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  1. Same here! I'm going through a period of disappointment from work and resignation letter to something new that I've never done before... Had to do something to put my smile one, so found that seller £275.50 VAT and postage free and now I'm smiling again SARB017 aka Alpinist
  2. LOVING IT [emoji41] Few more shots after I set the time and date
  3. Long time wanted [emoji4] [emoji41]
  4. Just got back from work and found something little for me
  5. I don't see many high end cars with tuning around my end of the forest mate I'm not saying there isn't any, just the low cost product give more freedom for experiments [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. It is the same with cars.... We can see many low cost brands pimped: BMW, VW and Honda but not so many Porsche, Bentley or Ferrari We should look at changing the strap as sort of modifying a watch. Some people just want to be different for a reasonable price and I don't see anything wrong with that. (my own opinion)
  7. Lets talk about price I think my socks are too short for AP
  8. Oh silly me I've never seen one without "Prospex" logo on... Nice one
  10. Nothing that really make me give them my money to be honest .... C5 Malvern Slimline - Square for £200 maybe ( don't have square watch) but £275 is a bit too much for me
  11. Tell me more about this watch... Is that you own mode or ?
  12. Talking about that I should of got one before increasing the demand
  13. me too but can't find any for sale...
  14. Hello watch addicts and Happy Easter I was looking around for any Royal Oak watches that won't put my credit score to negative digits when found this: Hope you enjoy that and the rest of your day
  15. Working today so I know exactly where my eggs are [emoji57] Happy Easter to you all [emoji4]