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  1. Now finished a good day's work in the garden. Constellation for tonight.
  2. 5 omega's. 1 mudu. 1 gubelin 1 longines Hopefully more to arrive soon.
  3. TWF is the only one for me
  4. Just home from an enjoyable day at the clock and watch fair. It was good to meet another TWF member robden. The only thing I purchased was a watch case opening tool.
  5. I will be there on Sunday with TWF badge, hope to meet some of you fellow watch nuts. Not been to one of these fairs before so not sure what to expect, hope it will be worth the two and a half hours drive.
  6. 1960s Gubelin auto tonight
  7. From the album Adrian.c

  8. I don't wear a watch for work because it will get damaged, but I put one on in the evening when I arrive home. Tonight it will be the Omega constellation for going out to play cards, have worn this one for the last 3 weeks on a Tuesday evening and my team have won for 3 weeks, lucky watch.
  9. Tonight's manual wind, omega cal 283 from 1949
  10. From the album Adrian.c

  11. 1957 constellation today, ready for family to arrive for lunch.
  12. From the album Adrian.c

  13. Go for a Rolls Royce, if you can buy one with a full service history it will hopefully only cost you about 1k a year on average for repairs and service with a silver spirit. But 12mpg average.
  14. Yes it is similar to the Edox symbol but it is definitely the Gubelin symbol.