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  1. Heads up....Seiko Recraft

    i have the steel with green sunburst face its a stunner
  2. mental and also rather wonderous. love it
  3. Scratches

  4. Are you a Watch bore.

    it would seem so.....................
  5. Montredo

    they are and great service to boot
  6. Not a fan, but...

    each to their own i believe..................
  7. Not a fan, but...

    tag got me into watches many years ago had several had an aquaracer gave it to my lad got an enquiry out for the new autavia if it comes off it will be a bobby b finger crossed oh and never liked bremont fwiw
  8. Heads up folks.

    I have to be honest pictures dont do it justice i have an omega, a monaco and others but it oozes 70s retro cool,the dial is stunning,crystal caseback is fantastic and build amazing ive paid a lot more money for a lot less watch.anyone interested there was a new one on ebay with 3 straps including a mesh for £124. many thanks Wrench even the wifelet likes it. off to find my flares and my earth wind and fire lps............. just looking at the uber camp gold one now ffs......
  9. fickle

    seiko recraft snkm97 someone shows one on here and now i have one and its fantastic then i see a picture of it on a mesh bracelet and i now have to have it on mesh but I know a lot of mesh bracelets are tommy toss can anyone reccommend a decent milanese mesh bracelet ?? thanks in advance
  10. Heads up folks.

    love it camp as christmas but might have to get a gold one too.
  11. Heads up folks.

    nope all in from amazon
  12. Heads up folks.

    just cost me 101 pounds to read this post..............................
  13. Heads up folks.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ive bought one arse I am but week cheers wrench
  14. welcome fella follow the rules {as didnt as i hadnt read them } and you will be part of a good community !
  15. How much..?

    just bought a seiko off this very forum and it had a hirsch strap with it and its fantastic quality in every aspect

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