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  1. I start scrolling the comments and had to go back and see where the watch was
  2. I'm Back How about New Vintage/NOS... and I'm not talking about the over polished ones on eBay
  3. Maybe that's why you've been kicked out
  4. Bulgarian by birth and passport, idiot by nature
  5. welcome to our family
  6. I was very keen on that brand as they offer some different designs BUT... Spending some time in this forum, reading and learning about watches I slowly realize Stuhrling is not a brand for me! As @Chromejob reply already Seiko and Orient for that price range... and you can't go wrong
  7. Thank you Can do with some more writing skills as sometimes I cant fully express myself ...
  8. good for you mate guess I need more practice In my defense will say that I know just enough to get myself into trouble in Romanian language
  9. Flying to Bulgaria tomorrow... will miss that one as well Hope for some photos from you guys
  10. Same here mate, also work in UK for just over 3 years now and I must say that my English is nowhere near as good as yours... I'm a slow learner or your case involves something more
  11. My buddy for today, last day before my 10 days off [emoji41] Have a good one guys ! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. Looks great but I'm not taking my bezels every day to invest that kind of money Thanks for showing me
  13. That is what I call giveaway Congratulations on your milestone, I've missed the biggest part of 1st 5K but hoping to be around for the next 2nd I'm in if that's ok Gives me a lot to think about my 5000th post