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  1. That ceramic black dial model is extremely tempting...
  2. Money > sense
  3. This old banger today
  4. Depends whether you are buying into a manufacture or a brand, innovative engineering or accuracy and dependability, watchmaking or case design. There has to be something more special about a newly devised and limited run of movements, providing they have the performance to compete with your workhorse industry mainstays. Also there's a difference between calling something in-house to add value and something genuinely in-house with almost al components made by the company. I find Nomos and the other Glashutte brands interesting and refreshing for this reason. Swiss watches seem overdependent on the Swiss Made label and their lifestyle marketing.
  5. Weight creates the perception of value, but doesn't necessarily equate to quality. It's a well documented technique and was deliberately used in the 60s to sell food blenders (apologies for the Dail Fail link). I think I'd feel ripped off with a titanium watch!
  6. That's a beauty, congrats. Sending proverbial prayers to the interested party that missed the boat!
  8. Jonny 5 is alive!
  9. Love these super skinny hands!
  10. All moderns, all well-worn and well-loved.
  11. The weak pound probably won't help your cause but that does seem like a healthy discount. My experience of international airports has always been offered discount down to normal prices and the wifi is usually rubbish, which makes it harder to price match... Trying on your dream IWC in Kuala Lumpur Airport is a pretty good way to pass the time though, and it deffo beats looking at make-up and perfume with wifotherapy!
  12. Keep us updated if you go down the insurance route @dodsi, be interested to hear what the outcome is as that's probably the most any of my watches are worth. Also, steer clear of airport shops! Invariably they are more expensive than the high street and they prey on your 'holiday mode' mentality. Although I do always window shop...
  13. Don't have many now but I took the PRC for a rare trip to the office, which overlooks the river Irwell. Despite my general preference for mechnicals this is easily my most reliable and accurate watch.
  14. Yep I love the Air King too!