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  1. I like the look of it but prefer the Edifice but then again I'm biased
  2. MrToast

    Seiko 5 sports SNZF17K1

    Love it, swapped the strap for a NATO, got charged import tax, butbim very happy with it
  3. I've always found the app anbit hit and miss in all honesty, I gave up with it, itsba nice watch though, but the Bluetooth feature is a bit gimmicky imho
  4. Had the Edifice about a year now and very happy with it
  5. MrToast

    New watch time

    Any suggestions for the second hand market at the £200 mark?
  6. MrToast

    New watch time

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys
  7. MrToast

    New watch time

    Thanks, never been a fans of the Pepsi bezel hence the 007, indomhave a seiko already and am just looking for alternatives although the 007 will remain on my wish list if I do not get it this time around
  8. MrToast

    New watch time

    thanks for the recommendation, looks like 44mm, it's a consideration
  9. MrToast

    New watch time

    Hello, im looking at getting a new watch in the next week or so, nothing extravagant I have a budget of around £200, so far I have considered the following Orient Mako 2 Orient Bambino Seiko SKX007 i know the mako and skx are divers and the bambino is more of a dress watch i currently have a seiko SNZF17K1 and a Casio Edifice I'm just looking for something new, mo bigger than about 42mm my question really is do you have any other recommendations model/make I should consider at this price point cheers in advance Just to add I would consider something older and second hand
  10. MrToast

    Things to do with watches.

    You can help other by telling them the time when asked
  11. MrToast


    I'm the same, I feel lost without a watch on
  12. MrToast

    Monday Monday

    Desperately need new watches to save me posting the same ones over and over
  13. MrToast

    Casio G shock

  14. MrToast

    Casio G shock

    Thank you

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