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  1. Orient watches

    Just wondering what people's opinions are of Orient watches. I've found the blue ray II which could be an alternative to the Seiko samurai blue lagoon. I'm not sure about the logo though.
  2. Plastic Watches.

    Swatch auto chronograph
  3. Has anyone been swimming or snorkeling with a Seiko 5 diver? They are related at 100m but I'm skeptical about that as they don't have a screw down crown.
  4. Still got the blues

    Some lovely watches guys. What's the depth rating on the Seiko 5? Is it screw down crown? Love the omega. Too expensive for me though. Nice burns though
  5. Ever since I saw the Seiko blue lagoon watches I've had a hankering for a blue diver on a stainless steel bracelet. This goes against everything I thought I didn't like about watches. (Divers, bracelets and bright faces). I just can't seem to get it out of my head. Now, the Seiko is a bit pricey for me at the mo so I'm looking for alternatives. I don't do scuba diving but do go swimming and if on a beach holiday I like to go snorkeling. So it needs to have some water resistance. Any ideas? And let's see those blue divers of any nature.
  6. Seiko Five Only

    Love that blue sea urchin. I feel a quest to find one coming on.
  7. Seiko Five Only

    Here's mine. I'm a fan of the Seiko 5. Good value watches. I really want to add this one to my collection but it's proving very difficult to track down.
  8. Nicest Solar

    I love the look of some of these solars. Why don't they make autos to look the same?
  9. Thursday Automatics

    Wearing the Hamilton today
  10. Autos under One Hundred

    I have three autos that cost £100 and under. I may have got lucky on eBay but there bargains to be had. Rotary 'Monza' GT swiss made cost me £90 uses but in excellent condition Swatch Auto Chronograph with ETA movement. Cost me £100 and they do pop up on eBay every now and then. Seiko 1970s 'helmet' 6139. I picked this up for £95 but I think I was lucky as I've seen them go for a lot more and this one was in excellent condition.
  11. First mod

    I purchased it from eBay used. I tried several times but the bugger kept falling off and then it snapped.
  12. First mod

    The movement and the crown. I thought about using the handset but they didn't look right against the dial.
  13. First mod

    It's not really that complicated really. After sourcing the different parts and watching some YouTube vids it just a case of removing the old movement (carefully), changing the dial and hands (very fiddly and frustrating) and then popping it in the new case. Not really entering into watch making or servicing territory but it's cool to know that I have a one off watch and the movement is from the year of my birth
  14. First mod

    Ha! It does seem like that. The movement is the original. I was going to keep the case and put a display back on but it didn't fit so I changed it all