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  1. Adrian c

    New arrival!

    Excellent choice sir, enjoy
  2. Adrian c

    New in today

    39mm excl crown
  3. Adrian c

    New in today

    Delivered today thanks to Dave (draygo).not my usual 1950s purchase. Vostok komandirskie 1965 special edition for the 50th anniversary of supplying watches to the Red army. 2 years old and in new condition.
  4. Adrian c

    Boxing Day 26/12/17

    More presents today. Universal geneve 1940s from my daughter
  5. Adrian c


  6. Adrian c

    Christmas Day Watch~ 25th December 2017.

    Merry Christmas everyone. Now off to spend the day with 3 year old grand daughter, it will be fun
  7. Adrian c

    New Arrival

    Very nice love the dial.
  8. Adrian c

    Remebrance Sunday

    Now home from remembrance parade. This is very important for me because my father was a POW on the Burma railway for more than 2 years , and my daughter is a sergeant in the army now. The oldest watch I own 1945 longines an important date
  9. Adrian c

    How does this look on me?

    Looks a perfect fit
  10. Adrian c

    The Saturday watch show

    Purchased this one recently as a non runner, repaired and cleaned it. Only wear it for work.
  11. Adrian c

    The Friday parade~ 3rd November.

    This one now, but not for work later.

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