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  1. Solihull Clock and Watch Fair

    Thanks chaps! I'll drag myself out of my pit then. I haven't got much to spend but then that's more reason to get first dibs eh. Currently mourning the loss of my poljot deluxe, maybe I'll find a suitable replacement. I'll be badged up, I'll keep an eye out!
  2. Solihull Clock and Watch Fair

    Anyone from the board going? I'm taking my dad. I was hoping to make the morning session; does anyone know if there's a real advantage to getting in early? Do the bargains tend to get snapped up? I have a gig the night before and I'm not looking forward to the early start from Manchester! http://www.clockandwatchfairs.com
  3. Lume

    It's one of my favourite things about my Orange Monster, it's super loud and adds to the aesthetic. I wouldn't say it's particularly useful - as stated above most of what appeals about watches has nothing to do with usefulness. One of my favourite things is to catch a watch with good lume glowing in half light or a dim room.
  4. Tuesday 26/9/2017 WRUW

    As it's Speedy Tuesday
  5. £200 pre owned but not these brands

    Got to be quick at those prices! Big fan of Junghans.
  6. Saturday Specials....

    Took the hummer and Lowry for a walk in the woods...
  7. £200 pre owned but not these brands

    Vintage Junghans for under £200?? No mention of the big Russian brands here. I have Vostok, Raketa and Poljot watches that all cost less than £100 and all perform as well as or better than some of the better known brands.
  8. Friday Fun

    That dial is a bit spesh innit? Engagement watch for me today: HAFGWE
  9. Wed 6th Sept

    Last day of work before Bestival
  10. After Market Straps and Bracelets

    Just had a look on their website and one of the strap colours is 'flat earth'
  11. After Market Straps and Bracelets

    Thank you, the texture on the strap offsets the polished case and gloss dial. Much more casual and less blingy look. Think it was about £30.
  12. After Market Straps and Bracelets

    A suede band from Geckota has made this much more wearable. Good quality for the money.
  13. What is your Special watch and why?

    This one for me, a gift from my wife on our wedding day, it's been to Indonesia, the jungles and waterfalls of Borneo, in snake infested rivers and snorkelling in the Philippines. I probably wear it more than any other watch. Apart from the obvious sentimental value I think it's a perfectly proportioned field watch, with great readability and it's a strap monster making it really versatile. Not my most expensive, or horologically interesting but deffo my most special watch. This has been a typical Sunday with a long dog walk followed by a roast, and it has put a smile on my face more than once today. SEIKO 5 (SNZG09J1)
  14. Watch display boxes

    Nice idea I was lucky enough to get one of these from my wife for my birthday a couple of years back, goes nicely with our mid century furniture. https://www.precisiontime.co.uk/wolf1834-brown-and-orange-windsor-10-piece-watch-box-458406.html You'll use it every day, may as well get one that does the watches justice and I love these DIY suggestions, it's given me some ideas...
  15. Wed 30th August

    Tissot PRC200 for me today. My first 'proper' watch.

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