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  1. quite often for me its been several guinness a glass or 2 of red and a cracking shot of singleton so the shot of singleton then
  2. rather excited arriving tomorrow will stick some pics and an initial review on.
  3. cw forum has a lot of decent chaps on it and most are very helpful to boot top watch as well
  4. love the longines well done that man
  5. good looker that
  6. love the big cushion case one from 1944
  7. i guess its where you feel most comfortable
  8. looks a stunner tbh great value not a lot second hand either hopefully a keeper thanks for the info
  9. just ordered one anyone got any info re build quality etc ?
  10. timelords much better a bit more tongue in cheek than up ones on ah
  11. as i said a different take on crazy
  12. check out watchlords for a different take on crazy rather "merkin" punterwise but no less informative
  13. 15 mins ago a poljot tonneau alarm gotta move on a monaco calibre 6 as still wanting my heritage 46 as well greedy.
  14. nice work can you tell us what they are some belters there
  15. you trawled ebay ?