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  1. Migzy

    New Arrival... holiday watch!

    Great watch. I recently purchased the blue face version. I love it . Excellent build quality and a solid watch. Very accurate too. I'm very tempted to buy another. Love the green and black combo.
  2. Migzy

    Choose a single Seiko

    I love the Seiko samurai blue lagoon but sadly do not own one.
  3. Migzy

    Looks good from behind !!

    I love a display back. This is my Rotary Monza But I really like the back of my Phoibos
  4. I've been helping clear out my grandad's house after he passed away last year and came across a box of watches. Now I'm not really into vintage watches or pocket watches and I'm pretty sure the wrist watches are nothing special (and they need some TLC) but the pocket watches look interesting. If anyone has any info on them that would be splendid. Here are the photos.
  5. I have just bought myself a crystal press to push myself to do the Fifty Five Fathoms mod to seiko SNZH but i thought I could also change the crystal on my Modaine. Any ideas on how to measure the size? Is it edge to edge or do I need depth as well?
  6. Migzy

    Friday Display~ 27th April.

    Can't keep this off my wrist.
  7. Migzy


    The black is very cool. The orange second hand really stands out.
  8. Migzy


    Good lume too (bad photo)
  9. Migzy

    Wednesday watch'cha got?

    New in today.
  10. Migzy


    I know, that was another thing that swayed me
  11. Migzy


    It has arrived. It's a Phoibos Wavemaster. It has a Seiko NH38A movement, sapphire glass with AR under coating, ceramic bezel, screw down crown with handing and hacking, solid end links and 300m water resistance. I really like the wave dial and the orange accents. And here's the wrist shot.
  12. Migzy


    So after buying my blue faced Invicta last September as an experiment to see if I would get on with a coloured dial and bracelet I've been looking for an upgrade that wouldn't break the bank. I was thinking an Orient Mako but I just don't like the logo. I was watching a rather nice Rotary Les Originals Legacy but lost it in the auction at the end. Whilst looking around the bay in my frustration I made an impulse purchase. It's a brand I'd never heard of and appears quite new but recieved good reviews around the web. Anyways it should arrive any day so I will let you all know what it is when it arrives.
  13. Migzy

    No Swatches ?

    To be honest it's pretty useless in the dark. But hey, you can't have everything
  14. Migzy

    No Swatches ?

    Swatch really do get a lot of stick on here but I think they have their place. My first ever watch was a Swatch and probably started my interest in watches. They do make a lot of cheap watches but they also make some pretty nice ones. The new Irony System 51 autos are good looking watches and pretty reasonable price wise. A good way to get into auto watches? Here is my Swatch automatic chronograph. Circa 2009. They made a range of these with different dials and colours. Pretty rare and have the same movement as a Tissot chronograph.

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