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  1. Longines Lindbergh

    Whoa! There is just far too much going on with that watch for my liking. Its like looking at a compass, sundial and nautical map all in one!
  2. How good are CW watches?

    Perhaps I am being a little unfair. I mean the watch above that I've posted is a truly beautiful looking thing, despite looking like an Omega Sea Master/Rolex GMT Master love child. I still maintain I'm not a fan of the brand as a whole though.
  3. How good are CW watches?

    They have their fans. For me they're just really really naff. No heritage, false RRP's, Online only. They just really don't do it for me.
  4. For me the BB really is a watch that suits leather. To be honest though i think it'd suit an elastic band and still look great such is its charm and versatility. I think the visodate I've seen you mention would be a good acquisition which surely would be achievable without flipping the BB.
  5. Not my cup of tea if Im honest. Wish I had the funds to relieve you of the Tudor though.
  6. That surprises me Jonny I must say. Im a fan of the sea master, my dad owns one and Id happily wear one. I just find it a bit of an obvious choice, a safe option to some degree. The black bay is in my opinion head and shoulders above in terms of aesthetic appeal. The BB excites me, the Omega not so much. If you were to flip it, is there something else on the horizon?
  7. End of part one

    Of all the You-tubers he's my favourite, or rather his channel is my favourite. Federico talks watches is another good one as is properly wound. Cant say the same for Archie Luxary, I detest the foul mouthed moron.
  8. How do they work this out?

    Nice to see you two playing nicely. Heart warming.
  9. End of part one

    Absolutely no idea what you're talking about Rog
  10. End of part one

    Getting slightly off topic and high jacking the OP's post here but yes I agree with all you've said. TGV is clearly on the payroll of Squale. He's never come out and said it but it's quite clear.
  11. End of part one

    Yes he's a pretentious little twit but I find him strangely endearing. I watch his videos a lot as I enjoy the format. I have to say though I think he plugs a lot of stuff for undisclosed back handers which makes me question his integrity.
  12. Dress watches?

    maybe the subtle difference's are being over looked. For me, a submariner no date on black leather just about works for black tie. However, a submariner date on an oyster bracelet doesn't work for me. Those tiny differences mean a lot, at least to me anyway.
  13. I'll take the BB off you Jonny if its becoming a pain in the arse to own given its lack of wrist time. Maybe I can offer a straight swap for a seldom worn G-Shock?
  14. Dress watches?

    You have a fine collection james, possibly my favourite on the forum.
  15. Dress watches?

    There lies the dream. Flip flops for eternity

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