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  1. Here's my 5 This one i want but can't find
  2. Here are my two; Swatch Seiko 'helmet'
  3. Great watch. I love Hamiltons.
  4. I quite like the look of this one too. https://www.skywatches.com.sg/reviews/seiko-automatic-sports-mens-watch-ssa069j1-ssa069.htm
  5. They're not all small and non handwinding. http://www.creationwatches.com/products/seiko-automatic-sports-89/seiko-5-sport-automatic-24-srp427-srp427k1-srp427k-mens-watch-4195.html
  6. There seems to be a real lack of shops in the UK selling Seiko 5 watches. Is there a reason for this? They have some nice designs and are reasonably priced. I know there are websites that sell them but if like to see them in the flesh
  7. Lovely watch! Enjoy
  8. Just discovered this brand. They were a kickstarter but are making some great looking watches. https://www.stratonwc.com/ Absolutley loving their vintage racing vibe. Anybody got one?
  9. I got told off for having a NATO the other day so not playing....
  10. Sorry chaps but I'm not a fan of bracelets, but don't worry this one is staying on leather.
  11. Finally got my NATO strap but not sure about it. I prefer the rally. Now I need to find a watch for this strap!
  12. Well i had a great time at the watch fair this morning. I managed to get an hour in before i had to do my weekend chores. Loads of really interesting pieces and i found it very interesting. I realised i have much to learn. Managed to resist buying for the sake of buying but it was though. Now to go and do more research!
  13. I've not seen another of these on here Swatch auto chronograph
  14. Do any of your movements look like the one I posted? I don't mind if the movement isn't Swiss but I wouldn't want to buy thinking it is when it's Chinese.
  15. I see the Les Originals use ETA but the Aquaspeed range use a different movement. I borrowed the photos from google images