teg62x

    Mazda MX5 or BMW Z4?

    MX5 without a doubt! I have driven both, (owned a mx5) the Beemer is typical rear wheel drive in the wet, if your lad isn’t used to rear wheel drive cars I suggest he stays with the Mazda, as stated bomb proof motors,
  12. Teg62x

    Its been long enough

    Congratulations, can’t wsit to see some proper phots once it arrives. Well done.
  13. Teg62x

    Спасибо RWP

    Another vote for the mesh.
  14. Teg62x

    Jersey watch buying.

    Sod that mate, stick it on your wrist for coming home!
  15. Teg62x

    Start of the week watches

    Holiday watch!

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