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  1. Perlon?

    Great colour match!
  2. Perlon?

    I found an old perlon strap thread but all the pictures had gone (December 2016) Thinking about getting one for a vintage, gold plated watch. Do they stretch? Show me yours!
  3. Just in from Russia

    The camouflage might be slightly undermined by the sound of Velcro being pulled apart, in case you were planning any covert ops!
  4. Which one to go for

    +1 for the Longines for personal reasons: it better suits a daintier wrist and would go better with smart clothes. I don't need a diver for diving so I'd go for the more stylish of the two myself, assuming price/value was not a factor.
  5. Monday is for mechanical watches

    The Presage and I are still bonding Now the 'new watch' feeling has begun to subside (it collected a couple of minuscule marks over the weekend) and it's on a very comfortable suede strap I'm really enjoying this one.
  6. Please help me

    My first new Swiss watch was quartz but I thought it was mechanical when I ordered it. A little disappointed when I realised but I love the watch now. For me it would depend on your financial situation and how much you were set on an auto SM. In my case it was only a couple of hundred quid and it wasn't a 'dream watch' so I could readjust my perspective. If I'd dropped a grand an I'd been after a particular watch for months/years I would be gutted and would look to return/flip it.
  7. Seiko 5 sport diver

    My seiko 5 sport has been in seas and rivers and lakes and waterfalls, swimming and snorkelling, no problem.
  8. New watch Sunday - the kids are alright!

    Today I've been wearing a newbie whilst driving an oldie. I think I'm in love.
  9. Where do you find them

    Had a few good buys from eBay, but there are well-documented pitfalls to be aware of. Creation is good for popular seiko models that are verging on extinction. The forum is a great place to buy - you have the assurance of knowing who you're buying from (sort of) and you get good prices from people that care about watches. High street jewellers seem to sell poor value, generically available watches at hiked prices to cover the cost of bricks and mortar and I'm never so keen to have the latest model of anything to pay the premium so that's never my first port of call. I'd consider buying from an AD for an expensive watch if I was in that market but I'm quite happy bottom-feeding for now!
  10. Friday 11 08 2017

    Went with the Poljot alarm watch for a trip to the Cotswolds. Will be raiding the local antique shops and fairs with an eye out for something nice and vintagey...
  11. What to wear tonight ?

    Benson. It's dressy but also quite funky for the disco moves later.
  12. Friday 11 08 2017

    Some new straps arrived, maybe one of these for the evening?
  13. Friday 11 08 2017

    Bulova 97a109 with the miyota 9015-82S0 automatic movement in rose gold. Not Swiss or Precisionist but I like it.
  14. A problem I wish I had.

    Quality, not quantity
  15. Domed crystal

    His is like a transparent hockey puck!