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  1. Stainless steel scratches

    I’ve had some good success with a nail file (the kind with 3 different grains inc buffer) but as stated by @Always"watching" be careful to read up on whether the resulting finish will match the original style of polish. Edit - don’t use the gritty part of the file on your watch!
  2. Rotary Parts

    Thank you both. I’ll get in touch with Rotary and see what happens. I’m not surprised the parts aren’t available independently when the whole watch is so cheap. I missed out on a spares or repair on eBay a few weeks back, which I’m still kicking myself for!
  3. Rotary Parts

    Are they available to buy from anywhere? Cousins don’t seem to stock the brand. Probably too cheap to be worth repairing. I basically want the white inner slide rule from this (GB03351) or a similar model for a mod - I suspect the part is the same across the models?
  4. All the Accutrons

    That's quite a collection! Just this one for me, maybe I should branch out.
  5. Tudor pelagos has arrived

    Excellent understated piece, size looks spot-on too.
  6. Stand Out BUCKLES

    I bought a nice vintage omega buckle for my late 1960s geneve but the gold plate colours don't match. Drives me a bit mad. It's lovely though, potentially from a much earlier watch. Kind of deco in design. Should probably sell it on really.
  7. Wednesday Quartz Parade~ 29th November.

    Work trip so something fuss-free and versatile for me today and tomorrow
  8. And only 1 remains

    Let me know when you decide to give it away because you've had enough of orange hands or something
  9. Let’s Do CHUNKY

    The incredible bulk
  10. Is JayDeep really santa?

    I love these wacky yacht watches, I have literally no idea what's going on. Also sporting a @JayDeep special today:
  11. Back from service + a thanks.

    Stunning, great to hear its performance is living up to it's looks! Great pics too.
  12. Put them in alphanumerical order and wear a different one each day! First world problem solved.
  13. Sounds like you're going through the motions rather than taking joy from building a personal collection. None of my watches were collected to meet an obligation. Nice watches though.
  14. Vostok Dials

    Lovely stuff Yay! Thanks. New toys...
  15. Vostok Dials

    Thanks, but that links to dials. Not sure how interchangeable bezels are?

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