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  1. This is the one I have, really good quality and the draw is good for cuff links etc.
  2. Productive work trip to London today, which has put a spring in my step amidst some pretty bleak family stuff going on around me. Weird to feel safer in London than in my home city today...
  3. Commission is what has put me off in the past. Is there a tracker of what sort of stuff goes over or under the estimate? Would be really useful if that info was collated. If I had a spare week...
  4. I must be really out of it, probably the most useful complication on a watch imo. 3 or 6 for me. The symmetry of the IWC Portuguese 7 day or the Longine Master is alluring, however I do find it frustrating when the window cuts into or overlaps with indices/numerals.
  5. I think you had a sudden urge to give away everything Swiss for some reason? Never look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say. Anyway, I'm very grateful and it gets looked after and lots of wear.
  6. Very nice! Why have a date window when you can have quarter hour windows! Dramatic entrance! Love that.
  7. I've not seen an original but there appears to be some uneven textures on the dial, which would suggest it's had some work. And the black quarter lines seem inconsistently applied across the vertical and horizontal axis of the dial, which looks odd, but, again, could be original for all I know.
  8. Has he been in past his ankles with that watch that could journey to the centre of the earth?
  9. It's a beast. I put it on when I need to summon some JayDeep-style aggro!
  10. From the day it arrived via @JayDeep
  11. Nonsense, that's the best way to learn, just make sure it isn't valuable! - don't give the AD a deposit - don't bid on anything you found on eBay with less than 10mins to go - don't sell anything on eBay without sending recorded delivery - don't remove a case back if you don't have the proper tools to put it back on
  12. I know the feeling, I'm actually hiding from that pressure on here today! The presentation I'm working on for Wednesday is high stakes and full of holes at the minute...
  13. Should the question not be how much pressure have you been subjected to? Oh, and snorkling with a 200 meter watch is the deepest I've been, and plan to go! We're not meant to be down there.
  14. I needed something chunky to batter this week in the face. Enter the JayDeep...
  15. Wowsers, that's very kind, thank you! Have sent you a DM