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  1. gavbaz

    Friday watches - 26.01.2018

    Sinn city! Have a great weekend.
  2. gavbaz

    The Saturday display~ 20th January.

    My 556 for me today.
  3. gavbaz

    Monday 8th, show me watch you got

    6306 again for me today.
  4. gavbaz

    Friday 5th January 2018

    New in, good condition 7549 and the icing on thw cake it's a birth year watch!
  5. gavbaz

    Wuw 1-1-2018

    Something from 1976. My 6306.
  6. gavbaz

    New "vintage" divers

    Had one of these. Stunning watch, great build quality, on budget and good resale values!
  7. gavbaz

    New (pre-owned) Breitling arrival

    Looks great. Have a big soft spot for tge older Breitling models myself. Enjoy
  8. gavbaz

    Sunday Juniors~ Post 1990.

  9. gavbaz

    Just Pick a Cheapy

    Scurfa Diver one or my Smiths?
  10. gavbaz

    Fortis watches?

    A brand I've never looked at before but it seems there are a few on here. Some i like the look of too. Any opinions? If so what do you recommend? Thanks.
  11. gavbaz

    Help me identify these watches

    Hello. Not to sure about the history but there seems to information on Google relating to the prices.
  12. gavbaz


    Will also use.
  13. gavbaz

    Storage Ideas needed

    Now thats an idea [emoji848]
  14. gavbaz

    Seiko PC

    Amazing really. This was the first wrist computer and even came with a touch screen version ( remind you of something!) Thanks for posting.

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