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  1. Duh

    Interested to know why you bought no. 1 tbh. There doesn’t seem to be any real passion or consideration in your watch buying decisions.
  2. Dress watches?

    I never go anywhere where I’ll need to dive 200m underwater and I can’t fly a plane but hey. Also, James Bond might be attending a glamorous party on a yacht and may at any moment need to go and drive submersible car after capping a load of goons. I’ve never been to that kind of wedding. It all depends on whether you want to be classy or flashy. For me it would be something understated and could be any of these: Visodate at a push but it’s a bit too big in my opinion.
  3. Omega Speedmaster Professional.

    My 7a28 says hello I know what you mean about the pared back Speedy looks. I would argue that the seiko has a little more going on, but does enough to be a great watch in its own right. There’s nothing I would take away from this design either.
  4. Friday watches 16/2

    Some more time with the Airman, now on a lovely soft cordovan nato.
  5. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    Yes! The case is not deep at all so it should sit nicely on a NATO. I’ll have a proper play when I finally get home from this work trip!
  6. Experiment

    If I told my wife that I read this stuff on the internet she would leave me.
  7. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    I had the please of meeting @Doolittle yesterday. Top bloke on vacation from Chile. He let me take his Glycine Airman Base 22 Purist for a great price. Such an interesting watch, GMT aviation watch with 24hr dial, fitted with a very nice handmade aftermarket strap:
  8. why some CAN afford that luxury watch....

    Feel sorry for anyone passing by
  9. I can't understand this...

    That would be me. I suppose they are just a bit more honest about the purpose (for most normal people) of a luxury watch. There’s a reason why these precision instruments are sold in jewellers and not B&Q...
  10. WRENCH to the Rescue!

    Hi, thanks! You can see my workings and the original watch here: Very easy to do, even for a noob like me if you’re interested in a similar project
  11. WRENCH to the Rescue!

    bezel spring to just any old forum member?
  12. WRENCH to the Rescue!

    My beloved Amphibia has recently been out of action due to a damaged bezel spring. A very kind gesture by forum favourite, @WRENCH has revived the little tyke! New spring fit nicely and the bezel popped into place. As if the spring wasn’t enough a couple of bezels were also in the care package and my new 100059 looks much improved too. Thanks, WRENCH!
  13. Saturday 10th February watch parade

    That’s awesome.
  14. Saturday 10th February watch parade

    Postie arrived at mine as well!

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