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  1. These are a bit special!
  2. I picked this up in a junk shop at the weekend. From what I could find online it looks like it might have a Felsa 465 movement so maybe 1950s and it appears that it may have been red gold plated (is that a thing?) on brass judgeing by the weight and what appears to be under that grub although I haven't really had a proper go at it yet. It juts about ticks and the stem seems a bit rickety but it has a pretty cool dial and I thought it might make a fun project. My first question - can anyone recommend the screwdriver I would need to turn the setting lever screw so I can remove the stem? It's so tiny! None of my tools are sharp enough. Initially to clean up the case, dial and acrylic. Second, the watch has clearly been well worn and then abandoned for some time. If I wanted to strip the movement, clean the components and rebuild it, what oils would I need, and for which parts? Is there anything I need to be aware of when cleaning the parts in a sonic bath? Thanks in advance!
  3. I love this thing, I don't think the chrono gets in the way of the time-telling function at all: And although I used to be averse to busy dials I have come to see beauty in the technical. The Flightmaster has that in spades and a splash of colour to boot:
  4. Always/always Sometimes the WRUW threads inspire my watch choice!
  5. It crossed my mind but I can imagine that trip with my wife in tow would scupper the saving!
  6. Well I've just asked Fraser Hart to bring in the Nomos I've been saving for the last year or so. It's on the Nomos site for about 3.5k but German ADs are selling it for just over 2k. If Fraser Hart can meet me in the middle, and preferably towards the lower end,I'd much rather buy from the high street where I can try it on and ask questions. I'd pay a little more for the customer service but to be honest the net is a great leveller. The massive margins aren't there anymore. As a customer I'm going to want the best deal regardless.
  7. I'm interested to know whether parts are interchangeable? Are components the same size and dimensions or do you need the specific parts for the identical movement? I see lots of bits online for sale as batches but I suppose they're worthless unless they are for the exact watch or movement? Are low value, non-running watches a wast of time?
  8. Incredible scenes.
  9. For some reason the tail is only just long enough to tuck back, can't work out why but the lug to lug is the only variable I can think of..
  10. Yep, not decorated but certainly unusual, I'm not sure many designers would opt for an off-centre 'porthole' caseback: I'm a bit of a sucker for clear case backs, I like to see what's going on inside! Very plain Seiko 5, I actually think these are unnecessary and don't really add much. In fact the print on the hardlex cheapens it in my opinion, I'd rather have a screw down steel case back on this: The Visodate is a little bit more attractive but is basically just their own rotor on a standard eta:
  11. Another great charity shop find! Was the charity shop in Kensington? The slums of South Manchester are yielding nothing but lemon squeezers and teapots shaped like rabbits.
  12. Makes me more hopeful for my regular charity shop trawls! I think they are getting fed up of me asking... Great find!
  13. The time might be wrong if you're in Yorkshire as well! What's the marker at 6 o'clock?
  14. +1! New crown, dial, bezel, bezel insert and strap on this Amphibia is as far I've got. Wouldn't know where to start with a repair. Involved unnecessarily stripping the back side of the movement right down in an attempt to get a better view of the pinion issue I had when I tried to fit the new stem. Really enjoyed taking it to pieces and slowly putting it back together tbh, you learn so much more than you can with pictures alone. The finished article:
  15. Tell me more about this JLC