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  1. What Rollie is this?

    Nah, it was for real! The AD's name and store were named and shamed, many of the forums members emailed Rolex to complain and get Rolex to stop the AD from selling Rolex. He also posted the photo from the newspaper. But they really went mad a few months later when Sugar was on The Apprentice with the guys watch on.
  2. What Rollie is this?

    Never seen it but could be the President. His pal Alan Sugar usually has a Rolex on. I read on a Rolex forum a while ago about Alan Sugar. One of the members used this AD a lot and the promise was he was next in line for the new Explorer. He got news of a delivery and waited for the phone call. Nothing. He then noticed in the newspaper that his AD manager was photographed with Alan Sugar with a new Explorer he had just sold him. The guy was fuming to say the least. The guy had spent a LOT of money there in the past, watches from Rolex to Patek Philippe. But Sugar just waltzed in and got his watch. He changed AD's.
  3. Where do you find them

    Depends what I'm after. If it's high end stuff then you have Hamilton and Inches, Laings, and Fraser Hart all within a few hundred yards of each other. They also do some second hand watches. For other stuff you have the usual like Argos, H Samuals etc. There is also a Swatch shop if that's your thing. I usually phone ahead to make sure what I want is in stock at the store before the 30 mile journey. Vintage is more difficult. Phoning around to see if they have a rare watch from 1970 that you like is pointless. Best to have an Idea of what you want then have a look. Antique shops, Pawn Brokers like Duncanson and Edwards used to be good for a browse. They're on Queens Street. I stay away from vintage usualy, too many frankenwatches out there and I'm no expert.
  4. New arrival

    Doesn't surprise me it's the biggest seller. But I'm the same as Montybaber, prefer more modest sized watches. 43mm is really too big for most people, but it's the fashion just now. But fashions change and they may regret looking like a kid with dads watch on in the future. Just my opinion, and if you have a large wrist then the 43mm will be better..
  5. Breitling Bracelet

    I love bracelets, but that price is a scandal. I'd seriously think of getting either a third party bracelet and fit it yourself. Or put it on a good rubber or even NATO strap. I know that might not be perfect for you, but paying that sort of money is just encouraging them.
  6. New arrival

    I had a look at the Trident, and would have went for the 38mm. The 43mm version is just too big for me, and most people I suspect. I'll maybe pick one up sometime hopefully.
  7. Where do you find them

    Online I've used Ebay, Amazon (and their marketplace sellers), Jura Watches, Watchshop.com, and Beaverbrooks. I also look at High Street shops, but I never impulse buy now, hasn't worked for me as I usual regret it. If I'm after something special, after I do the research I head into Edinburgh, can usual get something I've had my eye on there (vintage are more difficult). I'd guess any decent sized city would be the same.
  8. Tudor VS Omega Present and past

    I prefer Omega. I just like the history of Omega. What they did in World War 2, working with NASA, even the modern association with James Bond. Tudor only have a couple of models I really like, Omega has many. Though to be fair Omega release far more. Quality wise I can't see much between them now to be honest. But then to my untrained eye I can't see much difference between Tudor and Rolex either. The Tudor Black Bay always reminds me of a Submariner of yesteryear. Though I suppose that's to be expected. Probably used the same designs at one point.
  9. Pressure Testing........

    Never had it done. Divers are my favourite but none of mine have ever been near a puddle. If I'm on holiday and in a pool or the sea I've got a G-Shock on.
  10. Sort of true. The COSC certified Rolex keeps good time. Nowadays Rolex go one step further and test them in house as well. But for the price they still sometimes don't keep as good time as cheaper models. My Rolex runs at +1 second per day. But I have an Omega Seamaster (COSC certified as well) that was half the price and runs at +0.5. But sometimes it's actually down to a bit of luck. I have my watches on rotation and usually have to set them to wear as they have run down. I use BBC news. But then if they start to lose/gain a bit I don't bother to reset as I'll probably rotate to another watch after a few days.
  11. Need advice please

    I'm another who says Seiko 5. I do a bit of manual stuff at work so don't want to wear a good watch in case it gets bashed about. I was wearing a cheap quartz but I just can't can't get on with quartz. I like the history and the feel of the mechanical watch. So I went onto Amazon UK and got a new Seiko 5. I just had a look and they can be had for around £50-£60. I paid £49 for mine. Perfect for using at my work. Also a great first watch as well.
  12. Buying a rolex

    Lovely Rolex, well done. One of my grails that Batman. And some people aren't wanting to wait for a Rolex, they may have the money and want one right away. Also if you wait on the list to get one, by the time your turn comes around Rolex may have added a price rise of around 10%. Around £500 on average. More if it's a gold Rolex. In general any Rolex sports watch will hold their value. Whether it increases a lot in value isn't as easy to predict.
  13. 6R15 vs ETA 2824

    There are different grades of ETA movements, from basic to COSC certified. Cheaper brands will use a low grade ETA, brands like Tudor use the highest level ETA. A high level ETA will be better than the Seiko I would think. I have a Tudor and it runs at +1 second per day. I have a Hamilton with a lower grade ETA and it runs at +6 per day. I've seen Seikos that run at +20 new out the box. But as with all mechanicals much is down to a bit of luck.
  14. I always liked watches. I spend a fair bit on clothes and hated to have a nasty looking cheap watch on. So I bought some nice looking Seiko and Citizens. Then I came into a bit of money from an inheritance and decided to splash out. I was always a Bond fan so I went for the Omega 300m. Since then I've bought another four mechanical pieces. I justify it by saying to myself that I could get most of the cost back if I had to sell them.
  15. Tissot and my observations

    I have a PRC 100 and think the finish is quite good. At least for what I paid for it. I actually quite like that dial. I'd stick with it I'm sure it'll grow on you.