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  1. Still keeping a Seiko

    Just off topic, but what is that beer? I love a Weiss Beir but never had one with grapefruit! On the watches, if they made an auto version I would be all over that like a fat kid on a cup cake!
  2. Still keeping a Seiko

    That is great looking watch. Why can't they use the same designs in their auto range?
  3. Christopher ward

    I've wanted to like Christopher Ward as they are fairly local to me (silly reason I know) and seem good value but the only model I've I've really been interested in was the C65 trident vintage. After seeing the speedhawk I think I've found a potential purchase. I'm a sucker for chronographs. Has anyone got a speed hawk?
  4. Christopher ward

    I was just browsing fleabay at lunch, looking to see if there were any bargains going last minute and I spied a Chrostopher Ward Speedhawk automatic chronograph. Now i didnt have time to read up and make an educated bid and it aold for £300 ish. Not sure if that was a good price or not. Anybody got one they can tell me about?
  5. Love Autodromo watches but the Stradale is the one for me.
  6. Favourite watch and car

    How about this combo. 1966 mustang Heuer Autavia
  7. Migzy would like to show some interest in the Parnis Auto please
  8. The Friday Thread!

    Loving that! What exact model is it?
  9. JayDeep giveaway

    Very kind gesture. Here is my SOTC My current favourite is the rotary.
  10. Fortis - is it fake or genuine

    Looks like a genuine Eta movement to me but I'm no expert.
  11. Watch Parade (Saturday 27 May)

    The swatch is getting an airing today.
  12. I have the Hamilton Khaki field king and I love it. Well made made, rugged, not too bulky, easy to read. It can be worn smart or casual
  13. Friday watch you wearing?

    This one today on a new rally strap
  14. Thursday Autos

    My choice for today
  15. New

    Thanks guys. It cost me the princely sum of £90