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  1. Seikotherapy

    Choose a single Seiko

    Yes my eBay notifications alerted me to that one! I’m hoping the stars will align when a crispy one comes up. A lot seem to have replacement or damaged crowns. There are fair few variations but this one with radial lines and 24hr numerals is the dream. There may be a reboot if sufficient interest is shown in the original as per the MM300 but will probably be too big and modern looking for me.
  2. Seikotherapy

    Sunday Moderns

    SARY in the sunshine at the local makers market. Have a great BH everyone.
  3. Seikotherapy

    Itch to be scratched ?

    Mine is the 6138-8020
  4. Seikotherapy

    Choose a single Seiko

    I get obsessed with a new Seiko almost daily. My current infatuation is a 1960s 850 Alpinist. If I see a minty one of these and I have the money...
  5. Seikotherapy

    Like A Diver But Can't Swim ???

    The Prospex is a stunner. So many other great options for that money so I’d probably never own one but from a design perspective it’s perfect. If I had the dosh for multiples in that price bracket I’d have one in a snip.
  6. Really generous of you, thanks so much. My mother in law has recently come out the other side, unreal the impact the whole journey has on families. Wishing you both all the best. And just to confirm, Barclays have agreed to match fund so your donation will be doubled
  7. Hi everyone, this forum has given me so much already but I was wondering, if anyone happens to have a few quid down the back of the sofa, whether they might be up for sponsoring a 10k I’m doing in July. I’m raising money for a Liverpool charity called Sunflowers, which provides support to cancer patients, family members affected by cancer and carers in the local community. I’m not a natural runner (I have a metal plate and arthritis in my right foot) and I recently quit smoking so to get fit enough for the run in July will be a challenge. Fingers crossed my employer will match-fund anything raised up to £1,000 so donations will be doubled (confirmation pending). It’s a really great charity that is close to my heart and any donations no matter how small will be hugely appreciated. http://www.justgiving.com/simon-harding32?utm_id=124 Thanks, Simon
  8. Seikotherapy

    Ultimate Chrono: An Unknown Brand

    A rotating tachy... why? I would hazard a guess that it’s another generic designed by people that don’t care about watches aimed at customers that don’t care about watches.
  9. Seikotherapy

    Monday, Monday . . . .

    Glycine Airman Base 22 with 24hr dial
  10. Seikotherapy

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    This one is soviet but looks quite late so I’m going with modern but could be wrong. Poljot alarm manual wind
  11. Seikotherapy

    Opinions please

    I didn’t realise Atlantis was steampunk themed, that makes more sense.
  12. Seikotherapy

    Opinions please

    I haven’t seen that so not sure whether you’re agreeing or taking the mick! Is it like the Little Mermaid?
  13. Seikotherapy

    Opinions please

    I think it works. Has a steampunk effect and wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of a character from Brazil or 1984.
  14. Seikotherapy

    Friday timepieces

    Not worn this for a while, a modded Vostok beater
  15. Seikotherapy

    The Purge

    2. Pale blue no date 24hr bezel (holiday watch) and a grey date sapphire bezel (desk diver).

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