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  1. Is it a hummer?
  2. I can smell it from here.
  3. Perhaps 'making' was the wrong word. I was thinking more about the thought process. The IWC script would look daft and insincere on a budget diver and I doubt you'll see a gothic font on a Lange dial. I just find it interesting and wondered how much people actively engage with the logo/signature on the watches they love, and to what degree it was a passive part of their watch enjoyment.
  4. I think the logo or signature plays a big part in not only the aesthetic but in reaffirming the brand story. I doubt very much they are just scribbled down with a pen and a bit of paper, I'd suggest that an awful lot of thought goes into them. Daniel Wellington sell remarkably well considering the relatively unremarkable design, and I'd say a large chunk of that success is down to the logo and logo placement. It's not like the logo is a historical stamp of horological quality, and it's not a well-marketed fashion brand spin-off (Kors etc), which you see in the same price range - it's successful on its own terms.
  5. Is that because quality watches do not have naff logos or is the brand logo a key part of your aesthetic enjoyment of the brand anyway? Surely there are well-made watches from the annals of time that might not have had the marketing budget for an effective logo? There must have been some naive stuff in the 80s.
  6. That's crispy.
  7. How much do these affect your purchasing and affection for a brand or model? The Orient logo really puts me off what I'm sure is probably a perfectly good watch. I don't think I'd ever buy one mainly for that reason. I'm not sure how much is aesthetics and how much is brand association because I think the Orient Star logo looks fine. Do brands add deliberately less attractive badges for cheaper models? Have you got a fave?
  8. Grey dial 70/80s Seiko 5, which I'm trying on a brown suede strap today.
  9. Refined
  10. Some of mine is going on a sodding bus lane fine!
  11. I'd be perspiring too!
  12. Also interested! Don't hold my username against me!
  13. Isn't that missing the point a little? The reason those watches are so expensive and valued is because of the labour that's gone in to those beautiful designs and the painstaking manufacturing process. The dials are often simple (but elegant) but the movements are where it gets exciting and I'm not sure you can get around the cost of that? I'm sure there will be a Chinese factory somewhere that would be more than happy to prove me wrong.
  14. 60/70s? All the eBay Oris and Tissot stock of the era look like they are probably Indian cut-and-shuts but if the price is right they might be worth a punt, if only for the funky dials. That's a beaut, nab it!
  15. I've seen lots of very smart looking sub-£100 refurbed, manual wound, vintage Oris and Tissot Seastars on eBay. A lot seem to have similar descriptions and a few shipped with synthetic leather straps, which is a bit of a red flag, so I'm a bit wary. But they are cheap enough to suck me in....