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  1. +1 I don't wear the ones I'm precious about when doing more risky jobs but I regularly knock my watch on the innocent looking washing machine.
  2. Hiya!
  3. I like how the hands go under the logo, very unique. And of course it will only go up in value. Bargain I'd say.
  4. 3 mechanical chronos for under £20?? This set me back £250, which I would consider to be a bargain given it's age and condition I'd like a Poljot 3017 but for one in good condition it's pushing £1k and I'm not sure selling this would make a big enough contribution to make it worth while. Plus I love it.
  5. Interesting, I like hearing about how people got to their collection. Tells a story. Which is your most worn? What's your go-to for special occasions?
  6. I like your style! There are some fairly similar 60s/70s SS tonneau watches in your collection. Do they have different merits or features that drew you towards each of them? Are they autos and hummers? I can't make out the models from the pics, not that I could necessarily ID them with close-ups! Love the vintage omegas
  7. Imgur disagrees
  8. Money saved from quitting smoking funds most of my watch collecting (you'd be surprised at how far it goes) so I couldn't resist this Cronel/Marlboro manual wind from @Iceblue for the price of two packs of ciggies... The case is dandy and it seems to tick along nicely. No quick-set for the date of course and the crystal is a little scuffed, typical for age, but it's more of a fun reminder to stick at it tbh. And Lowry says thanks for the packaging - it was delicious!
  9. The difference is that even idiots are unlikely to mistake a pimped Porsche for anything other than a Porsche. Imagine spending 6k on a Rollie, modifying it and everyone at the club house thinking it's a fake. I'm sure there's a market for it amongst the super rich where people with too much money wrangle for the most unique luxury items and deffo wouldn't be dabbling in knock-off, but your core Rolex demographic wouldn't take the chance. Interesting that Rolex is within the realm of discussion about modifications but JLCs, IWCs, Pateks etc aren't. Is it because Rolex is so prolific that they would be considered for alteration over other luxury brands? Looks like a @TockTick eBay special!
  10. Rolex is the Rolex of the watch world.
  11. Resurrected the JayDeep:
  12. Nice. Thank you!
  13. Took a punt on this cheapo Smiths clock, no idea if it works yet but was hoping to give it a clean and maybe get it going if it isn't completely knackered. Can anyone tell me how to get to the dial on this thing? The brass ring around the acrylic is pretty solid and doesn't seem to twist. I can't see any other way of getting in to it??
  14. Seiko stock in high street jewellers is often very unimaginative. I don't think they've cottoned on to the fandom of this model and they just seem to sit back and let sales happen. They could turn it into a swatch and shift loads.