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  1. Gone full China again

  2. Pilots don't use watches.

    Maybe in days gone by a tachometer was essential for timing purposes when flying however technology has made that redundant? Just a thought, could be wrong. I seem to remember reading how important thing speedmaster was during the appolo 13 mission when their instruments or whatever were buggered. This could just be omega's fairy tail though?
  3. Birth year watches

    The brand really don't do it for me. Although, I used to say that about Seiko. Give it time
  4. Birth year watches

    The watches on offer in the catalogue were indeed poor. Was a great trip down memory lane though looking at some other stuff like vintage flymo lawn mowers
  5. Against the trend

    Not a huge fan of bulova, not a fan of gold watches either but I do actually really like this. The black and gold are in just the right balance. Lovely watch
  6. Birth year watches

    I've spoken to simon and mentioned this one. 36mm just that bit too small. If it was 38mm Id buy it but that 2mm really does make a huge difference. That said, the wife's birthday is the day after mine, same year... Would make a lovely gift.
  7. Birth year watches

    I've seen a very similar Tudor day date from 84 but it was just too expensive at the moment. Maybe as a gift to myself for my 35th birthday.
  8. Birth year watches

    Wasn't familiar with the 7A28 but doing a google search as always helped. Very much like the Seiko Giugiaro IMO. Nice looking watch and certainly one to consider
  9. Tell me if you've heard this one

    Superb film, one of my favourites. Probably better than the watch
  10. Birth year watches

    Not really the same thing is it. Vintage watches never go out of style and if it can be tied into your birtdate then I think its quite quirky. Unfortunately after consulting @scottswatches I've found out that 84 is a rather difficult year. I've seen a few hideous breitlings from that era but not much else. If I had submariner money it may be a different story.
  11. Birth year watches

    Didn't know that, great stuff. Cheers
  12. Birth year watches

    Evening folks, I've been thinking of buying a birth year watch. Had a look at a few sites at whats available. I'd be looking at something from 1984, seen a few Heuer, pre Tag watches which are quite to my taste. Anyone have a birth year watch they'd care to share pictures of. Also any recommendations of somewhere specialising in them which may not appear with a google search.
  13. Micro brand watches suggestions

    MHD watches have really stood out to me and fall in your budget.
  14. All set to get going.....

    Why not try and pick up a bunch of spares or repairs watches from eBay.
  15. Dual at Dawn - Seiko v Bulova

    That Bulova is one of the ugliest watches I have ever seen

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