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  1. Thank you, that appears to confirm that there are two versions. Could you perhaps post the date of manufacturing of your watch, please? Thanks, Fox
  2. Hi all, I am very confused about the Seiko SKZ211J1 watch. Virtually all photos I've seen on the web clearly show that the three hands are exactly the same colour (warm orange). Example: Collection/Seiko SKZ211J1 Atlas or Landshark/IMG_2701_zpse0bf5449.jpg.html I bought this watch recently, but to my disappointment the seconds hand is not orange but light green. Example: What is going on here? Are there two versions of the same model? I've tried two sellers, who both send me the light green version despite advertising them as orange, and were unaware of the problem. If anybody who owns this watch could please confirm to me what colour their seconds hand has, that would help me get to the bottom of this. Many thanks and best wishes, Fox