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  1. JIMMYNo1

    Brass/Steel, the choice

    Chrome plating is in my opinion a deal killer. Its awful. As apposed to other solid alloys it gets worse with age. The flaking and pitting that comes with chrome plate is awful. I've only ever owned one, a sicura GMT which I sold after a few months
  2. JIMMYNo1

    Tried on the Moonwatch...

    If im being honest, I couldn't be arsed to read the replies. For me, if I was going to sell the BB then a speedy would be one of the few watches I'd replace it with. Go old, go leather strap, patina all the way. 10/10
  3. JIMMYNo1


    Andy Dufrane. Yep I thought the same
  4. JIMMYNo1

    Tried on the Moonwatch...

    Arghhhhhh jonny. I wish I had the spare funds to relieve you of it however all my cash is now tied up in an imminent house move hence my lack of input on the forum for a few weeks. Solicitors fees and estate agents fees racking up. Absolutely everything seems to be a thousand quid or multiples there of.
  5. JIMMYNo1

    What will £700 get me

    I've come across some really interesting watches on ebay just searching for vintage chronographs. They tend to be of a more wearable size and can be picked up for well within your £700 budget. Im sure the more Knowledgeable members on here would cast their eye over any potential purchase. That's an absolute peach.
  6. JIMMYNo1

    Best watches at Baselworld?

    I didn't untill you mentioned it but now I do, thanks for that
  7. JIMMYNo1

    Best watches at Baselworld?

    I love tudor and 95% of what they do. Unfortunately that pepsi falls into the 5%I dont like. Looks cheap. I'd sooner have the pepsi Tag Heuer Aquaracer GMT
  8. JIMMYNo1

    New Tudor arrival!

    I'll be honest I think I prefer the polished version.
  9. JIMMYNo1

    Best watches at Baselworld?

    Have to agree paul, the quality of the breitling mesh bracelet is superb. IMO it has a better feel to it than any other bracelet I've come across mesh or otherwise including the rolex submariner oyster Bracelet. That said I've just recently taken one off my SOH. I just feel that on the watch in the original post, the colours for me sway more towards leather. I really like the gold accents on that piece though. Gives it an extra dimension.
  10. JIMMYNo1

    Best watches at Baselworld?

    I think thats what I don't like. Reminds me of being hit around the head with a heineken bottle... Not that I have experience of such things you understand.
  11. JIMMYNo1

    Big thumbs up to simon2

    Yeah can't praise him enough. He's repaired two watches for me. Always an honest apraisel. I've sudgested him doing things to my watches that he's advised against which a less scrupulous watch repairer would do just because its more money for them. Only person I'd use now.
  12. JIMMYNo1

    Best watches at Baselworld?

    Really??? That's a very very bold statement jonny
  13. JIMMYNo1

    Best watches at Baselworld?

    Not for me I'm afraid. The worst of the bunch for me was the SMP in the telegraph link though. What a truly awful colour combination
  14. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/watches/baselworld-best-watches-2018/ I think the telegraph have this one wrong. Other than the Pepsi GMT I hate or feel at best indifferent to each watch shown. Anyone any other suggestions they've come across as the best on offer. I was quite drawn to this breitling SOH but for me the mesh doesn't really work on this model. Black leather would really be a better option.

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