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  1. I can understand some of you been against it because it's new and people don't like new... However if Roy and all admins are ready to deal with angry and offended by the truth kickstarters by all means bring them on I'm just thinking of the possibilities for this forum when people get redirected here for reviews and opinions. I think you should try @Roy! You can always cut them off if things go wrong and you don't like the effect they have over our community.
  2. Seiko Friday ? [emoji41]
  3. It depends on the movements. I'll take a proven work horse over new in house movement any day of the week Been modern have only one downside, didn't had the years to reach perfection... This is my opinion but I'll put the helmet on just in case
  4. It is TWF not TCW Btw you don't need to turn the oven for your sushi
  5. It doesn't say what is the delivery cost ....
  6. I want you to pass that knowledge to the young generation Do not have licence for operating the shovel
  7. If I get the new job will take holiday and come to you as apprentice!!!
  8. Who said less is more... Big daddy on [emoji41]
  9. Me likey alot! Can't wait to see photos in daylight... Wear in good health!
  10. Vast majority of customers will take lower price before good customer service all the time... Business owners with short term profit strategy just pay peanuts so they get monkeys in return
  11. Sounds like Fake Agent offer here
  12. A proper night out is enough to drag me back at least £200... For anything else I'm the Credit Card Ninja
  13. I've just realized 114060 doesn't have drilled lugs... Why would they do that In a way that is good reason to look for the older model with the right lume