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  1. New Tag arrival!

    Really nice, but I've a feeling with my eyesight it wouldn't be too legible. I've always been stumped by some watch fans dislike of Tag (not directed at you gimli, just watch people in general). Ok, Heuer probably have the prouder history rather than after Tag bought them over. But nobody says anything about Swatch/Omega. They overadvertise maybe, but that's what they pay for and want to do. People can just ignore it. Even they admit now they're more entry level luxury than true luxury, a complaint for a while was that they were trying to pretend they are something they're not. I think they make good watches for the money. They're even doing some good stuff with movements just now as well.
  2. I usually give mine a good charge at the window towards the end of the summer. About now really. They'll hopefully have a charge for around six months. I'll give them some time on the window on sunny days during the winter months as well.
  3. I Like My Steinharts

    Always thought of getting one but never got round to it for some reason. They are tempting, nice looking watches.
  4. I always need to set the date. Not sure why as I never really use it anyway. But that date must be correct. I also have a couple of solars. They're my pick up and goes. They must be fully charged at all times.
  5. Most in one week......

    3 I think. Though I got 2 in a 50% off sale (a Seiko and a Citizen). And I also got a G-Shock at £20 off from Argos, so it wasn't too sore on the wallet.
  6. Anyone had experience of JOMASHOP

    They're grey market sellers, so warranties might not be kept by the watch company. Also if you're ordering from the UK remember you may get caught with the dreaded import duty tax. So any savings made might be offset by 20% tax. Though with a bit of luck the watch might get through without a problem. But if you have that bit of luck you can pick up a bargain.
  7. A girlfriend thought she was doing a nice thing and bought me a watch for a present. It was a Ben Sherman quartz. Nothing wrong with their clothes but not exactly know for watchmaking. I didn't have the heart to tell her how I despise fashion watches. So I wore it for my work. Within a few months it was corroding and making the case very sharp. I wasn't seeing her anymore so the 'watch' went in the bin.
  8. The Return Of The Seiko Samurai

    Thanks Alan C. That's what I was hoping for. Got a few rubber and Nato straps at 22mm. Now I just have to make up my mind what bezel I like. Leaning toward a pepsi.
  9. I'd just put it on a leather strap or something for now. See how you get on with it. You may find it's not for you and sell it on anyway. But in a year if you still love the watch get the bracelet done if you still feel the same. Chronographs look good on a good leather strap though. I personally wouldn't bother about the bracelet. If you got it for a good price then just enjoy it.
  10. Most of mine are ok. I do like to read the time at a glance, maybe why I like divers with big hands and lots of lume. I do have trouble with some date windows though, with some of those things I need to be in sunlight.
  11. The Return Of The Seiko Samurai

    Really thinking of getting one of these. Can anyone tell me what the lug width is? I've heard 21mm and 22mm, just wondering if it will fit my straps/Natos. Nice piece though, love the Seiko divers.
  12. 12 or 24 hour time setting

    Always 24hr. Not sure why, have just always done it.
  13. Wrist size and watch size.

    My wrist is just over 7" and prefer to wear 39-40mm. But I'm happy to go a mm or 2 down for a dressy piece, or a couple of mm up for a sports/tool watch.
  14. Cost of Hobbies

    I've spent more on watches in the last few years than any other hobby. I used to collect a lot of films on DVD and Blu Ray. Not so much now as there is so much to watch on tv, and I've ran out of room. Don't know how many films and tv shows I have on disc, well over a thousand I'd guess. Also clothes and shoes, especially trainers/sneakers. Trainers are actually far easier to resell for profit than watches if you know what to buy, many people actually make a living from it, it's their job. In the last few months I've spent more on trainers than watches, though they're usually cheaper, watches can be huge expense all at once if you buy a high end piece. But trainers aren't exactly cheap, the latest trainer could be around £150 or over nowadays.
  15. Now, why would this be?

    1 minute an hour is a lot. Have you hit it on something? If so it might need regulated. I know they say to store watches face up for the best timekeeping, but it shouldn't effect a watch like that, especially something like a sports Rolex.

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