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  1. Saturday 3 December 2016

    Weekend beater!
  2. Casio G Shock Steel

    I love my lump of plastic lol!
  3. Does this work??

    Both look good but I'd go stainless!
  4. My new acquisition

    Nice ! Plain but clear dial. Enjoy.
  5. A Sentimental Watch

    Only one. Was on my wrist last year when I got married. Didn't mind being submerged in the sea straight after either! Great memories! Not expensive but definitely high value in the sentimental stakes.
  6. Meistersinger

    Be good to have a look at that!?
  7. Hi all. First post but just wanted to introduce myself and show you what I currently have in my collection. I've had all sorts of watches, my taste is quite eclectic. Recently I've had Seiko, G Shock, Sinn, Breitling, Tag, Timefactors watches, Tudor, Rolex and Scurfa (to name a few!). My current collection consists of only 4 watches but has been as high as 17. To Start my Tudor Blackbay. Wears great and adds a bit of colour to my wrist! Rolex Explorer ii Been my daily wearer for work. Probably my favourite watch. Scurfa Diver NATO. Bought this as a holiday watch and it continues to be my weekend/beater. Nice quartz option and even has a ceramic bezel. Smiths Everest (PRS25) Nice watch that looks great on leather and was on my wrist the day I got married (on a beach!). So is has more sentimental value than anything else. Anyway, that's me. Hope to pick up some ideas, tips and hopefully contribute along the way! G

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