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  1. Haven't change my one for 60 hours [emoji4] Record for me [emoji41] Hope you get better guys
  2. UP: My last days at the Airport are gone New job from monday, new things to learn... Down: Still waking up at stupid o clock even that I don't have to go anywhere...
  3. Don't worry about anything less than 15 sec a day matey... Wear in good health and be proud
  4. Love your Soviet corner matey
  5. My granddad used to wind his pocket watch first thing in the morning and last hing before bed ... Friend of mine bought automatic winders for all his watches. And I prefer to wind the one that will be on my wrist that day so we make connection sort of speak No right or wrong there, just find your way! I know that as well but never actually tested it
  6. quick one for you Stick around for a bit longer get your post count to 50+ and you will get access to a special place to look for something like that... We are community of watch enthusiasts not second hand G shock drillers mate
  7. My 30th B-Day is in December in case you are wondering what to give me Love them both
  8. You are a gentleman Stunning watch
  9. From Russia with love [emoji41] Enjoy your weekend!
  10. The mechanical engineering behind that movement is facilitating for me. The whole idea and history behind it is what will justify the price for some people
  11. I made a decision about limiting quartz watches down to G Shock for Gym and now probably my new job but this one really have my attention now and it will be added to my favorites on eBay
  12. Hello gang, On my boring day at work (all the same lately... maybe because tomorrow is my last day ) I've discovered something that won't even come across my mind. Many of you probably know about it but for those who don't... 58 sec. second hand watch! Enjoy
  13. No Brand challenge Seiko ! Seiko is religion !
  14. Taday [emoji41]
  15. Must be before it arrive to you